Merry Xmas – Roaring Height

This is Roaring Heights, hope you like it, please follow the steps below. For those that have issues and require my Saves I’ll keep you in mind for future World’s, for now here is my RH Save, hope that helps.

1) Download RH

2) Unzip it with WinZip or WinRar

3) Copy the Roaring to C:/Program Files (X86) or just Program Files/Origin Games or Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Game Data/Shared/NonPackaged/Worlds and paste it there

4) Copy the RH Boardwalk Lot and RH Festival Lot to your C:// Documents/Electronic Arts/ The Sims 3/Library

5) Copy the RH Boardwalk Items and the RH World Items to C:// Documents/Electronic Arts/ The Sims 3/Mods/.packages folder

6) Delete the  files C://Users/User Name/My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3 named cas.cache, compositor.cache, script.cache, social.cache and simscompositor.cache

7) Close out of all that

8) Load your game, select new game and Roaring Heights and play

I’ve tested this World and it works for me, if it doesn’t work for you then you might be missing the Mods Folder, .packages, resource.cfg and Overrides Folder or you might be missing KT’s Store Fixes found Here . If you have all these and it still does not work I can’t help you, look on the Sims 3 Forum, also for updated RH Lot’s to Into the Future go Here


9 responses to “Merry Xmas – Roaring Height

  1. Maybe it’s because i’m on mac, but it doesn’t work for me. The only thing it works, it’s when you give us your saved game, as you did for Aurora Skies. Could you do that for me ? It will be great. Thank you.

  2. I don’t know if it’s just me (I have no severe problems or whatever) but when I download the worlds, I get a string of numbers and locations instead of the family/lot/ name and description. Is this because I don’t have the fixes?

    merry xmas

  3. when i try to download the world in the launcher and i click on download it starts to download but then it stops and then it isn’t downloaded…… i really hope you can help me fix that.. sorry for my bad english
    kisses from holland:)

    • U don’t try to Download the World with Launcher, you don’t even have to touch the Launcher. Please read the instructions I posted on the same page of the World. It will not show in the Launcher, load your game, select new game and select the world from the list.

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