Illy’s TS3/TS4 New Beginning Challenge Information

I decided I wanted to try a challenge of my own in TS4, originally I wanted to do a Harvest Moon Challenge but I wasn’t sure how to do that in TS4. So I looked on The Sims Forum at the various challenges, took a few things from a few of it’s challenges and put together my own challenge. This challenge can be done in TS3/TS4 I’m just doing it in TS4 for something new to try, if you want to watch my progress through my Challenge you can.

My New Beginning Challenge Images – Set 1

My New Beginning Challenge Images – Set 2

My New Beginning Challenge Images -Set 3

My New Beginning Challenge Images – Set 4

My New Beginning Challenge

Your Sim has decided they don’t like where the world is going, they find themselves often feeling sad due to the terrible things happening in society that they see on the News every day. They’ve grown tired of the death, war and fighting happening around them every day. They wonder what happened to being kind to others, respecting your elders, respecting society, respecting the Earth, avoiding violence an war and preventing death rather then causing death. Due to being unable to handle the way society is heading they’ve decided to leave it all behind and set out to find their own piece of Paradise. They plan to begin their own family, their own Colony and install in it the ways of old.


Begin in an empty World, build, populate an create your own Colony


– Set your Sim lifespan to short

– You can live in any time frame you want

– Begin in a fully empty town

– Make a unique and original Sim with something special that sets them apart from the rest of the Sims ( It can be a special hair color, eye color, skin color, a special race you make Etc. These things will be passed down the Legacy of your Sim as you build your Colony.)

–  Move your Sim into a 50X50 Lot and set up a place for them (Not a House) but a place to sleep, eat, shower, cook Etc. I’m going to make a Campground for mine.

– Earn money by Gardening, Fishing, Collecting, Painting, Writing

– Once you have enough money build your Sim a house that has enough room for a Spouse an Child to begin

– Travel to find yourself a Husband/Wife (In Sim 3 you can go to China, Egypt, France, University for a Husband/Wife. For Sims 4 you can travel to the Outdoor Retreat World for a Husband/Wife or I think you can Travel to another Town as well. If you can’t travel to another location then you can make your spouse in CAS.

– Once married you want to produce a Heir, you can have many children but only one can be the Heir. Your Heir will never move out of the main house, their Spouse will move in. All other children must be moved out an into your Colony when they reach YA.

– You can make the Spouse in CAS if you can’t Travel

– No cheats to make things easier

– You can use Error Trap/Traveler/Decensor an Overwatch in Sims 3

– You can use Inteen for Sims 4 so Teens can get Pregnant

– You can use Move Objets for both Sims 3 and Sims 4

– I’d also suggest using Shimrod101 Reduced Townie Mod

– Once you choose the Heir your stuck with them

– Once all kids reach YA and the Heir is chosen, it’s time (If you want) for Gen 1 to kill of their Husband/Wife and this will keep going through all the future Gen’s

– Custom Content is allowed


– No Hospital

– No Jobs but Gardening, Collecting, Fishing, Painting, Writing

Community Lots

– There may only be one Community lot of each type in your Colony

– When a community lot has a certain cost, you can either pay for that lot or try to fill the other requirements, in which case you won’t have to pay anything. If you decide to pay, just use a money cheat to reduce your money by the required amount.


– If you have $5000 but you have not reached the required skill to build the lot, you can still build/place the Community Lot but you’ll have to reduce your Family Funds by $5000

– If you reach Level 6 in the required skill you can build the lot but you don’t need to subtract the $5000 from your Family Funds.

Church/Wedding Venue – You must have saved $5000 to build this or gotten your Heir Sim to Level 6 in Handiness

Cafe/Bakery – You must have saved $5000 to build this or gotten your Heir Sim to Level 6 in Cooking

A Pub/Bar – You need to get $5000 to build this or get your Heir Sim to Level 6 in Mixology

Museum/ Art Gallery – Get $5000 or get your Heir Sim to Lever 6 in Painting

Library – Get $5000 or get your Heir Sim to Level 6 in Writing

Concert Hall/Lounge – Get $5000 or get your Heir Sim to Level 6 in Guitar, Violin or Piano

Park – Get $5000 or get your Heir Sim to Level 6 in Gardening

Nightclub – Get $5000 or get your Heir Sim 8 Friends outside the Family

Gym – Get $5000 or complete 1 aspiration on your Heir Sim (Any aspiration will do)

1 Room School House – Once you have at least 4 of the above Lot’s in your Colony you may place/build a School for your Sims. Your School can have Chess Boards, Computers, Books, Toys, A Bathroom, Cafeteria, Outdoor Play Area.

That’s all for the Challenge so far, most of my ideas came from List of Challenges and The Settlers Challenge, I want to thank them for all the above ideas. I’ll be posting images as I progress through my Challenge, hope other people are interested in trying this Challenge as well.


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