Jades Into Sims 3

Hey all so today I have some exciting news, well playing Sims 3 and exploring the various worlds created by players I came upon a world called Isle of  Verveine and found it lovely and decided to play it. I grew to like the world and started talking to it’s creator EswenRaedself and we talked about Jades. Eswen decided she liked Jades so much that she wanted to create it for Sims 3. As you know I’ve been wanting to put Jades into Sims 3 as a world for some time but I simply do not have the skill in CAW to do so. So Eswen is making Jades for Sims 3, you can see about it here.

I have to say I am really excited about this as is Eswen, to have a world for Diamond an all her kids as well as the Prince and Princesses is going to be amazing, an best of all it’s going to be an RP type world great for Sims 3 Stories. Building Jades has opened a door of endless possibility for me and my Sims and I hope you will all share it with us.

Jades will have all the Sims 3 Expansions, Stuff Packs and Store Content up to this point, if you need the Store Content feel free to get it all from my Sims 3 Downloads page. If you would like to help us out with builds feel free to let us know on the forum post  here, we would also like your thoughts and ideas as well. You can read up on Jades her on my Blog because I have a whole page dedicated to it. Below I am going to post a few images of what Eswen has done so far, in the future I will try to keep you all updated on the world’s progress as well.



Below are some images of Mirrora, it is one of the fallen Kingdoms in Jades, Eswen is trying her best to make everything look just like the images on this site.





2 responses to “Jades Into Sims 3

  1. Reblogged this on EVR Designs and commented:
    I’ve just started a collaboration world with Illyianna that is unofficially called Idolatry. The official name of the world is Jades, which I believe we will be calling it once completed. We’ve got big plans for sims and buildings. It is really going to be a wonderful place to visit!

  2. Hi, Sarah. Can you ping me at eswenraedself@gmail.com? I did check with Reach about using the CDA builds (Côtes d’Ambonnay) to add to Idolatry/Jades but it doesn’t look like we can use many of them for some reason (???). I, personally, would’ve said, “Sure, use whatever you want with credit” – like I usually do; so, I did not expect that response. Ah well. I also asked goldsch and am starting to put together my own builds flipping the French lots to medieval. Much progress has been made. I added a custom dock area and a hedonism tar/salt pit area that’s going to have a hot springs pool, disco party club, a crash pad and lots of fun. Will put pics up later today (it is at the Dark Seas edge at the top left of the map). Cool crazy stuff.

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