10 Gen Legacy – Chapter 6

I had saved up enough money to build a somewhat cheap but decent home for myself and my coming child, it was no mansion but it was a start

My New House

Once built and un-packed I quickly fell into a deep sleep, only to be woke by the most annoying sound

Robber 1

It was my burglar alarm and thumping was coming from the living room, I quickly ran in to find two men fighting

Robber 2

As I watched I saw the Burglar apparently kick the bum of the Police man and run away

Robber Won

Quickly I ran to help the cop


Despite the fact he’d let the guy get away I thanked him with Flight of Felicity

Flight of Felicity

He was most grateful


Unfortunately the event of the night put me into labor after the cop at left, my pains started at 4:45 AM so I called a cab and rushed to the Hospital


I was in labor for several hours


Soon after my Doctor came in and walked me through the birth


Next day I was gifted with a new, baby son and thus decided to name him Kristian after his father

New Son

Baby Kristian





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