10 Gen Legacy – Chapter 5

Now that I had a new stove and Kitchen I was able to start cooking and baking so I could sell my goods, I hoped this would bring a bit more money into the house

Cooking in my new Stove

After breakfast however and lot’s of baking I found myself feeling sick, I’d been feeling sick a lot lately and decided I should likely go to the Doctor

Visiting the Doctor

After my visit I was stunned, I was not sick I was Pregnant!

I'm Preggers!

I was Pregnant and still had a lot to do with my house to make it fit for a child, then there was the question of if I should tell Christian in one of the monthly letters I sent back home to him an my parents.

I decided to think about that later and pushed it from my mind heading for the Market, it was right across from the Hospital and I needed some things to plant a Garden with to make more money. It would also give me a supply of food to save on me having to buy some for a bit so I could focus on other, more important things.

Market for Stuff to Plant

About $200 bucks later I had all the fruit and vegetables I needed

Leaving the Market

It had started to rain so I headed home to start planting my indoor Garden


Once done I decided to work on another painting to see if I could sell it to make some more money

Painting to Sell

It didn’t take long to finish and it had turned out well, I sold it as soon as I could. By now the sun was setting and I was exhausted as it had been a long day, I didn’t have enough money to get a bed yet so I spent the night in a sleeping bag.

No money for bed

Next morning it had finished raining so I decided to head to the Island Festival and play a bit of music, where else to find people then at a Festival?

Visiting the Festival

I played for a long time but not many people even looked my way 😦

Playing at the Festival


Only donator at the Park

After playing all day someone took notice and I headed home with $55 bucks more, on my way I took a swing by the coffee shop and decided to play a bit more

Guitar at the Coffee Shop

Sadly the only person to notice me was a local Magician, she was pretty good I thought, and she seemed to enjoy my playing well she performed her tricks

Someone Likes Me

Another day over I headed home once more, I finally had enough to build myself a decent house, it had been a lot of work but well worth it.


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