Chapter 36 – Return

NOTE: I’m happy to say that my Sims 3 game is running better now, I’ve removed lot’s of Store CC and only kept the things I really want and my game is now running well. I was also able to Download Storybrook and Evansdale Expanded so look for those in my coming Chapters, thank you for all your support at my time of frustration I really appreciate it.

Chapter 36

Diamond found after a short time she didn’t much like Dragon Valley any longer, she missed Sim Earth and the familiar feel of it and thus put her time into fixing her ship. With much work, struggle and tears she fixed her ship a week after she’d crashed it and was excited to head home.

Before I new it I was landing back on Sim Earth in a place called Evansdale, it was a cute, little town on the water I decided to get myself situated. It was great to walk to the nearest bank and withdraw the money I needed to put down on a new place. One never realizes how important or how much  money is missed when starting over.


I ended up buying a small house on the beach for now, it had three bedrooms, a kitchen, living room and a lovely view of the beach.


Next morning came quickly and I rose to make myself some pancakes, to keep my mind off my baby challenge situation or well the lack of it. I decided to try Scuba Diving, when I’d bought the house I’d picked up a little water seadoo but first breakfast.


After breakfast I headed out on the water, I’d always liked the water is relaxed me and was so quiet out there all alone on the ocean.


Soon I reached my diving location that I’d found on the internet and jumped right in.



Soon I came upon a lovely, little cave, well not so much lovely as dark but I was feeling daring and so I decided to check it out.



It was worth it because coming out on the other side I found an old chest and decided to check it out, not like I needed money but it was exciting to find buried treasure. Shortly after finding the treasure I noticed my tank was low and decided it was time to head back in, diving had been fun and tonight I was going clubbing for the first time in a long time, had to keep busy.


Back on land I hit a little club up called the Coral Club and had a few drinks.


After a couple drinks I decided to try out the water slide for the first time ever in my life.




Then it started to rain so I headed inside to dance a bit when a man caught my eye, he was kind of handsome with brown hair and a nice face, something about him attracted me to him as I made my way to him to say hello.



We talked a bit and I got to know him, though I still was not sure what made me go to him I didn’t care, it had been a long time since I’d been with anyone, Jeff had been my last lover. I decided I wanted to kiss him but first I desperately needed another drink, I was getting sober too fast.



After my drink I approached him again.


We talked some more, enough talking I wanted more.




Soon I found myself home with this handsome man in bed beside me.




I don’t remember much else but it was a great night, he was gone when I woke in the morning. I got up feeling like a woman again and made myself breakfast, today I was going to the Bot Shop.


Then I headed out





I didn’t make a bot my first day but I learned many things before heading home to bed. Next morning came bright and early though I found I was not feeling so hot. I decided to relax for the day and do some painting, I loved to paint.


It was not long after that I learned I was Pregnant.


An I got my desire to eat back



I was ok with being Pregnant, I’d missed being a mom and to feel life inside me once more was good. Though I did remember my past births and raising of children and so I decided to hire a butler so I could focus more on my new child.


I was surprised how handsome he was, soon after I hired him I went into labour and headed to the Hospital.



Welcome Glass Flare/Fairy/Mermaid child number 32. I spent a lot of time with Glass after he was born, we snuggled, rocked together and went for walks.


I enjoyed spending time with Glass,  my Butler Eli was there for me to help me with him and it was nice to have someone else there.


An one thing lead to another…





Before long I new I was Pregnant once more


However Eli took really good care of me, it was a strangely rough Pregnancy and I seemed to need a lot more rest then normal. Soon Glass aged into the most adorable Toddler.


I went into Labour shortly after and headed to the Hospital, Eli called a sitter so he could be with me.


Welcome Gypsum Flare/ Fairy and child 33


Welcome Garnet Flare/Human child 34


The End


3 responses to “Chapter 36 – Return

  1. Nice chapter and all but I do have a issue of the parts where Borage is mention cause if conflicts with his side.

    In his Father’s day special, I clearly mention at the beginning this was a event that happens years before his current time. The time between Lucky Palms and his coma is about 7 months, he’s been so wrapped up in June’s crazy and falling for Clarissa, he hasn’t told his older children about Opal and Topaz yet. There’s no way they would of known about Borage’s coma. I planned for Borage to make first contact with Topaz and Opal after his coma like he will with all his kids he made in other BCs all at once.

    Diamond would pretty much be in the dark about Borage’s coma as L2 decided to keep it a family matter. This causes confusion with mutual readers and messes up my story which is already messed up and is why I haven’t been updating it recently. I’m having issues with the timeline and story line.

    The other people who I work with in stories, we speak with other first before pushing out a chapter to make sure there won’t be any conflict in each others stories, avoid confusion of mutual readers, and be assured that the borrowed sim is still in character.

    • I fixed the Chapter so Borage is not mentioned at all, sorry for mentioning him I won’t do that any more in future Chapters, I find your story good but confusing with all the jumping around and such, it’s hard to tell what’s is present an what is past. I always thought they were on the same timeline her and Borage because he was part of her current baby challenge but now I know better. Anyway no worries, good luck with your future chapters and hope you get everything fixed up.

      • For the most part, Borage (and the other Montigos) has a slow moving timeline, there’s only been 2 major jumps due to events that weren’t in my control, (Stolen laptop & File Error) When things are in order (like now), his timeline moves slow, in days, weeks and months. I don’t do years unless it’s couple of years or there’s been a file error. You are more than welcome to email me if you have questions.

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