10 Gen Legacy – Chapter 4

Soon after I arrived in Legend Isle I went to work trying to find a place to build my own home. I wanted a good size lot to build on so I could plant a lovely Garden and add other things. Being Fey my love for Gardening was an important part of who I was, I needed to feel nature around me and feel the Earth under my feet. I soon found the perfect lot, though it did take up a large amount of the money I had saved, I new one day it would be home to a great house.



Now that I had the lot I was only left with about $2000 dollars, I new it would not be enough to build anything so instead I set what few things I had taken with me and went to work painting. Since I had practiced a lot as a kid I was able to paint some pretty good pieces, I new they would be my only income for a short time.


After painting for a while I found myself feeling hungry, since I had no house, kitchen or garden to eat from I headed downtown to find a nice, cheap place to eat. I found a cute Bakery that had a large selection of baked goods, I thought once I got a Kitchen and a Garden I might be able to sell my Baked goods here as well.


Once inside it took me a bit to choose but I finally settled on a Cupcake



I found lately I had a bit of a sweet tooth and was hungry more often then before, I blamed it on the fresh air and working so hard on my paintings


Once I had my Cupcake I headed outside to the lovely little, water side patio to eat it


There was not many people around but I found myself ok with that and just enjoyed my cupcake. Once I was done I headed home for the night to sleep in my little Fey house. When I woke the next morning I was surprised to see I had mail, my first painting had sold and there was enough from it to build myself a small home. I called up the builders right away and it took them no time to build me a small, one room house.


It was pretty plain, I had not been able to afford any paint or much furniture but it was mine and I was pretty happy with it. I got to work on my second painting putting more detail into it and using fine strokes.


Soon my stomach was growling, I had no money and wasn’t sure what to do. I decided to explore the town a bit, see if anyone was hiring and maybe get a part time job. Well I was walking I came across a community Garden, I could see several children playing and people moving about and so I went in.


Once inside I saw that plants upon plants grew and the Garden appeared to be open to the public. I quickly went to work Harvesting some of the crops, they’d die anyway if not taken proper care of. When I was done I had enough to feed myself and sold the rest to the local market as well as saved some to plant my own Garden. I also met and talked to a few of the locals which was nice as well.


With the money from the crops I sold I had enough to put a simple kitchen into my simple house


I looked back over what I had done so far, I was pleased with myself things were coming a log well for me.

10 Gen Legacy – Chapter 3 – Part 2

Next morning came bright and happy as if nothing bad had taken place the night before, as if I hadn’t spent all night crying over my broken and tattered heart. I woke feeling no desire to eat and simply sat down to take a look at the morning, baking report. With Fall coming most of our crops would not be able to be harvested an so our living would have to last on baked goods and whatever odd job we could pick up.



Mother was due to arrive home today from her Vacation which worked out well since it was also the day of my birth, however we wouldn’t celebrate since we never did it would just be a simple thing as all things of the past had been.

I finished reading the paper then sat an thought about Christian, I new I had to talk to him, since I planned to leave right after my birthday I new I needed to say goodbye. As I thought of him I felt so much love but so much sadness and finally dragged myself out to the Garden. As I was heading out mother got home and headed out behind me, however I didn’t get far before the feeling came.

Ageing was somewhat different for Fey, when we aged we glowed and changed just a little bit, it was part of the magic Maria had explained to me. Once we aged we looked a little older but found our minds and powers were far stronger then they had been the age before.



Mother cheered as she watched me grow, I felt sad that Maria was not here but glad that soon a new part of my life would begin


Once the process was done I saw my wings had also grown and changed and then I new right away where I had to go and who I had to see. There was this deep, unfulfilled longing within my heart, a longing I had never felt before as I hugged mother and headed off to find Christian.



I found him at the park, it was a place we were both familiar with and a place we loved and felt free and at piece at. Before he could speak I blurted out everything in my heart, in my mind, in my soul and promised when I had finished the things I set out to do I would come back to him. He gently took me into his arms and held me close whispering in my ear ever so quietly and kissed me deeply after.



Soon he lead me by the hand through the brush of the park to a quiet, private and secluded place that I had never seen. A tent rested there, a Fairy house and a fire pit as he told me this is where he often came when he needed to think. I kissed him again feeling as if my soul was one with his, opening him to all of what I felt and smiling to his lips as he opened himself to me.


Before we new it we had ended up in the tent, wrapped deeply, passionately in one another’s arms as we gave each other all of what we had and made love for the first time ever in our lives. I would always love him and he would always love me.\


After we held one another, I memorized every lock of his dark hair, the deep blue of his beautiful eyes and the strong contours of his jaw trailing my fingers over every part of him. We both new it had to end soon, we both new that time for us was coming to an end for now and after a moment I slipped from the tent to check the sun for the time since we did not wear watches.


Christian followed me still in his pajamas and took me in his arms looking deeply into my eyes and we danced under the setting sun for the first time and the last time


After we kissed one another’s tears away, we hugged goodbye as our time came to an end, I promised to write wherever I may go


Then I left, it was time to catch the train to Legend Isle/Legacy Island and start my new life over. I hugged my mother goodbye, promised I would visit and write and then with a Fairy house, painting easel, the clothing on my back and my guitar I left to find my own way in the world.


10 Gen Legacy – Chapter 3 – Part 1

I sit beside the fire and think 

Of all that I have seen

Of meadow flowers and butterflies

In summers that have been


Soon like all children young Miriam grew into a teen, over the years leading to teen she had kept in touch with Christian, truly the boy was her only friend and Maria continued to visit each, passing year.



As a teen Miriam was just as helpful as she had been as a child and continued to cook and help me in the garden, all the while learning everything she could



She never complained about the work and among cooking, gardening, painting she still found time to drop a love note or two to Christian yet he never new who sent such notes



Knowing the Miriam was mature enough to look after herself I decided to take a vacation and explored some of the outside world. We had made plenty from the years crops to live comfortably and for me to take such a trip.

Well her mother was gone Miriam decided now was a good a time as ever to truly let Christian know how she was feeling about him. So she went to work making a Key Lime Pie knowing it was Christian’s favourite and inviting him over.

Of yellow leaves and gossamer

In autumns that there were

With morning mist and silver sun

And wind upon my hair…



She then presented him with the gift she’d made for him


He seemed to love it very much


Shortly after it began to rain and laughing the two headed inside the empty house to talk among other things


After talking for sometime and laughing at how bad I was at guitar


Christian pulled me in gently for a soft kiss


It was our first kiss, his lips were soft and gentle as we both explored things we never had before, when we broke the kiss we were both breathless and flushed and obviously very much in love with one another

I sit beside the fire and think

Of how the world will be

When winter comes without a spring 

That I shall ever see…

After the very, breathless kiss Christian took my hands and excitedly told me that since he was eighteen he had gone through the process to join the Faith. He told me he loved me and once I accepted the Faith we could marry.

C Telling Her About Being Baptised

I was stunned, he wanted to marry me, he wanted me to accept the Amish Faith so we could marry? I was not sure what to say so I blurted out congratulations as quickly as I could.

M not so happy about it

He kept going, explaining the process to me, what I needed to do, talking about our wedding, it was all too much and as much as I loved him it was not what I wanted

Telling her she can get Baptized an they can Marry

Telling Her She Can Get Baptized An They Can Marry (2)

I new I had to stop him, so when he took a breath I quickly jumped in, I explained to him I never planned to stay in Yoder’s Glen, that I wanted to see the world and when I was old enough and had saved enough I was planning to leave. I told him I wanted him to come with us, we could go somewhere and marry and not have to accept any Faith. I worshiped the Earth it was part of being Fey and he worshiped a God that I new nothing of.

Explaining Her Dreams

He's Sad

Christian looked stunned and maybe embarrassed as well I was not sure which as he looked quietly at me ” I can’t leave here Miri, I am my dad’s only son. He’s getting old now and he needs me to take over the Farm and settle down to carry on the Family line. It is the responsibility of a only son to do these things, I thought you loved me enough to stay with me, I thought you wanted what I wanted.” With that I watched the love of my life walk right on out the door, he didn’t look back and soon after I crumpled to the floor and cried.

I sit beside the fire and think

Of people long ago

And people that will see a world

That I shall never know

But all the while I sit and think

Of times there were before

I listen for returning feet 

And voices at the door…



10 Gen Legacy – Chapter 2

As Maria said young Miriam did not stay a Toddler for long, before I new it my darling baby had grown into a fully, self sufficient and helpful child


Yet life was hard and busy for both Miriam and I as we spent most of our time Gardening, Baking, Cleaning or doing other things to maintain our survival


Since Miriam was so busy trying to help me get things done it was rare she got to play with other kids


An when night fell both her and I fell into a heavy sleep where we both dreamed of other places and times where we did not have to work so hard



Not only did Miriam help with a lot of the work she also had to learn skills of her own so she would grow to take care of herself one day


When Maria returned once again from another year absence Miriam had also grown into her powers and took great pleasure in playing pranks on us both


Since Maria saw Miriam so little we really didn’t want to waste time lecturing her on playing pranks on people. Maria also being present and able to help with things around the house gave Miriam time to go out and play for the first time in her young life.




Well out and about that day she met a young, Amish boy name Christian Waggener


They talked and played with one another for most of the day, he had thought it was pretty cool Miriam was a Fey




An Miriam enjoyed showing him all her neat tricks


When Miriam returned home that night she talked and talked about Christian and how much fun she had over huge, mouthfuls of chocolate pie, she had grown very fond of this, young boy





10 Gen Legacy – Chapter 1 – Part 2


Soon another year flew by and little Miriam grew into an adorable little Toddler

Screenshot-10 copy


She loved to play with a strange doll that had come in the mail shortly after she was born, Elizabeth always assumed Maria had somehow heard of the birth and sent the doll for Miriam



After Miriam grew into a Toddler and Maria finally returned she spent her entire day with her new daughter, Maria said that even though she was far away she still wanted Miriam to remember her. She also approved of the name Miriam though she never went into great detail as to why she liked that name so much. Well she was visiting Maria worked patiently with Miriam teaching her many, important things.




She said since Miriam was Fey she would likely learn things much more quickly then a human toddler and she would also grow much faster then Elizabeth was used to. She explained that when the Fey were first created their soul purpose had been to procreate, an since their race was so small compared to that of the Human race that they grew faster and came into their power quickly for protective reasons.





Soon Miriam had learned a great deal from Maria, even as small as she was it could be seen that she was truly a delicate and intelligent child. As reward for coming so far we took Miriam outside to play well Maria and I worked in the Garden.


Time grew short quickly however and it was time for Maria to once again return to the Fey realm for another year. She scooped little Miriam up and held her close in her arms saying a sad goodbye to her and Elizabeth.


An then Maria was gone for another year and the house fell into a quiet sadness once more as Elizabeth buried herself in work and preparing for the coming Winter.

10 Gen Legacy – Chapter 1- Part 1

After Maria left for another year Elizabeth often found herself feeling  lonely and would drown herself into her work. She lived in a small, Amish community known as Yoder’s Glen where everything was done the old way. There was no electronics, cars and other such things in her small community, and though she lived there she had not taken in with the Faith at 18 because she had fallen in love with Maria.



Money was raised by Gardening, Baking and Trade within the Community, each day Elizabeth would tend her Garden from Dawn to Dusk and take what she had gathered to the local Market for sale.



Her crops were, at this time, her only form of income, though she lived in a simple, small but comfortable home she still needed money for cloth to make clothing and other, such things.



As another year was drawing to a close Elizabeth realized she had put on weight, she also realized her lack of appetite, exhaustion and nausea  could only mean one thing, she was Pregnant with Maria’s child. She was not sure if it was magic that had done it or their love all she new was that she’d only, ever been with Maria and now she was Pregnant.

When Maria came for her yearly visit, well the two were having a simple meal together, Elizabeth told her of the coming child which they were going to have.



Maria was happy for Elizabeth, she had often wanted kids but since she had not married and was in love with Elizabeth she had never expected that was possible. Yet she was also sad that she could not be there when their child was born into the world. Knowing she could not, even though she wished she could with all her heart, not stay with Elizabeth she decided to help as much as she could well she was there to make sure Elizabeth had all she needed. She did this by helping in the Garden, she used her Fey magic to grow the plants so Elizabeth could sell more of them and have plenty to eat.



With that done, Maria said goodbye to her love and left for another year, soon after Maria departed Elizabeth gave birth to a healthy, blue eyed, blond haired, Fey,  baby girl she decided to name Miriam and hoped Maria would approve.  She spent much time with her daughter and often at night when Miriam refused to sleep Elizabeth would pull out her violin and begin to play, over time she had grown really skilled at the Violin and little Miriam loved to listen.


10 Gen Legacy – Prologue By GreenCats

NOTE:  Well looking through the Creative Forum on the Sims 3 site I came across CC Free Sims made by GreenCats. Not only did she have CC Free Sims but she had a story for some as well. After reading all her stories I decided that I like a Fey story she had wrote for her Sim Queen Maria  , I also decided I wanted to do my Ten Gen Legacy starting with the Sims in that Story. I asked GreenCats if it was ok for me to use her Sims and story for my Ten Gen Legacy.

She said it was ok and  that I just needed to give her credit for the story and the Sims. This below Prologue was written by GreenCats, all Sims in it are her original work, all images are her’s as well. I have linked back to her post so you can see her Sims and other stories and will now be moving into my own, written Chapters which are the continuation of the above story.

Maria is a kind and just queen, and all her fairy subjects love her dearly. For many years, the most powerful of her nobles sent their sons and daughters as suitors for Maria’s hand, but she gently refused them all. The women were beautiful and the men handsome, and all were graceful and well-spoken, but Maria would not subject her people to a royal consort who was not truly exceptional. 

Once a year, on midsummer’s eve, the veil between the fairy and human realms grows so thin that the quickest, bravest fairies can pass through it. From dusk till dawn, they fly through our world, taking note of our fashions and customs and sending us sweet dreams as we lie asleep in our beds. 

On one such outing, Maria was drawn away from her usual paths by a sweet voice. As she moved closer to the source of the sound, Maria saw a beautiful peasant girl picking summer fruits and singing while she worked. The girl must have been labouring all day, and it was now past sunset, but she smiled while she sang, and showed no signs of exhaustion. Maria had been surrounded by beautiful music and pleasant sights all her life, but nothing had ever seemed so lovely to her as this girl’s face and voice.  Entranced, Maria descended and made her presence known, but the girl was not afraid. She simply smiled a warm smile, and asked Maria’s name, giving hers as Elizabeth. Maria and Elizabeth talked and laughed together like they were old friends. By midnight they were in love. 

But when morning came, Maria had to return to her own home. It broke her heart to leave Elizabeth, but at sunrise the veil would close for another year. Maria could not forsake her people, and humans cannot pass through to the fairy realm. Back in her castle, Maria thought about how deeply she wanted to be with Elizabeth. But with their Queen gone, the nobles who had previously tried to win the throne by wooing her would take up arms against one another to win it by force. Civil war would tear her fair kingdom apart, and many of her fairy subjects would die. 

Maria knows she must stay and keep her people safe. She cannot go and live in the human realm with Elizabeth. But once a year, for one night, she can visit her. On midsummer’s eve they lie together under the stars, and Maria wraps Elizabeth in her arms and tells her that each prick of light in the heavens is a pair of lovers, who now burn brightly together with one soul. When sunrise comes, Maria must kiss Elizabeth goodbye for another year, and sadly make her way back home. 








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Cupquake’s Oasis An Attack of the B-Team

As many of you know I enjoy Minecraft as well as Sims 3 and recently a new Modpack called Attack of the B-Team was released on the Technic Launcher. Also around the same time Cupquake finished Season 1 of her Minecraft Oasis Series which she worked on for over a year and reached Episod 186 . She then put out her Minecraft Oasis  World out to the public to Download and use. So I took her save which was 1.52 and placed it into the Attack of the B-Team saves folder and began working on her Oasis and fixing it up using the Mods from that Modpack.  I also put in three extra Mods to give the world a bit more flare, those Mods were Mo’s Creatures, MCA, Pam’s Wee Flowers. Below I’m going to share images of the Before and After results of what I’ve done so far, since I can’t yet upload to YouTube here will have to do.



javaw 2014-05-12 16-59-45-22


After (I removed the cobble and replaced it with a tree so it looked like a big tree.)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-08-14-11



javaw 2014-05-12 16-59-59-21


javaw 2014-05-12 17-10-29-90

Before (This is the place Cupquake started building her Oasis in)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-00-16-06

After ( I put it to use)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-10-33-67

Before (This was the hall where she planned to display all her heads)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-00-28-09



javaw 2014-05-12 17-10-16-87

Before (This was the room at the end of the above hall, she had not found a use for it yet)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-00-33-20

After (I made it the Armory)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-10-21-82

Before (This was her Kitchen/Dinning Room/Aquarium area)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-00-47-50

javaw 2014-05-12 17-00-45-30



javaw 2014-05-12 17-08-26-38

javaw 2014-05-12 17-08-31-57

javaw 2014-05-12 17-08-35-24

javaw 2014-05-12 17-08-38-30



Before (Her Cat Room)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-01-03-64

javaw 2014-05-12 17-01-09-04

After ( I split it into two rooms and made one a Den/T.V Room)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-08-49-56


An the other the Cat Room

javaw 2014-05-12 17-08-55-71

javaw 2014-05-12 17-08-59-68


Before ( Hall Leading Upstairs to her Kids Bedrooms)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-00-55-19

javaw 2014-05-12 17-09-11-64

Before (Upstairs hall)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-01-20-73



javaw 2014-05-12 17-10-33-67

Before (Kids Bedrooms)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-01-25-65

javaw 2014-05-12 17-01-31-44

javaw 2014-05-12 17-01-39-67

javaw 2014-05-12 17-01-45-80

After ( I have three kids myself)


Jacob’s Bedroom

javaw 2014-05-12 17-09-18-73


Nate’s Bedroom

javaw 2014-05-12 17-09-25-13


Conrad’s Bedroom

javaw 2014-05-12 17-09-30-93


Extra Bedroom

javaw 2014-05-12 17-09-35-22


Before (Out the side door and down towards where Cupquake kept her Mo Creature Snakes)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-02-01-25


javaw 2014-05-12 17-09-52-21

(To her Oasis behind the Waterfall)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-11-48-26

Before (Cupquake’s Hidden Oasis)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-03-52-99


javaw 2014-05-12 17-12-01-17


Before (Where Cupquake kept her pet Snakes)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-03-25-52

After ( I turned it into a place for Witchery and will put Snakes in it later)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-11-07-04

javaw 2014-05-12 17-11-18-16

javaw 2014-05-12 17-11-22-07

javaw 2014-05-12 17-11-23-17


javaw 2014-05-12 17-11-30-08

Before ( Cupquake’s  rooftop Garden)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-04-57-04

javaw 2014-05-12 17-05-05-60


javaw 2014-05-12 17-13-16-08

javaw 2014-05-12 17-13-23-35

javaw 2014-05-12 17-13-27-62

Before (Cupquake’s glassed in, rooftop Garden)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-05-12-52


javaw 2014-05-12 17-13-34-64

Before ( Cupquake’s Potion Room)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-04-33-84

javaw 2014-05-12 17-04-38-88


javaw 2014-05-12 17-08-01-32

javaw 2014-05-12 17-08-05-86

Before ( Cupquake’s Bedroom)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-04-48-01


javaw 2014-05-12 17-13-08-17

Before (Front Patio)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-15-02-16



javaw 2014-05-12 17-34-08-44


This is what I’ve done so far, though I am still working on things but the Oasis is looking really good with the Attack of the B Team Modpack. I’m trying to keep it close to the original build and just add Decor, I also try an Decor it in ways I think Cupquake might like. I’m having a lot of fun and learning a lot about the Mods in this Modpack, I’m also really, loving Witchery. I tried to get some other Mods to work but I couldn’t seem to get the ID’s right so I settled for the three I listed.

Pokemon, Pixelmon, Minecraft Oh My…


Hey all, as many of you know I’m a huge fan of Minecraft and though I’ve never said anything I really like Pokemon as well. Anyway some very talented creators, also known as people who Mod Minecraft, created a Minecraft mod called Pixelmon. Pixelmon is Pokemon in Minecraft and right now Pixelmon has put all the Gen 1 Pokemon into Pixelmon and some Gen 2. It also has the Pc for storing Pokemon, the Pokemon healer, several of the fossils, evolution stones and much, much more.

So several Minecraft players have made servers to play Pixelmon on, some of the servers are good and some are bad. I searched for over a week for a good server to play Pixelmon on because I wanted to play with people, battle other trainers and get as close to the real Pokemon as I could, in my travels I found Aqucraft. Aquacraft is an amazing server, there is people on all the time to trade with you, help you, battle you Etc. It also has a Market where you can buy things, the Wild where you can catch Pokemon and build your very, own house. It made all the towns starting from Pallet and going on, it has E4 as well as Gyms, Gym Leaders and badges.

It offers donation gifts if you like that sort of thing to help you out and it has the rare Pokemon spawn at random for you to catch. It holds events every weekend as well as drop parties for you to get some cool, rare things. It’s Mods, Admins and Owners are on everyday to help you, talk to you Etc. If you need them and if they are not on someone is ready to help you. If you like Pokemon, Minecraft, People and Community I would suggest you try out this server, you will not regret it. Below are a few images that I took of my home, Pokemon and other things on this server so you can have an idea of what it’s like.









If you decide to try out this amazing server drop me a line, I’m Illyianna/Lady Pink, see you there.

The Now & Then Century Manor

Hey all today I have for you the newest store set called the The Now & Then Century Manor in .package files and I have played with this set a little bit.

Now & Then Manor

Same thing applies to this as does all my Store Content, drop the  Now an Then Manor 1, Now an Then Manor 2 files into your Sism 3 Library folder and drop the Store Now an Then Manor Objects into your Mods/.package folder and enjoy.