Pokemon, Pixelmon, Minecraft Oh My…


Hey all, as many of you know I’m a huge fan of Minecraft and though I’ve never said anything I really like Pokemon as well. Anyway some very talented creators, also known as people who Mod Minecraft, created a Minecraft mod called Pixelmon. Pixelmon is Pokemon in Minecraft and right now Pixelmon has put all the Gen 1 Pokemon into Pixelmon and some Gen 2. It also has the Pc for storing Pokemon, the Pokemon healer, several of the fossils, evolution stones and much, much more.

So several Minecraft players have made servers to play Pixelmon on, some of the servers are good and some are bad. I searched for over a week for a good server to play Pixelmon on because I wanted to play with people, battle other trainers and get as close to the real Pokemon as I could, in my travels I found Aqucraft. Aquacraft is an amazing server, there is people on all the time to trade with you, help you, battle you Etc. It also has a Market where you can buy things, the Wild where you can catch Pokemon and build your very, own house. It made all the towns starting from Pallet and going on, it has E4 as well as Gyms, Gym Leaders and badges.

It offers donation gifts if you like that sort of thing to help you out and it has the rare Pokemon spawn at random for you to catch. It holds events every weekend as well as drop parties for you to get some cool, rare things. It’s Mods, Admins and Owners are on everyday to help you, talk to you Etc. If you need them and if they are not on someone is ready to help you. If you like Pokemon, Minecraft, People and Community I would suggest you try out this server, you will not regret it. Below are a few images that I took of my home, Pokemon and other things on this server so you can have an idea of what it’s like.









If you decide to try out this amazing server drop me a line, I’m Illyianna/Lady Pink, see you there.


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