Random Updates!

Hey all just posting to let you know I’m still about, I’ve been taking a break from Sims 3 and playing Minecraft 1.7.10 for a bit as well as Pirate 101 with my son. I’ve also been busy getting the boys ready for back to School. For a while there it also seemed like my husband might loose his job at the end of September but his work decided to stay open another year. Then my mom was talking bout moving in and I was trying to sell my house, but the people who were going to buy my house decided not to. Then my mom decided recently not to move in so it’s been one thing after another with me.

As far as Sims 4 goes because I see a lot about it around the Web I have little interest in it besides building some houses. It’s lack of pools and toddlers have seriously broke my heart, since Toddlers were a big thing for me not having them in Sims 4 is just not something I can handle right now. I might test it out a bit, but I’ll not be doing much of anything with it right now until some decent Exp come out and unless they put Toddlers and several other things back into it. I have not even bought it as of yet and have no plans to in the near future. If anything I’ll wait until a friend buys it and borrow it from them, but there is no way I’m paying 60 bucks for that crap game.

As far as this Blog goes it will still be going on, I have plans to upload some more Flare Sims, finish Diamond’s story and explain how things went after she was no longer able to have babies. I’ll also be working more on my Legacy Challenges but not for a bit. I have a lot of Lag with Sims 3 right now and I’m not sure why. All I have in it is Store Content, Twallan’s Mods but no other CC yet it still Lags. So I’ve been trying to figure out how to reduce the Lag before I play again and pondering removing some Store Content to help with Lag, but I can’t decide what Store Content to take out, lol.

As for Minecraft 1.7.10, (For My Minecraft Followers) I’ll soon be putting up my newest Mod-Pack once I decide it’s perfect and test it out as well as posting some images on my Minecraft Page. I’m waiting mostly for Mo’s Creatures 1.7.10 then the pack will be ready. I also tested Minecraft 1.8 and I’m really liking it, I would suggest that my fellow Minecraft lovers give it a try.