10 Gen Legacy – Chapter 1 – Part 2


Soon another year flew by and little Miriam grew into an adorable little Toddler

Screenshot-10 copy


She loved to play with a strange doll that had come in the mail shortly after she was born, Elizabeth always assumed Maria had somehow heard of the birth and sent the doll for Miriam



After Miriam grew into a Toddler and Maria finally returned she spent her entire day with her new daughter, Maria said that even though she was far away she still wanted Miriam to remember her. She also approved of the name Miriam though she never went into great detail as to why she liked that name so much. Well she was visiting Maria worked patiently with Miriam teaching her many, important things.




She said since Miriam was Fey she would likely learn things much more quickly then a human toddler and she would also grow much faster then Elizabeth was used to. She explained that when the Fey were first created their soul purpose had been to procreate, an since their race was so small compared to that of the Human race that they grew faster and came into their power quickly for protective reasons.





Soon Miriam had learned a great deal from Maria, even as small as she was it could be seen that she was truly a delicate and intelligent child. As reward for coming so far we took Miriam outside to play well Maria and I worked in the Garden.


Time grew short quickly however and it was time for Maria to once again return to the Fey realm for another year. She scooped little Miriam up and held her close in her arms saying a sad goodbye to her and Elizabeth.


An then Maria was gone for another year and the house fell into a quiet sadness once more as Elizabeth buried herself in work and preparing for the coming Winter.


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