Grandpa’s Grove

Hey guys, new store venue just came out, looks cool so here you go.

Granpa’s Grove

Put the Gramp’s Farm Store Set Items in your Sims 3 Mods Folder

Put the Gramp’s Farm Lot in your Sims 3 Library Folder



11 responses to “Grandpa’s Grove

  1. Hey thx alot I mean thanks you alot i always have trouble with decrap venues from the store and all the stuff to do to place it down May i ask can u please upload all the venues in package u got them all number and i have to download them all to see what is what or will the library folder work for decrap packs?

  2. Hi! Um… The orange tree doesn’t work… I found it in buydebug but when I plant it and try clicking on it, the hand-icon shows and just moves it around. Please help!

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