Chapter 43 – Epilogue

I decided that I no longer want to do stories for Sims 3, my reason for this is my stories use CC and recently, due to lag and the loss of a very, old, Save I had to dump all my CC and reduce my Mod’s from 8 GB down to 3 GB. Now I no longer have the Mod’s I want to so my stories lack in their realistic aspect. Also few people read my stories and with Sims 4 out it seems a lot of people have moved to Sims 4 even though it sucks in my opinion. I also just want to play the game. However I also thought I should give an update/ending on Diamond and where things went in her story.

If you remember her story you know that a few Chapters back she lost her ability to have children, due to a curse placed on her by one of her baby daddy’s who was a Witch.




After she was hit by the curse she took her daughters and moved to Hidden Springs where she could be protected by various member’s of her family until the girls grew up.



Well in Hidden Springs she was called to a meeting with the Council of Seven, the Council consisted of all the Prince and Princesses as well as her brother’s King Damon and King Dominic from of her home planet Jades.

King Damon/Inner Jades Kingdom


King Dominick/Sapphire Sky Kingdom




Princess Elisabeth Moon/Jade Kingdom


Princess Amethyst Satsuma/Amber Kingdom


Princess Charity Martin/Coral Kingdom/One in Pink/Red

Princess Chastity Martin/Coral Kingdom/ One in Blue




Princess Illyianna/Golden Topaz Kingdom


Prince Conrad/Aquamarine Kingdom


Prince Jacob/Aquamarine Kingdom


When she went before them Turquoise was by her side, Turquoise had recently lost her Husband to a freak accident and her children were now all grown and move out. Needless to say the council was not impressed that Diamond could no longer continue her 100 Baby Challenge as there was still 60 kids to go. Diamond explained she had gone to see the Grim Reaper for help and he couldn’t even help.


She had also gone to see Lilith the daughter of Asmodeus for help but Lilith also could not help, just then Turquoise spoke to the council.


” I will take over the 100 Baby Challenge and produce the last 60 kids required to re-populate Jades, my Husband is gone and my kids are grown and I always wanted to help Diamond when she was doing her part. She produced 40 lovely children but it was a struggle for her, she often suffered depression, fell in love to easy or felt bad for the Father’s because she’s a kind, gentle soul. I know she would like nothing more then to finish her part but since she can’t I suggest we set her free, let her go, live her life and I will take over.”

Diamond could hardly believe that her sister wished this for herself but looking at Turquoise she could tell it was something her twin truly wanted “I agree, the blood in her veins as well as the power is identical to mine, she is just as worthy if not more to do this. I ask you let me be, I wish to step down as Queen, pass the title on to her and live the life I never got to live.”


To both girls surprise the council agreed to their request, soon after Diamond left and headed to Riverview where she settled so she could be close to her daughter’s Opal an Topaz and that was the last anyone heard of her.


Turquoise was sent to the location of where New Jade’s would begin by the council, it was a lovely, tropical Island called Isla Jades and it was home to various, Jaden Families. It had been built using a combination of Jaden technology and Earth technology. On her first day there Turquoise decided to explore her new home.

Turquoise’s House (By GreenCats)


Path of Portal’s (Each Portal Leads To A Place In Old Jade’s)



Local Fair (No one to have a eating contest with)






A Tan



Local Bistro (By GreenCats)







The Perc (By TheNay)






HEARTH (ByGreenCats)





After spending the day exploring some of the Isla she returned home to rest and get ready for her part in the 100 Baby Challenge


(P.S. I will be posting each baby born on the main page and pictures of them an their father but the story ends here..)


4 responses to “Chapter 43 – Epilogue

  1. Yeah, it seems like a lot moved on but there’s still a good portion who didn’t.

    About the lag, sometimes too much CC isn’t always the reason of lag. It could be that there’s too much going on in save such as too many sims, too many animals, poor routing on lots causing sims to get stuck. Sims getting stuck tend to be a main cause of lag. Twallan’s Overwatch & Error Trap helps with resetting sim who are stuck. It should help with lagging. Register helps with limiting random animals and sim population. I remember the days of having 8GB of CC. I have 13.3 GB now lol I need to stop downloading stuff haha.

    That’s good that Turquoise is taking over. I wondered what ever happen to her. That sucks about her husband :/ I hope your game doesn’t give you anymore issue so Turquoise can finished up.

    I may do a life update on Opal & Topaz later on. You could see what they are up to and all. I’m not done with Riverview, I may show them again in the last chapter of LFTL but I really don’t know. My writings can change at any moment.

  2. I agree with the above reply about the causes of lag. Also, combining your packages (, and checking for conflicts using Dashboard can prevent a lot of problems. Still, it’s your game and I’m sure you know what’s best for it and for you, even if that means no more CC for now 🙂

    It’s lovely to see pictures of your beautiful sims, and I’m flattered you’ve got a couple of my builds in your game. All the best with TS4! Happy Simming xxx

    • I’m honored to see a reply from you Green, your one of my all time fav Sims 3 creators. I made a place called Isla Flare and I’m using all your houses from your BB Re-make as well as all you Community Lot’s. I also have all your Sims but have not placed them yet. I was thinking you guys might be right, I’m trying to play in Isla Paradiso an that’s when I noticed the lag. I’ve never had Lag this bad before Isla Paradiso. I played a few other worlds an they were lag free. An no TS4 for me, I just can’t play it, I tried an lasted 5 min an that was all I could take, I’m sticking with S3.

      • Wow, that is incredibly kind of you to say 🙂

        Yes, of course, Isla Paradiso. Well that explains a lot. I saw you were there but didn’t put two and two together. That world has so many routing issues that it quickly becomes just a big knotty bundle of lag. There is a fix for some of the worst causes at MtS. I haven’t tried it, but it might be worth looking into if you plan to stay in IP:

        I’m sorry TS4 didn’t work out for you. I had a similar experience with it. I think TS3 will remain my game for years to come.


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