10 Gen Legacy – Chapter 8-Conclusion

Sadly after I posted this Chapter I lost the Save due to some serious problems with CC, since I had no way to recover the missing Save I had to give up on any, future posting of the Chapters. I may try at some point to re-make these Sims an go on but it just won’t be the same.

After Christian finished feeding our son I watched him place him into his crib


I smiled turning to head to bed but was surprised when strong arms circled my waist and I found myself in Christian’s arms. I gasped in surprise but before I could speak he lowered his lips to mine kissing me deeply


When we came up for air I looked at him stunned “What was that for?”

He chuckled softly ” Well I think it’s because I love you, you have given me everything I’ve ever wanted, A healthy, baby, boy, a loving relationship. I’m happy here with you and so I’ve decided I want to be here, for you, for Kristian. I want to see our son grown and I want to spend my life with you. I’ll have to leave every so often to go back home and make sure everything is running well with father’s farm but I think we can make it work. Maybe sometimes you’ll come with me, we could turn the farm into a Vacation home, what do you think?”


” I think if it means we will be together that I’m willing to give it a try.” With that I took his hands and lead him to the bedroom


Needless to say we didn’t get much sleep that night 🙂


I woke the next morning feeling happy, loved, content and stretched like a pleased cat noticing for the first time that Christian was not in bed with me. I rose worried and headed through the house stopping as I heard a gentle giggle from the Nursery. Inching open the door I saw Christian rocking with our son, both looked so happy and peaceful.


Not wanting to bother them I closed the door softly and headed to the Kitchen to make breakfast, I was hungry.



Once it was cooked and Christian was not back yet so I headed to the Bathroom for a quick shower and dress. Returning to the Kitchen I was surprised to find Christian freshly dressed and showered and waiting for me at the table. We talked about various things and he told me he was going to go take a look around the town later just to get the feel for things.


After he left I tended to things around the house and did some painting, it wasn’t until I glanced at the clock and heard Christian return did I notice the time. I put down my painting stuff and went to meet him. Apparently he’d been out taking pictures, he’d always loved Photography and when we looked over the images together I had to admit they were pretty amazing.





I thought the Fall colors looked amazing and was met with another surprise when someone he’d met in town showed up later. Christian said he wanted to get some family pictures of us for back home and here. I felt a flutter of love inside when he called us a family, we truly were a family.




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