Angel City By Coasterboi

Some people were having trouble installing Angel City and were wondering about CC, I took it upon myself to remove CC and upload the .world file in a simple manner for people to use, I also was given permission by Coasterboi to do so.

For this file you simply Download it, un-zip it with WinZip or WinRar and copy the .world  to C://Program Files (X86)/Origin Games/The Sims 3/Game Data/Shared/NonPackaged/World and paste it there, then you load your game like normal and select Angel City By Coasterboi and away you go.


Well all Coasterboi has done it again with his newest world Angel City which is known as the Successor of  his Los Anigeos, not only has he made a new World but he also updated his LA world to Sims 3 Paradise. So the last while I’ve had the pleasure of playing both LA and AC and I have to say that right now AC is one of my favourite World’s. I tried to play LA again but for some reason it was really laggy for me so I’ve settled with AC.

I started playing by moving a family of six into a one bedroom apartment, sadly land is far more expensive in AC then in other places in the Sim Verse


My family has one toddler, one child, on teen, two adults and one cat in it, I ended up adding a crib and bunk beds to the single bedroom with the double bed so everyone had a place to sleep. Then I sent the father to City Hall to get a much needed job well mom stayed home with the toddler as a Homemaker. Wouldn’t it be great if Homemakers really got paid?


Later the teen in the family headed to the local Pier and tried the Roller coaster for the first time, he seemed to really love it


Later I took Mom and Toddler Jacob for a walk



After everyone was in bed Mom headed to the beach

Screenshot 20



Once back home she got back into her daily tasks



Well Conrad talked to his dad



Mom practiced some Magic



All and all I have to say the world runs great, I played for like two, sim weeks with no problems and it ran perfectly, there were a few stuck Sims but nothing big. Attention to detail is something I love to see in world’s and this world offers that, there is also space to add a few lot’s of your own.


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