Sims 3 Store Bakery Set

Here is the Sims 3 Bakery Set, I was pretty excited when I heard about it an can’t wait to try it myself, you can bake and sell things your Sim cooks and make money off them. This whole set has new recipes and works with the Bohemian Garden Set. I have not tried it in my game yet, as soon as I got it I ran it through the proper programs, put it into .package format and uploaded it. Love to see some images and such of what you all do with it, I’ll be sure to add images later.

There is two files in the Zip. One is Sims 3 Bakery Lot and the other is Sims 3 Bakery Objects. Put the Lot into your Sims 3 Library and the Object file into your Mods/.packages folder and give it a shot, also be sure to have KT Store Fixes and Nona’s CCMerged.


Sims 3 Store Bakery Set


NOTE: After testing the set I found I had no interactions when trying to use it in my game, so I went on the hunt for a fix and was lucky enough to find one. Follow all the steps on this Page if you find after you install my files that you can’t get the set to work as I did. Also you can Download all this stuff at Games4The World and install it as Sims 3 Packs if my files don’t work.


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