10 Gen Legacy – Chapter 2

As Maria said young Miriam did not stay a Toddler for long, before I new it my darling baby had grown into a fully, self sufficient and helpful child


Yet life was hard and busy for both Miriam and I as we spent most of our time Gardening, Baking, Cleaning or doing other things to maintain our survival


Since Miriam was so busy trying to help me get things done it was rare she got to play with other kids


An when night fell both her and I fell into a heavy sleep where we both dreamed of other places and times where we did not have to work so hard



Not only did Miriam help with a lot of the work she also had to learn skills of her own so she would grow to take care of herself one day


When Maria returned once again from another year absence Miriam had also grown into her powers and took great pleasure in playing pranks on us both


Since Maria saw Miriam so little we really didn’t want to waste time lecturing her on playing pranks on people. Maria also being present and able to help with things around the house gave Miriam time to go out and play for the first time in her young life.




Well out and about that day she met a young, Amish boy name Christian Waggener


They talked and played with one another for most of the day, he had thought it was pretty cool Miriam was a Fey




An Miriam enjoyed showing him all her neat tricks


When Miriam returned home that night she talked and talked about Christian and how much fun she had over huge, mouthfuls of chocolate pie, she had grown very fond of this, young boy






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