10 Gen Legacy – Chapter 1- Part 1

After Maria left for another year Elizabeth often found herself feeling  lonely and would drown herself into her work. She lived in a small, Amish community known as Yoder’s Glen where everything was done the old way. There was no electronics, cars and other such things in her small community, and though she lived there she had not taken in with the Faith at 18 because she had fallen in love with Maria.



Money was raised by Gardening, Baking and Trade within the Community, each day Elizabeth would tend her Garden from Dawn to Dusk and take what she had gathered to the local Market for sale.



Her crops were, at this time, her only form of income, though she lived in a simple, small but comfortable home she still needed money for cloth to make clothing and other, such things.



As another year was drawing to a close Elizabeth realized she had put on weight, she also realized her lack of appetite, exhaustion and nausea  could only mean one thing, she was Pregnant with Maria’s child. She was not sure if it was magic that had done it or their love all she new was that she’d only, ever been with Maria and now she was Pregnant.

When Maria came for her yearly visit, well the two were having a simple meal together, Elizabeth told her of the coming child which they were going to have.



Maria was happy for Elizabeth, she had often wanted kids but since she had not married and was in love with Elizabeth she had never expected that was possible. Yet she was also sad that she could not be there when their child was born into the world. Knowing she could not, even though she wished she could with all her heart, not stay with Elizabeth she decided to help as much as she could well she was there to make sure Elizabeth had all she needed. She did this by helping in the Garden, she used her Fey magic to grow the plants so Elizabeth could sell more of them and have plenty to eat.



With that done, Maria said goodbye to her love and left for another year, soon after Maria departed Elizabeth gave birth to a healthy, blue eyed, blond haired, Fey,  baby girl she decided to name Miriam and hoped Maria would approve.  She spent much time with her daughter and often at night when Miriam refused to sleep Elizabeth would pull out her violin and begin to play, over time she had grown really skilled at the Violin and little Miriam loved to listen.



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