Old Mill Store Set

Hey all, I apologize for taking so long to get this set up, truth is I didn’t plan on uploading it at all because I found that when I turned this set into .package file that the Cucumbers and Corn didn’t work. They don’t show up in the Garden and even if you place them on your own there are no interactions with them. I tried to fix the issue however I had no luck and so I simply bought the set myself directly from the Store. Anyway despite knowing this a few people asked me if I could put the set up anyway so they could have the Items and I agreed that I would.

So in the below Zip your going to find three files, one is a Sims 3 Pack file which you can install with the Sims 3 Launcher, what I did with this file was I Downloaded my Old Mill Set that I bought from the Store, I then ran the file through the Sims 3 Compressorizer. With this File you simply need to double click it and the Launcher will Install it for you, now I can’t promise it will work. It might seem like the file installs but when you go to load the game the objects may not be there, this is what it did to me. An then it might work just fine for you so you’ll have to test it and see.

If the Sims 3 Pack file doesn’t work I’ve also included the Old Mill Set as a .package file, you can take this file and copy it into your C://Users/User Name/My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/ Mods/Packages and paste it. This will for sure give you all the Objects in the Old Mill Set in your game and the Cannery, Tea Set should work just fine, however the Corn and Cucumbers may not work for you since they didn’t for me but at least you’ll have all the Old Mill Set Objects.

Now the last file in the Zip is the Old Mill Set Lot and this will work fine, you just need to copy and paste it into your C://Users/User Name/My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/ Library folder and you’ll have it in game.

Good luck and I hope everything works fine for you, I would also suggest you use Nona Mena’s CCMerged, all directions on what to do with it can be found there as well

Old Mill Set Zip

Moroccan Legacy Challenge – Chapter 6

They continued to try and have a child since they hadn’t become Pregnant yet


A long with that, The Mill finally opened up not to far from home, so the next day she went to check it out


She was happy to find some new things for her ever, growing Garden and got to work harvesting the Corn and Cucumber


After she enjoyed a quiet, cup of Tea


She then returned home for the night, however she was soon woken early int the morning by a feeling of Nusea



She quickly ran to the Bathroom, thank goodness for the self, cleaning toilet



It was not long before she suspected she was Pregnant and quickly told Adil


He was thrilled he was going to be a dad



It was lucky she had become Pregnant finally because later that day Adil grew into an Elder



Soon after she went into Labor


An Adil Jr was born