Sims 4 – My New Beginning Challenge Set 3

Everquest has been making a lot of progress in My New Beginning Challenge, she got her Gardening to Level 6 and so we built a Park and she recently got her Cooking to Level 6 so we built a Cafe. She’s also gotten married and now has four, lovely kids, two boys and two girls.

This is Everquest’s Husband, she met him at the new construction of the Coloney’s Park

03-20-15_7-46 PM

03-20-15_7-47 PM

Soon after they met an fell in love she invited him to move in

03-20-15_8-01 PM

With the money he brought they were able to add on to the house, once construction was done they had to celebrate

03-20-15_9-23 PM-2

Soon  after Ever was Pregnant an gave birth to twin boys

03-21-15_4-40 PM

I had to do some nursery changes, I was hoping for girls but got boys instead, not much longer though she was Pregnant with twin girls. Once all the kids were kids an not babies they went on a family vacation

03-22-15_8-50 PM

03-22-15_8-52 PM

03-22-15_10-08 PM

Once they returned home her twin son’s grew into Teenagers

03-22-15_10-57 PM

Now I’m trying to get the money to build some more bedrooms

Illy’s Animal Crossing Challenge

I’ve been playing the Animal Crossing Challenge that I found on The Sims Forum by Luminorious Simology and I have to say I’m loving it. You’ll need to look at the link above to know what sort of rules and such I have to follow but there’s just so much to do in it.

I’ve also just had my first Baby in Sims 4 and I can’t get over how lively they are, you can breast feed them, bottle feed them, they wiggle their arms, smile, laugh, giggle an there is a tone of new actions involved with them. They truly look like real babies to which I think is so cool, I almost want to keep them a baby forever due to how cute they are. Also I have to say if they’d also kept Toddlers this game would get a 10 on my scale of 1 to 10.

Anyway I wanted to post some images of my Animal Crossing Challenge, I’ve progressed rather well in it and it’s been so much fun.

First thing I did was make a Sim, well I didn’t make her, I got her from the Gallery, her name is Fairy Floss, after that I Downloaded an moved her into the Animal Crossing lot made by Simifymecaptain using the Free Real Estate Cheat and the bb.moveobjects on cheat. Then I bought a suit of armor to knock her funds down an got to work decorating her house. This lot also offered three 6X6 houses, a museum, fishing pond, train station, police station an a small store. Your not allowed to make the houses bigger, add/remove walls or modify anything else on the lot but you can decorate them, furnish them an such an so I did her’s like below.

03-17-15_4-47 PM-4

As part of the Challenge she needs to:

-Every Gemstone/Metal/Element
-Every Fossil
-Every MySims Trophy
-Every Fish
-Every Microscope/Space Print
-Every Postcard

So I sent her out right away to do that and sell any doubles she may have collected

03-17-15_5-45 PM

03-17-15_5-43 PM

Soon she met an befriended some people

03-17-15_6-28 PM

An since part of the Challenge is to get people to move in with you she was soon able to do that

03-17-15_6-55 PM-4

03-18-15_6-16 PM-2

After he moved in they hit it of an fell in love

03-18-15_6-17 PM

03-18-15_6-17 PM-3

03-18-15_6-18 PM-3

03-18-15_6-19 PM-2

After she took a pregnancy test

03-18-15_6-24 PM

An she was expecting

03-18-15_6-26 PM

03-18-15_6-47 PM

03-18-15_6-59 PM

She took it easy for a bit then invited another friend to move in

03-18-15_7-02 PM

Soon she had a cute, baby boy

03-18-15_9-03 PM

03-18-15_9-06 PM

So now she has all the houses filled with people living in them, a son, she’s collected nearly all Frog an Fish types and is working on Fossils, Gems, Metals an she was able to add a second level to the Museum, I’m going for the 110% Challenge so I was able to build a second level on the Museum do to that.

Sims 4 – My New Beginning Challenge Images – Set 2

I’ve been finding it very hard to keep Everquest’s social up, even though she has the Loner trait she still seems to need people an talking to Plants just is not working. However she has been able to Evolve her Plant’s to Very Nice Quality which is good

03-10-15_6-00 PM-2

Still for the Social I gave in an got her a Computer so she can Chat an Penpal

03-10-15_5-54 PM

However even that didn’t seem to work so I gave in an sent her on Vacation

03-10-15_6-40 PM

She rented the above place for three days an soon after the Ranger came over an they talked

03-10-15_6-42 PM

Talking worked well for her because she got hungry an cooked after

03-10-15_6-46 PM-3

Since she was feeling better I sent her to work collecting

03-10-15_6-48 PM

03-10-15_6-50 PM

Then she took a Nap

03-10-15_6-51 PM

Met a few friends

03-10-15_6-54 PM

Did some Stargazing

03-10-15_6-57 PM

Was pondering him as a Husband but he was already married, after Stargazing she roasted some Fish from her day’s catch

03-10-15_7-14 PM

Vacation was over all too soon, but she headed home with new Herbs an was able to make some Remedies

03-10-15_7-56 PM

She also took up painting because it’s taking forever to make money an frankly I’m getting a little bored

03-10-15_9-07 PM

Sims 3 – Chapter 45 – Indialite Flare!

On her travels Turquoise re-met with the first person she’d met upon her first day in Dragon Valley, his named turned out to be Dorren Delaney.


Both talked for a bit and found they got a long rather well, Turquoise was also on the hunt for another Baby Daddy an so she invited Dorren home with her



More talking an then Turquoise asked if Dorren had ever done it in a wardrobe before?


One thing lead to another


After both found they were still happy an comfortable with one another


Soon Turquoise new another child was on the way


She called an let Dorren know, they were friends after all


She passed the days waiting for her second child with painting an excitement


Soon the little one was on their way


It was a boy, an she decided to name him Indialite Flare


Dorren met her at the Hospital an went home with her knowing she’d be tired


After getting Indi settled an resting a bit well Dorren watched over both boys it was time for Iridium to grow into a Toddler



No sooner was he a Toddler an looking like his dad when he began learning his basic, Toddler skills


My New Beginning Challenge Images – Set 1

This is my Sim for the Challenge, her name is Everquest Gold an I made her unique by giving her purple hair and gold eyes. She’s a Freelance Botanist who’s a Collector, Loner, Love The Outdoors, Bookworm and Family Oriented.

03-08-15_1-22 AM

This is the 50X50 Lot she’s starting with…

03-08-15_1-22 AM-2

I had to put the toilet in that little, red building so that’s all it’s for right now cause toilets need to be against walls. I sent her out to start Collecting right away.

03-08-15_1-24 AM-2

03-08-15_1-25 AM

Then we did some Fishing

03-08-15_1-26 AM-2

After we bought some Seeds an began to Garden

03-08-15_1-36 AM

Tired from the long day it was time for Supper

03-08-15_1-52 AM

03-08-15_1-53 AM

Chilling by the Campfire after a long day of hard tasks

03-08-15_3-02 AM

An then it was time for Bed

03-08-15_1-56 AM

Illy’s TS3/TS4 New Beginning Challenge Information

I decided I wanted to try a challenge of my own in TS4, originally I wanted to do a Harvest Moon Challenge but I wasn’t sure how to do that in TS4. So I looked on The Sims Forum at the various challenges, took a few things from a few of it’s challenges and put together my own challenge. This challenge can be done in TS3/TS4 I’m just doing it in TS4 for something new to try, if you want to watch my progress through my Challenge you can.

My New Beginning Challenge Images – Set 1

My New Beginning Challenge Images – Set 2

My New Beginning Challenge Images -Set 3

My New Beginning Challenge Images – Set 4

My New Beginning Challenge

Your Sim has decided they don’t like where the world is going, they find themselves often feeling sad due to the terrible things happening in society that they see on the News every day. They’ve grown tired of the death, war and fighting happening around them every day. They wonder what happened to being kind to others, respecting your elders, respecting society, respecting the Earth, avoiding violence an war and preventing death rather then causing death. Due to being unable to handle the way society is heading they’ve decided to leave it all behind and set out to find their own piece of Paradise. They plan to begin their own family, their own Colony and install in it the ways of old.


Begin in an empty World, build, populate an create your own Colony


– Set your Sim lifespan to short

– You can live in any time frame you want

– Begin in a fully empty town

– Make a unique and original Sim with something special that sets them apart from the rest of the Sims ( It can be a special hair color, eye color, skin color, a special race you make Etc. These things will be passed down the Legacy of your Sim as you build your Colony.)

–  Move your Sim into a 50X50 Lot and set up a place for them (Not a House) but a place to sleep, eat, shower, cook Etc. I’m going to make a Campground for mine.

– Earn money by Gardening, Fishing, Collecting, Painting, Writing

– Once you have enough money build your Sim a house that has enough room for a Spouse an Child to begin

– Travel to find yourself a Husband/Wife (In Sim 3 you can go to China, Egypt, France, University for a Husband/Wife. For Sims 4 you can travel to the Outdoor Retreat World for a Husband/Wife or I think you can Travel to another Town as well. If you can’t travel to another location then you can make your spouse in CAS.

– Once married you want to produce a Heir, you can have many children but only one can be the Heir. Your Heir will never move out of the main house, their Spouse will move in. All other children must be moved out an into your Colony when they reach YA.

– You can make the Spouse in CAS if you can’t Travel

– No cheats to make things easier

– You can use Error Trap/Traveler/Decensor an Overwatch in Sims 3

– You can use Inteen for Sims 4 so Teens can get Pregnant

– You can use Move Objets for both Sims 3 and Sims 4

– I’d also suggest using Shimrod101 Reduced Townie Mod

– Once you choose the Heir your stuck with them

– Once all kids reach YA and the Heir is chosen, it’s time (If you want) for Gen 1 to kill of their Husband/Wife and this will keep going through all the future Gen’s

– Custom Content is allowed


– No Hospital

– No Jobs but Gardening, Collecting, Fishing, Painting, Writing

Community Lots

– There may only be one Community lot of each type in your Colony

– When a community lot has a certain cost, you can either pay for that lot or try to fill the other requirements, in which case you won’t have to pay anything. If you decide to pay, just use a money cheat to reduce your money by the required amount.


– If you have $5000 but you have not reached the required skill to build the lot, you can still build/place the Community Lot but you’ll have to reduce your Family Funds by $5000

– If you reach Level 6 in the required skill you can build the lot but you don’t need to subtract the $5000 from your Family Funds.

Church/Wedding Venue – You must have saved $5000 to build this or gotten your Heir Sim to Level 6 in Handiness

Cafe/Bakery – You must have saved $5000 to build this or gotten your Heir Sim to Level 6 in Cooking

A Pub/Bar – You need to get $5000 to build this or get your Heir Sim to Level 6 in Mixology

Museum/ Art Gallery – Get $5000 or get your Heir Sim to Lever 6 in Painting

Library – Get $5000 or get your Heir Sim to Level 6 in Writing

Concert Hall/Lounge – Get $5000 or get your Heir Sim to Level 6 in Guitar, Violin or Piano

Park – Get $5000 or get your Heir Sim to Level 6 in Gardening

Nightclub – Get $5000 or get your Heir Sim 8 Friends outside the Family

Gym – Get $5000 or complete 1 aspiration on your Heir Sim (Any aspiration will do)

1 Room School House – Once you have at least 4 of the above Lot’s in your Colony you may place/build a School for your Sims. Your School can have Chess Boards, Computers, Books, Toys, A Bathroom, Cafeteria, Outdoor Play Area.

That’s all for the Challenge so far, most of my ideas came from List of Challenges and The Settlers Challenge, I want to thank them for all the above ideas. I’ll be posting images as I progress through my Challenge, hope other people are interested in trying this Challenge as well.

My Thoughts TS4

So I’ve been exploring the game for a bit now, there is a lot of Positive’s an Negative’s that I’ve found well exploring it and Outdoor Retreat and I thought I’d share them with my Followers.


1) Loads faster with CC (This was a big one for me)

2) Realistic Emotions

3) More vivid and real images

4) Hidden Neighborhoods that you have to find

5) When you put pictures on the wall you just use the mouse to slide the picture up or down or where you want, no extra keys need pushing, same for windows, decoration Etc.

6) Gardening

7) Mixology is included in the base Sims 4 game, no expansions needed to get this ability

8) No 50 or more Rabbit Holes for Sims to go to work to

9) You can build Clubs, Bakery’s an such for Sims to use, no store content needed

10) Same as Sims 3 you can delete all lot’s in the Neighborhood an build your own lot’s with your own theme’s that Sims will use

11) Pools like Sims 3

12) Ghosts like Sims 3

13) Better building tools to make more lovely an detailed lot’s

14) CC everything is out now, you can have any hair color, skins, clothing, makeup you want and the game loads quick an smooth

15) Runs smoother then Sims 3, not jerky, no maijor computer specs needed, no stuck Sims, Lag an so on

16) With Outdoor Retreat you can make Herbel Remedies (Love this)


1) No Toddlers ( This is a huge one for me, though I like Sims 4 for all the above I hate it for taking out Toddlers)

2) No Weather

3) No Supernatural (This is a big one for me, I love Supernatural’s, but I suspect that will come in the future)

4) You can’t buy or run your own business yet

5) No pet’s yet

Sims 4 Random Images

I did it, I did it, I know it’s terrible, shoot me but I got Sims 4 and the Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat. Why did I do it? Well I was watching Cupquake an she’s one of my favorite You Tuber’s an she was playing Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat an I saw you could Garden, Dig and make some Natural Remedies, well the Remedies got me, I love to Garden in Sims and I love making stuff an so I bought it. I’ve been playing a bit, though I’ve been playing WOW more and I still like Sims 3 better since there is so much more to do but I messed with it a bit an took a few images.

02-27-15_9-55 PM

03-02-15_6-21 PM-3

03-02-15_6-33 PM-2

03-02-15_8-00 PM

03-02-15_8-02 PM


Sims 3 – Chapter 44 – Hello Iridium Flare!

So I said I would no longer do the Story part of my 100 Baby Challenge but I did say I’d post updates about Turquoise and how she was doing. Once I got my CC from 8 GB to 1 GB I found my game run’s and loads a lot faster, I also only kept the CC I really need or used on a regular bases. Also since I had problems with Isla Flare I ended up moving Turquoise to a user made version of Dragon Valley, so here are my recent images of her.Screenshot 1

Once she arrived in DV she went to a Cookout to meet some possible Daddy’s


No luck there so she went to the Festival and met someone.


Later she challenged him to a Pie Eating Contest


She lost, they parted well she went to check out the Elixir Shop


She met this guy there


Baby Daddy…



She was Exhausted by then so she headed home to bed


Next day she cooked breakfast


Started feeling sick


Hello toilet, my best friend


Baby bump




Ahh…my water broke…


Coming home


Welcome Iridium Flare