10 Gen Legacy – Chapter 4

Soon after I arrived in Legend Isle I went to work trying to find a place to build my own home. I wanted a good size lot to build on so I could plant a lovely Garden and add other things. Being Fey my love for Gardening was an important part of who I was, I needed to feel nature around me and feel the Earth under my feet. I soon found the perfect lot, though it did take up a large amount of the money I had saved, I new one day it would be home to a great house.



Now that I had the lot I was only left with about $2000 dollars, I new it would not be enough to build anything so instead I set what few things I had taken with me and went to work painting. Since I had practiced a lot as a kid I was able to paint some pretty good pieces, I new they would be my only income for a short time.


After painting for a while I found myself feeling hungry, since I had no house, kitchen or garden to eat from I headed downtown to find a nice, cheap place to eat. I found a cute Bakery that had a large selection of baked goods, I thought once I got a Kitchen and a Garden I might be able to sell my Baked goods here as well.


Once inside it took me a bit to choose but I finally settled on a Cupcake



I found lately I had a bit of a sweet tooth and was hungry more often then before, I blamed it on the fresh air and working so hard on my paintings


Once I had my Cupcake I headed outside to the lovely little, water side patio to eat it


There was not many people around but I found myself ok with that and just enjoyed my cupcake. Once I was done I headed home for the night to sleep in my little Fey house. When I woke the next morning I was surprised to see I had mail, my first painting had sold and there was enough from it to build myself a small home. I called up the builders right away and it took them no time to build me a small, one room house.


It was pretty plain, I had not been able to afford any paint or much furniture but it was mine and I was pretty happy with it. I got to work on my second painting putting more detail into it and using fine strokes.


Soon my stomach was growling, I had no money and wasn’t sure what to do. I decided to explore the town a bit, see if anyone was hiring and maybe get a part time job. Well I was walking I came across a community Garden, I could see several children playing and people moving about and so I went in.


Once inside I saw that plants upon plants grew and the Garden appeared to be open to the public. I quickly went to work Harvesting some of the crops, they’d die anyway if not taken proper care of. When I was done I had enough to feed myself and sold the rest to the local market as well as saved some to plant my own Garden. I also met and talked to a few of the locals which was nice as well.


With the money from the crops I sold I had enough to put a simple kitchen into my simple house


I looked back over what I had done so far, I was pleased with myself things were coming a log well for me.


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