New Desktop Computer!

So recently I gave up on Laptops and bought a Desktop, I just could not find a Laptop in the price range that would run Sims 3 like I wanted it to. I wanted a computer able to run Sims 3 on all High Settings with all my CC and there was no Laptop to do that. So after income tax on March 5, 2014 I headed into Future Shop and bought a Desktop and a Monitor for about $600.00. So I have been moving things around, updating Sims 3 Worlds and fixing up stuff for my 100 Baby Challenge.

My Desktop

Os = Windows 8
RAM = 12 GB DDR3
Hardrive – 1 TB
Video Card = AMD Radeon HD 7660D
AMD Quad-Core A10
Sims 3 Graphics – High/Very High
Mods – 8.74 GB

Some Pictures Of Sims 3









3 responses to “New Desktop Computer!

  1. Congrats, a desktop is the way to go. It runs better and smoother on a desktop than a laptop. My desktop specs are similar to yours, not as much memory but I plan to add on later one. Mine was worth 1400 but with my charm, I got it for 650 hehe. The pics look nice. Do you have a lighting mod in game by any chance?

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