Chapter 39 – What A Tangled Web We Weave!

I arrived in Cape Garner Islands rather early in the morning, it was a small, lovely Island surrounded by nature and a very short walk from the dock to the house the kids had rented for me. I was pleased to see the house was a log cabin type of home, set back from the road, on the beach.


It also had a lovely view of the Ocean and I did love the Ocean


I spent the first few weeks of my vacation Painting, meeting the locals, visiting the Art Gallery and exploring the beautiful area around me










I found the quiet nice for the most part however it was also kind of lonely. I found myself thinking about this one morning after I’d lit a fire to warm the house and settled into a warm bath about my life thus far.




I’d spent so much of my life surrounded by children, family and lovers I’d never paid much attention to having friends. Truly I moved so much from place to place in pursuit of completing my mission friends had never crossed my mind. Being here, now, alone made me wish I had that one person who I could share my life with . However most men were not too keen being with a woman that had a mission to produce 100 kids as men did not like to share their spouse. I found myself considering these thoughts as I rose from the tub to have breakfast.


I finally after much thought decided that truly there was no resolution to my problem, I was lonely on this Vacation, lonely in life despite all the other lives I’d brought into the world. I decided then to get a Puppy, I needed someone long term to care for, someone who would not get up and leave when times were tough, someone to protect me and who was loyal to me through it all, yes a Puppy was just what I needed. I did some research and found a local shelter not too far from my home and headed out to see about getting a puppy.


I was surprised to see the shelter was actually a small house and the owner appeared to be outside playing with the puppies. I greeted him learning his name was Vaughn Mahoney, his dog had recently had puppies and he was looking for good homes for them.


I took the time to get to know a couple of the puppies as well as played with them to see if they were right for me and me them\



I settled on the runt of the litter, her name was Anka and I liked her name as well as her energetic personality


I let Vaughn know she’s the one I choose, he was happy to see her going to a good home and we began to chat about many things. I’m not really sure how what happened came to take place, maybe it was because we talked long into the night and I didn’t feel lonely. Maybe it was because my instinct being a baby mother was to bed any man I saw to produce children. Maybe it was because I’d turned into a slut, plain and simple but our chat lead to this.


Then to this


For once, when it was over I found myself feeling ashamed and snuck out  taking my puppy with me and returned home


I avoided Vaughn aafter that night, he called, he sent letters, he even came to the door but I refused to answer and before I new it I was terribly sick.


An soon after realized that I was Pregnant


My Pregnancy was rough, I threw up everyday at least four times a day, I spent a lot of time in bed


An woke up one morning to find the bed soaked and the pain started coming at me in waves


It was agony, it felt like the child inside of me was ripping my inside a part to get out, my pain lasted for hours as I suffered, a lone confused as to why this birth hurt so much more then the rest. An then it happened and I stood there staring down at my newborn, beautiful daughter.

Halite Flare/ Witch


However before I could admire her more pain came and I quickly placed her into her crib grabbing my stomache

Hessonite Flare/ Witch



I had twins, again, beautiful, red haired twins who I new as soon as I held them that they were Witches, strange I’d had no idea their father was a Warlock and found myself confused that I had not sensed it.


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