10 Gen Legacy – Chapter 3 – Part 1

I sit beside the fire and think 

Of all that I have seen

Of meadow flowers and butterflies

In summers that have been


Soon like all children young Miriam grew into a teen, over the years leading to teen she had kept in touch with Christian, truly the boy was her only friend and Maria continued to visit each, passing year.



As a teen Miriam was just as helpful as she had been as a child and continued to cook and help me in the garden, all the while learning everything she could



She never complained about the work and among cooking, gardening, painting she still found time to drop a love note or two to Christian yet he never new who sent such notes



Knowing the Miriam was mature enough to look after herself I decided to take a vacation and explored some of the outside world. We had made plenty from the years crops to live comfortably and for me to take such a trip.

Well her mother was gone Miriam decided now was a good a time as ever to truly let Christian know how she was feeling about him. So she went to work making a Key Lime Pie knowing it was Christian’s favourite and inviting him over.

Of yellow leaves and gossamer

In autumns that there were

With morning mist and silver sun

And wind upon my hair…



She then presented him with the gift she’d made for him


He seemed to love it very much


Shortly after it began to rain and laughing the two headed inside the empty house to talk among other things


After talking for sometime and laughing at how bad I was at guitar


Christian pulled me in gently for a soft kiss


It was our first kiss, his lips were soft and gentle as we both explored things we never had before, when we broke the kiss we were both breathless and flushed and obviously very much in love with one another

I sit beside the fire and think

Of how the world will be

When winter comes without a spring 

That I shall ever see…

After the very, breathless kiss Christian took my hands and excitedly told me that since he was eighteen he had gone through the process to join the Faith. He told me he loved me and once I accepted the Faith we could marry.

C Telling Her About Being Baptised

I was stunned, he wanted to marry me, he wanted me to accept the Amish Faith so we could marry? I was not sure what to say so I blurted out congratulations as quickly as I could.

M not so happy about it

He kept going, explaining the process to me, what I needed to do, talking about our wedding, it was all too much and as much as I loved him it was not what I wanted

Telling her she can get Baptized an they can Marry

Telling Her She Can Get Baptized An They Can Marry (2)

I new I had to stop him, so when he took a breath I quickly jumped in, I explained to him I never planned to stay in Yoder’s Glen, that I wanted to see the world and when I was old enough and had saved enough I was planning to leave. I told him I wanted him to come with us, we could go somewhere and marry and not have to accept any Faith. I worshiped the Earth it was part of being Fey and he worshiped a God that I new nothing of.

Explaining Her Dreams

He's Sad

Christian looked stunned and maybe embarrassed as well I was not sure which as he looked quietly at me ” I can’t leave here Miri, I am my dad’s only son. He’s getting old now and he needs me to take over the Farm and settle down to carry on the Family line. It is the responsibility of a only son to do these things, I thought you loved me enough to stay with me, I thought you wanted what I wanted.” With that I watched the love of my life walk right on out the door, he didn’t look back and soon after I crumpled to the floor and cried.

I sit beside the fire and think

Of people long ago

And people that will see a world

That I shall never know

But all the while I sit and think

Of times there were before

I listen for returning feet 

And voices at the door…




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