10 Gen Legacy – Prologue By GreenCats

NOTE:  Well looking through the Creative Forum on the Sims 3 site I came across CC Free Sims made by GreenCats. Not only did she have CC Free Sims but she had a story for some as well. After reading all her stories I decided that I like a Fey story she had wrote for her Sim Queen Maria  , I also decided I wanted to do my Ten Gen Legacy starting with the Sims in that Story. I asked GreenCats if it was ok for me to use her Sims and story for my Ten Gen Legacy.

She said it was ok and  that I just needed to give her credit for the story and the Sims. This below Prologue was written by GreenCats, all Sims in it are her original work, all images are her’s as well. I have linked back to her post so you can see her Sims and other stories and will now be moving into my own, written Chapters which are the continuation of the above story.

Maria is a kind and just queen, and all her fairy subjects love her dearly. For many years, the most powerful of her nobles sent their sons and daughters as suitors for Maria’s hand, but she gently refused them all. The women were beautiful and the men handsome, and all were graceful and well-spoken, but Maria would not subject her people to a royal consort who was not truly exceptional. 

Once a year, on midsummer’s eve, the veil between the fairy and human realms grows so thin that the quickest, bravest fairies can pass through it. From dusk till dawn, they fly through our world, taking note of our fashions and customs and sending us sweet dreams as we lie asleep in our beds. 

On one such outing, Maria was drawn away from her usual paths by a sweet voice. As she moved closer to the source of the sound, Maria saw a beautiful peasant girl picking summer fruits and singing while she worked. The girl must have been labouring all day, and it was now past sunset, but she smiled while she sang, and showed no signs of exhaustion. Maria had been surrounded by beautiful music and pleasant sights all her life, but nothing had ever seemed so lovely to her as this girl’s face and voice.  Entranced, Maria descended and made her presence known, but the girl was not afraid. She simply smiled a warm smile, and asked Maria’s name, giving hers as Elizabeth. Maria and Elizabeth talked and laughed together like they were old friends. By midnight they were in love. 

But when morning came, Maria had to return to her own home. It broke her heart to leave Elizabeth, but at sunrise the veil would close for another year. Maria could not forsake her people, and humans cannot pass through to the fairy realm. Back in her castle, Maria thought about how deeply she wanted to be with Elizabeth. But with their Queen gone, the nobles who had previously tried to win the throne by wooing her would take up arms against one another to win it by force. Civil war would tear her fair kingdom apart, and many of her fairy subjects would die. 

Maria knows she must stay and keep her people safe. She cannot go and live in the human realm with Elizabeth. But once a year, for one night, she can visit her. On midsummer’s eve they lie together under the stars, and Maria wraps Elizabeth in her arms and tells her that each prick of light in the heavens is a pair of lovers, who now burn brightly together with one soul. When sunrise comes, Maria must kiss Elizabeth goodbye for another year, and sadly make her way back home. 








10 Gen Legacy Chapter 1 Part 1

10 Gen Legacy Chapter 1 Part 2

10 Gen Legacy Chapter 2

10 Gen Legacy Chapter 3 Part 1

10 Gen Legacy Chapter 3 Part 2

10 Gen Legacy Chapter 4

10 Gen Legacy Chapter 5

10 Gen Legacy Chapter 6

10 Gen Legacy Chapter 7

10 Gen Legacy Chapter 8 – Conclusion


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