My Thoughts TS4

So I’ve been exploring the game for a bit now, there is a lot of Positive’s an Negative’s that I’ve found well exploring it and Outdoor Retreat and I thought I’d share them with my Followers.


1) Loads faster with CC (This was a big one for me)

2) Realistic Emotions

3) More vivid and real images

4) Hidden Neighborhoods that you have to find

5) When you put pictures on the wall you just use the mouse to slide the picture up or down or where you want, no extra keys need pushing, same for windows, decoration Etc.

6) Gardening

7) Mixology is included in the base Sims 4 game, no expansions needed to get this ability

8) No 50 or more Rabbit Holes for Sims to go to work to

9) You can build Clubs, Bakery’s an such for Sims to use, no store content needed

10) Same as Sims 3 you can delete all lot’s in the Neighborhood an build your own lot’s with your own theme’s that Sims will use

11) Pools like Sims 3

12) Ghosts like Sims 3

13) Better building tools to make more lovely an detailed lot’s

14) CC everything is out now, you can have any hair color, skins, clothing, makeup you want and the game loads quick an smooth

15) Runs smoother then Sims 3, not jerky, no maijor computer specs needed, no stuck Sims, Lag an so on

16) With Outdoor Retreat you can make Herbel Remedies (Love this)


1) No Toddlers ( This is a huge one for me, though I like Sims 4 for all the above I hate it for taking out Toddlers)

2) No Weather

3) No Supernatural (This is a big one for me, I love Supernatural’s, but I suspect that will come in the future)

4) You can’t buy or run your own business yet

5) No pet’s yet


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