10 Gen Legacy – Chapter 3 – Part 2

Next morning came bright and happy as if nothing bad had taken place the night before, as if I hadn’t spent all night crying over my broken and tattered heart. I woke feeling no desire to eat and simply sat down to take a look at the morning, baking report. With Fall coming most of our crops would not be able to be harvested an so our living would have to last on baked goods and whatever odd job we could pick up.



Mother was due to arrive home today from her Vacation which worked out well since it was also the day of my birth, however we wouldn’t celebrate since we never did it would just be a simple thing as all things of the past had been.

I finished reading the paper then sat an thought about Christian, I new I had to talk to him, since I planned to leave right after my birthday I new I needed to say goodbye. As I thought of him I felt so much love but so much sadness and finally dragged myself out to the Garden. As I was heading out mother got home and headed out behind me, however I didn’t get far before the feeling came.

Ageing was somewhat different for Fey, when we aged we glowed and changed just a little bit, it was part of the magic Maria had explained to me. Once we aged we looked a little older but found our minds and powers were far stronger then they had been the age before.



Mother cheered as she watched me grow, I felt sad that Maria was not here but glad that soon a new part of my life would begin


Once the process was done I saw my wings had also grown and changed and then I new right away where I had to go and who I had to see. There was this deep, unfulfilled longing within my heart, a longing I had never felt before as I hugged mother and headed off to find Christian.



I found him at the park, it was a place we were both familiar with and a place we loved and felt free and at piece at. Before he could speak I blurted out everything in my heart, in my mind, in my soul and promised when I had finished the things I set out to do I would come back to him. He gently took me into his arms and held me close whispering in my ear ever so quietly and kissed me deeply after.



Soon he lead me by the hand through the brush of the park to a quiet, private and secluded place that I had never seen. A tent rested there, a Fairy house and a fire pit as he told me this is where he often came when he needed to think. I kissed him again feeling as if my soul was one with his, opening him to all of what I felt and smiling to his lips as he opened himself to me.


Before we new it we had ended up in the tent, wrapped deeply, passionately in one another’s arms as we gave each other all of what we had and made love for the first time ever in our lives. I would always love him and he would always love me.\


After we held one another, I memorized every lock of his dark hair, the deep blue of his beautiful eyes and the strong contours of his jaw trailing my fingers over every part of him. We both new it had to end soon, we both new that time for us was coming to an end for now and after a moment I slipped from the tent to check the sun for the time since we did not wear watches.


Christian followed me still in his pajamas and took me in his arms looking deeply into my eyes and we danced under the setting sun for the first time and the last time


After we kissed one another’s tears away, we hugged goodbye as our time came to an end, I promised to write wherever I may go


Then I left, it was time to catch the train to Legend Isle/Legacy Island and start my new life over. I hugged my mother goodbye, promised I would visit and write and then with a Fairy house, painting easel, the clothing on my back and my guitar I left to find my own way in the world.



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