Problems, Problems, Problems…

So I’ve been trying for three days to get Sims 3 to work so I can update my 100 Baby Challenge but I’m not having any luck at all. I’ve tried creating a fresh Sims 3 Folder but when I load the game and go into options to change the settings my game crashes and my Laptop turns of, this is with CC and without.

I’ve tried running Sims 3 on my husband’s desktop and it loads but any save file I select be it a fresh made one or old one crashes with an unexpected error to the desktop. Sometimes I can get into the game and play, save the file and exit but when I try to reload that save I again get an unexpected error and desktop crash. I’ve updated my drivers, I’ve reinstalled a fresh copy of Sims 3 on my husbands desktop and still the game crashes. I used to be able to play on my husbands desktop with no problem at all for hours on end, my husbands desktop is my old computer which was bought with Sims 3 in mind, now it just crashes, the vidi card runs it on all low settings where before it ran it on all high settings. I’ve tried adjusting the video settings from Medium to Low and still it crashes.

When I bought my Laptop I researched for months for a good Laptop that could run Sims 3, one with all specs above what is recommended to run Sims 3. For months my Laptop ran Sims 3 in the most beautiful way, it took all my mods, the graphics were crisp and clear now it just crashes and turns off my Laptop. Nothing has changed on my Laptop or in my Sims 3 with my mods, settings etc and still the crash. Last night I did a wipe and reinstall of my Laptop returning it to factory settings because out of the box it ran Sims 3 great. I’m currently reinstalling Sims 3 now as a last resort on my Laptop to see if this fixes my issue, if it does not I’ll have to say goodbye to Sims 3 forever and I refuse to buy Sims 4.

I’ve cried many tears the last two days, I love Sims 3, I’ve played Sims since it first hit the stores way back with Sims 1, I have a long history with Sims, I have many friends on the Sims 3 Forum as well as other places. I love the community, I love the game and the thought of not being able to ever play it again makes it really hard for me. I know it’s silly, it’s just a game you know and I’m sure my tears are silly to.

However I’m sad, I know it’s just a game but when I was feeling blue all I needed was an hour of Sims 3 to make me laugh or to read a story or two, I’m not sure what I’ll do now. I don’t like many games, Sims 3 and Minecraft are all I really like but even Minecraft has gotten boring.

Anyway I’m telling you this because I’m not putting much faith in the fact that reinstalling my OS  on my Laptop and then Sims 3 is going to solve my issue. If it does not my 100 Baby Challenge will be canceled, I’ll no longer upload store content but will leave everything there that is there now and it will be goodbye to Sims 3 forever. I also wanted to let my readers and followers know why I’ve not updated my story lately and what’s been going on.


5 responses to “Problems, Problems, Problems…

  1. That’s sucks.. Game crashing and the laptop turning off could be a sign that your laptop is overheating. That happens to me when I forget to plug in my laptop cooling fan. However I run the game on a desktop now. Maybe you laptop is just overheating. Do you have cooling fan? If so, is it powerful? Another question, is your mods fully updated? Is there any chance of lingering outdated mod in your folder? That tends to happen to me, an outdated mod ends up being left in. Have you try running the game, vanilla? Like no CC, no mods. I always run the game a good 20 mins without anything after reinstalling. Do you have Delpy’s dashboard? That’s good to see if you have some mods that conflicting with other. That also how I found the leftover outdated mods. I hope you’ll be able to get your game running again. A lot of us tend to have to reinstall over time.

  2. I agree with the previous answer. Your laptop shutting down can’t be caused by CC. It’s probably getting hot. My cooling pad is broken, but still, I rest my laptop on it(bed covers and table cloths are a very bad idea!) and get someone to clean the dust for me about once a year. I can hear that my fan speed increases when using sims 3 or other games, so I know it’s time to get it cleaned again.

    • I have a cooling stand for it though the fan did break and like you I to hear a massive fan increase when it runs. Regardless I got it working on my husbands desktop by disabling DEP. Mind you my graphics are not going to be great anymore because his video card sucks.

  3. Hey Nay,

    I did try it with no CC on the Laptop and it still crashes and turns off, I also just installed Sims 3 Base Game, no CC, no mods, nothing and even now when I try to run it it just turns off. I did try it just base game, no mods, with the cooling fan an it still crashed an turned off. I have one more thing to try on the Laptop before I fully give up. However on a good note I did get it running on my Husbands desktop, with my mods, I had to disable DEP and tell it to run in compatiability mod with Windows 7. Mind you his graphics are not very great so my Sim up close looks kind of blotchy but I’ve played all day and taken tones of images, so I should have a new Chapter or two really soon.

  4. Illyanna Hi darling,

    I’m very sorry for you and i understand your sadness. Since the last update, my game is working well for the first time in … 4 years! Fortunately I never despaired. But it was hours and hours of installing and reinstalling.

    I’m thinking about you from France.

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