Chapter 40 – When We Choose To Decieve!

Time passed but the Twinsa grew faster then their siblings before them, I’d never seen such fast growth, before I new it they were Toddlers.

Hessonite Flare/ Witch




Halite Flare/ Witch




I got to work teaching them their life skills, with them growing so fast I new the life skills were important



I also caught Hessonite  using her Magic, I’d never seen a Witch Toddler use Magic before only Teens



Since it was just me and the girls I had more time to read to them and spent time with them




One dark, rainy day I heard a knock on the door, I picked up Halite and went to answer the door. Since Vaughn had not come by in a long time I thought nothing of opening the door well Hesa played in the hall behind me



Vaughn walked right in not waiting for and invite, that was the thing with Witches they could do whatever where as Vampires had to ask to come in.

Vaughn ” Were have you been? Why are you not taking my calls?” He trailed off seeing the child on my hip, he new, I could tell he new as he looked at her twin.

Vaughn ” Oh my God, you I mean we had Twins. I…..I…why didn’t you tell me?”

Diamond “We were a mistake Vaughn, then I was Pregnant and frankly I just didn’t know what you might say.”

Vaughn ” I’d have been happy, I know it was fast but I love you and they’re beautiful.”

I put our daughter down to play not responding to his words of love and headed to the patio, I did not want to have this conversation in front of the twins. Naturally he followed me outside obviously wanting to finish this conversation.

Vaughn ” Diamond we can get married, I can make you happy, be a dad to the girls.”


As much as I liked the thought I new it could not happen “No we can’t, I don’t love you and I’m on a quest to have 100 children to help re-populate my home which was destroyed in the war. I can be with no, one, man because men dislike their spouse sleeping with other men. I couldn’t give you what you deserve or be what you want, you should go.”



He looked confused as disbelief filled his face then hurt followed by anger ” So I was just a sperm donor to you, nothing else, your forbidding me from being in your life, their life, they’re my children Diamond.”


Diamond ” I just think it’s for the best, it could never work, not well your in love with me.”

Vaughan  ” So I don’t get to be a dad, your taking that from me? Your choosing your mission over love and family? Or maybe your just a whore, maybe you like to sleep around.”



Vaughn ” I won’t stand for this, Diamond Flare I curse you.” He then pulled out his wand and pointed it at me and began to chant


“I call to the mighty bringer of night 

Spirits of the abyss, here my call 

Most powerful one and all

My thoughts do sing

Through the universe they now ring

Take thine enemy, take her smite

Break her, scorn her in the night

From the mighty depths of hell

Cast your darkness on her shell

Oh shinning star.”


“Touch her, burn her from afar

No child will she ever again raise

No man again will she ever betray

So shall it be for the rest of eternity!”

He turned then walking out ” Your done Diamond Flare, I’ve cursed you, never again will you have a child or fool another man into thinking you love him. Enjoy what time you have left with the twins, once they grow and leave that’s it, enjoy the rest of your life alone as I’ll enjoy mine, when you mess with a man make sure he’s not a powerful Warlock.”

Then he was gone, I heard the door slam, the twins cry and stood there unable to believe what had happened, it had all happened so fast. I’d never finish my challenge now, no more mission, I had failed my people and my world.


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