Chapter 42 – Unity Part 2 (The End)

Note: I’ve decided as of late, for several reasons, that I no longer wish to keep doing this 100 Baby Challenge. So this will be Diamond’s last Chapter, I will miss my Flare Sims but I feel it is time to start fresh with something new. Maybe in the future, if I feel up to it I may do a follow up on what happened and where Diamond ended up, but right now I just want it over. So this Chapter will be my last, I’ve come up with a way to end the story in a logical, story fashion.


We passed the days doing various things in Hidden Springs, well I waited for all 40 members of my family to arrive, with their families and settle in Hidden Springs. My last, two girls grew into children and tried catching fireflies for the first time.



Jeff went to visit the new park down the way, he milked a cow for the first time in his life and enjoyed the fruits of his labor after.



My twins became very interested in dancing and would practice together often




When they  felt they had it down and had learned enough moves they would call all of us into the living room and put on a dance. I enjoyed watching them dance, sing, catch fireflies, play with the dog because it was something I’d never done with my past children







I also started to exercise  more and jog a bit


One day, when I worked up enough courage, I decided to go to the HS Graveyard to see if perhaps the Grim Reaper could help fix my issue and inability to produce more children




He said he would try and was apparently a huge supporter of 100 Baby Mothers, though I new not why





Sadly it did not work and was concluded the even the giver of life and death could not break this curse, only the warlock who had cast it could break it


I realized then that my challenge was over, my time was up, Vaughan would not remove the curse and there was nothing more I could do. I would have to accept my fate and report to the council about my failure. I struggled with this, yet at the same time I felt free, for once I could enjoy life, maybe get married who new what the future held for me. My challenge had been a lonely one and though I had suffered so had my children and all the fathers of my children who had loved me and wished to be with me.  Yet despite it all I was looking forward to my future because soon my whole family would be here, and with my family by my side I needed nothing else.


2 responses to “Chapter 42 – Unity Part 2 (The End)

  1. Well when your heart isn’t in it anymore, it’s best to move on to something else. I would like to see a followed up on her to see what she’s been up to. I do plan for Diamond to appear in Borage’s very shortly, I’ll be officially introducing Opal and Topaz into the legacy at last.

    As far as this story, I kinda feel like Vaughan’s curse may of been the best thing to Diamond in some way. I mean she seemed sad, lonely and miserable during the journey. Perhaps now she can find true love and finally have the special somebody. However if she does… she wouldn’t be able to have a child with him, which is the downfall of the curse. Hopefully she’ll a happy ending at some point in her life.

    • Yeah that’s fine, Diamond is yours to do with as you like now. I have plans for her happily, ever after I just need to get up the energy to do it. I’ve been sick for over a week now and just lack the energy for much of anything. But yeah I found it kind of a chore, having to put a Chapter up when I was not ready, the lack of readers, running out of ideas for her story. I have plans for a new story, or maybe I’ll do some short stories. At first I was loving the challenge, excited how each child would look then it just got boring. Thanks for being so supporting for all my Chapters and giving Diamond a place in your story, she really is a great Sim. 🙂 I am looking foreword to reading more of your story, I just love all your things Sims. 🙂

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