Moroccan Legacy Challenge – Chapter 5

As I said I played a lot this weekend and had so much fun, with her Gardening at 10 and after the returned home from their Honeymoon most of her plants were ready for Harvest and once she’d Harvested and sold them she made a massive amount of money. She used it to do a lot of work to her house. She separated the Bathroom from her and Adil’s bedroom, she’d separated the Living Room and Kitchen and was able to add a great pool and hot tub.







With a lot of the major stuff done and now that they have a decent house I thought it was about time to start the baby making






Let’s hope we got a baby from that, also Adil wanted a Beehive so they bought one, he then tried to tend the Bee’s and it didn’t go so well

B Sting

He was not happy, however she had no problems

Better B Luck



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