Chapter 41 – Unity Part 1

(Note: I do not have the perfect images for every action in this story due to switching to a new computer and loosing saves, use your imagination. However I do think I tied it together in a decent enough way and as the story goes on I will explain everything the best I can.)


After Vaughan had come by the previous day and cursed me, I was not sure what to do. All I really new for sure was that I no longer wished to stay in Cape Garner Islands with the girls, giving him free access to not only me but our girls as well. So I picked up my cell and began making calls to my various family members to see if any of them had a suggestion for a safe place I could go with the girls. Since Witches had tracking spells I really had no idea if such a place existed or not, but I new if it did someone in my family would know.



After calling Jeff and Turquoise in Aurora Skies, Kaif in Hidden Springs, Fenton in Dragon Valley, Agate in Sunset City and Glass in Evansdale it was decided that Hidden Springs would be best for the girls an I. It was a quiet Valley, thick with Magic and home to several Occult Creatures like myself. It was safe and only a few people new that it even existed.

It was decided that the girls and I would leave immediately the next morning, Kaif and our daughter Fuschite would meet the girls and I once we arrived. I fell asleep that night feeling somewhat more calm then I had since the whole situation had started. Yet despite the calm my heart felt heavy as if the burden of the World’s had been placed on my shoulders, I felt as if I had lost a part of myself somewhere a long the way.

When I woke the next morning I found myself feeling numb, strange, as if something had changed within me well I rested, yet I new not what it might be. I stumbled out of bed to get ready for the day and this is what greeted me within the glass of my bathroom mirror.


Something had changed inside me or something dark had taken root, my once beautiful, white wings were black now, as was my hair and clothing. I still had the famous Flare golden eyes but everything else was strange. I looked at this strange creature in the mirror and she looked back, I tried to change my wing color, as Queen of Fey I had long ago gotten this ability, but nothing changed. It appeared I was stuck like this for now as I heard the morning laughter of my daughters I quickly left my room to make sure they were both ok.


I happened upon them in the Garden after searching the nursery and house. It looked like since they were Witch’s they possessed the new ability to teleport out of their cribs and outside. This worried me a bit, I had seen them conjure and make toys disappear before but never anything like this, then again they were growing, perhaps their magic would grow with them, I would have to ask a Witch more about this I decided.


Despite all the things that had happened both girls looked just fine as I scooped them up and carried them to the car. I had no plans to take anything with me because Kaif would have all we needed in Hidden Springs. Once they were settled in with their car seats and some of their favourite toys we headed for the road leading to Hidden Springs. We drove a long time, the twins slept most of the trip, perhaps a good thing then maybe not because it meant they would be awake all night.

We arrived in Hidden Springs in the late afternoon, it was a lovely little town. Due to the small size of the town and the fact that I had arrived sooner then I thought I easily found the address which Kaif had mentioned on the phone. Outside I noticed a young woman, she looked to be tending the Garden, as I drove closer I saw it was Fuschite.



She had grown into a beautiful, young girl as I climbed out of the car and waved hello. She looked confused for a moment then slowly recognition came over her face as she yelled for her father. Soon Kaif came out and another man as well, my eyes widened in surprise when I saw Jeff, I didn’t realize until that moment how much I had missed him. Fuschite and Kaif each took one of the twins into the house while Jeff and I took their toys and other things as well. Once we got inside and the twins were put down and their toys as well I showed Jeff how much I had missed him.


Both men were surprised  about the change in me as well as everything that had happened, though Jeff seemed to like me just fine no matter how I looked. We all spent the day settling in and catching up with one another.

We sang…



We ate…


Things seemed to be falling into order, I felt safe here with Jeff and Kaif and I could also feel the magic all around me, this place was indeed a magical place. Yet my surprise did not end there as the phone rang off the hook all day. Every time it rang Kaif or Jeff would quickly grab it and I began to suspect something might be up, yet I was not sure what.

Once I got the twins to bed and Fuschite I cornered both Jeff and Kaif and demanded they spill on what was going on, why was the phone ringing all day, who on earth would be calling so much? I could tell they didn’t want to tell me however when it was clear they were not going anywhere until they spilled they gave up and told me.

Jeff ” Were not the only ones you know here in Hidden Springs, when we heard what happened with Vaughan we thought it best to alert the rest of your family encase he tried anything on them.”

Kaif bit his lower lip ” However when we told them word spread, soon all your family new and several of them, if not all have decided they’re moving to Hidden Springs, safety in numbers they said, Unity of family.”

I was stunned, no shocked, I could not believe all my family was coming here to Hidden Springs, would they all fit? I had a lot of kids who also had kids, I did not even know how many Grandkids I had yet as I quickly sat down before my legs gave.

Jeff ” Anyway Datolite and Diopside have arrived with both their families and are settling into their new house.

Datolite Flare Family

Diopside Flare Family

Kaif ” Also Ekanite has arrived, he’s single but found a nice little house to settle, Eudialyte and his wife Shasta who are expecting their first baby arrived as well.”


Euda & Shasta

Jeff ” Agate is on his way with his family from Sunset City, our girls, Turquoise and her family are coming from Aurora Skies, Clinohumite and Charoite are coming from Lucky Palms, Calcite and Carnelian are returning from Bellatrix,  Fenton Mithrilen and your girls from Dragon Valley are also moving here.”

Kaif ” Demantoid and Dioptase are also coming from Aurora Skies with their families, Glass and your family are coming from Evansdale and more are moving here as well but were not sure if they left yet or not. You’ll be safe here and so will our family, your family is our family now Diamond.”

I was so happy I started to cry, most of my babies in one place, all my Grandchildren in one place, this was something I never thought was possible but it was happening, Vaughan may have taken my ability to have children away from me but one thing he could not take was my family and the Unity of it, perhaps things would be ok after all.

Jades Into Sims 3

Hey all so today I have some exciting news, well playing Sims 3 and exploring the various worlds created by players I came upon a world called Isle of  Verveine and found it lovely and decided to play it. I grew to like the world and started talking to it’s creator EswenRaedself and we talked about Jades. Eswen decided she liked Jades so much that she wanted to create it for Sims 3. As you know I’ve been wanting to put Jades into Sims 3 as a world for some time but I simply do not have the skill in CAW to do so. So Eswen is making Jades for Sims 3, you can see about it here.

I have to say I am really excited about this as is Eswen, to have a world for Diamond an all her kids as well as the Prince and Princesses is going to be amazing, an best of all it’s going to be an RP type world great for Sims 3 Stories. Building Jades has opened a door of endless possibility for me and my Sims and I hope you will all share it with us.

Jades will have all the Sims 3 Expansions, Stuff Packs and Store Content up to this point, if you need the Store Content feel free to get it all from my Sims 3 Downloads page. If you would like to help us out with builds feel free to let us know on the forum post  here, we would also like your thoughts and ideas as well. You can read up on Jades her on my Blog because I have a whole page dedicated to it. Below I am going to post a few images of what Eswen has done so far, in the future I will try to keep you all updated on the world’s progress as well.



Below are some images of Mirrora, it is one of the fallen Kingdoms in Jades, Eswen is trying her best to make everything look just like the images on this site.





State of my 100 Baby Challenge!

Hey guys, so I’ve been working hard on updating everything for my 100 Baby Challenge, however I have noticed that not many people read it much anymore. I was wondering if you guys might want to share some ideas with me on your thoughts about Illyianna’s 100 Baby Challenge. Let me know is it boring? Is it confusing? What does it need to make it more interesting? Tell me what your thoughts are on Diamond, Jades Etc. I have some stuff coming up for it soon and I’ve been thinking of starting a new story called Life Of A Nobody as well, right now I am just getting stuff ready for it as well. Also here are a few teaser images of what is coming in the next, few chapters of Illyianna’s 100 Baby Challenge.








New Store Sets For You!

Yes I know it took me a bit to get it ready for you guys but here is the Villa Paraíso and The Bohemian Garden Set for you guys in .package form. So you place Store Bohemian Garden Package file into your C://My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/Packages Folder as well as the Store SV Objects. Then you place the Store SV Res Lot into your  C://My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Library folder an delete your cache files an load the game. I could not get the SV Res Lot to work in my game and I don’t know why but I hope it works for you.







New Desktop Computer!

So recently I gave up on Laptops and bought a Desktop, I just could not find a Laptop in the price range that would run Sims 3 like I wanted it to. I wanted a computer able to run Sims 3 on all High Settings with all my CC and there was no Laptop to do that. So after income tax on March 5, 2014 I headed into Future Shop and bought a Desktop and a Monitor for about $600.00. So I have been moving things around, updating Sims 3 Worlds and fixing up stuff for my 100 Baby Challenge.

My Desktop

Os = Windows 8
RAM = 12 GB DDR3
Hardrive – 1 TB
Video Card = AMD Radeon HD 7660D
AMD Quad-Core A10
Sims 3 Graphics – High/Very High
Mods – 8.74 GB

Some Pictures Of Sims 3