State of my 100 Baby Challenge!

Hey guys, so I’ve been working hard on updating everything for my 100 Baby Challenge, however I have noticed that not many people read it much anymore. I was wondering if you guys might want to share some ideas with me on your thoughts about Illyianna’s 100 Baby Challenge. Let me know is it boring? Is it confusing? What does it need to make it more interesting? Tell me what your thoughts are on Diamond, Jades Etc. I have some stuff coming up for it soon and I’ve been thinking of starting a new story called Life Of A Nobody as well, right now I am just getting stuff ready for it as well. Also here are a few teaser images of what is coming in the next, few chapters of Illyianna’s 100 Baby Challenge.









2 responses to “State of my 100 Baby Challenge!

  1. Well to be honest recently it’s been a bit confusing. I’m not sure what’s going on. Honestly BCs are difficult to put in a story form but a few are able to pull it off. They set a direction and head that way. You had a direction but the story seem to drift far away after your computer issues. I know about computer issues affecting stories all too well, time jumping with detail explanation saved me. I have a friend who lost all of her pics of her 6th gen. Instead of dropping the whole story, she moved on to gen 7 and during Gen 7 she explains the past, which is Gen 6. It’s a bit of mystery of “what happen?” which is interesting. But carrying on, acting as the previous chapters didn’t happen is confusing. It leaves us a bit puzzle. As far as a lack of readers, it time to reach out to social medias. The official forum is a ghost town. Many had left to join simming communities in social media, such as Facebook & Tumblr. Some simmers created facebook accts and add other “simbooks” And some went off to Tumblr to create what they call “Simblr” But I have a hate/love relationship with Tumblr. Its a popularity contest, who has the most followers, who has the best pics, who makes the best CC and ect. Its something I don’t care for. But its a good place to find CC. Facebook however it a bit more relax and more intimate. I have a close circle of friends and we often bounce story ideals from each other. One of my simbook friends happens to live across town from me, so now we hang out once a week. It’s a nice place to connect and gain lasting friendships. I hope this helps.

    • It does help, if you can tell me a bit where you got confused, maybe in point form I will explain it all in the next Chapter and it would help a lot. Thank you so much for your honest thoughts and opinions I really appreciate honesty. If you would rather send me where you found it confusing in E-mail, drop me a line at 🙂

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