Moroccan Legacy Challenge – Chapter 3

After Adil and her got together she had managed to save enough money to expand her house a bit and add on a Greenhouse



It was nice to have all the plants inside and much easier to work on them

Indoor Garden

Her and Adil also kept working on their relationship, he taught her the second song for the area so she’d know both on the area’s special songs



It didn’t take her too long to learn them

Learning New Song


When she was not working on the Garden she was improving her various skills as was Adil



Soon she was able to upgrade things and tackled her toilet first to upgrade it to un-breaking


By this time she had gotten a bit stir crazy and took a break to head out and check some of the local clubs


After that she returned home, these are a couple images I took well she was heading home using the Dystopian Lighting Mod By Burnt Waffles


Pretty 1

Once she returned home she was greeted with a gift from Adil


She loved it


After that she was hit with another surprise 0o




Yay they’re engaged, they were also able to buy a cheap T.V though it broke soon after  but Adil fixed it

TV Fixing



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