Very Frustrated

So I got the new Sims 3 Expansion pack but haven’t really had time to play with it and I’m getting so fed up with how slow Sims 3 is to load I’m ready to quit playing it. I recently removed all my Store Content and am currently playing or trying to play with a couple of Twallan’s mods, nothing else and still Sims 3 is taking forever to load. Not only does it suck that I have to go fully Vanilla but now it still takes forever to load. I also can’t seem to find a single city I want to play minus those on My Sims Realty  and I can’t Download them because it want’s to take three hours to get a single file, mind you this is only happening on the My Sims Realty site.

On top of that I’m trying to test New Warsaw City and that also doesn’t want to load the site for me. I’m about ready to quit Sims 3, my 100 Baby Challenge and never look back, I’m not sure if it’s my many months of Minecraft and it’s fast loading that’s causing my hate for Sims 3 or what. I’m going to try a few more things but if they don’t work I’m just going to end my stories, I just have 0 patience for this sort of stuff right now, it makes my head hurt.


8 responses to “Very Frustrated

  1. When I got UL I notice how it took a hour for my game to load. After I reset my laptop to factory setting it started load in minutes like it should. But I heard with the new patch others are having slower loading times. I’m using 1.55, I don’t have much interest in the new EP.

    New Warsaw City is a crappy world is not worth giving it a try. It’s filled with unnecessary CC, lags forever in a day and has terrible routing. The creator is a jerk so big lost in not being able to load the world.

    That would suck if you end up stopping your stories. Weren’t you getting a new laptop anyway? I did plan on adding Opal and Topaz too a story at some point, maybe I’ll tag Diamond along with them.

    • I did reset my laptop to factory settings and I installed Sims and all expansions, it loaded ok last night minus all my CC. I played for an hour and got some new images for my story, I’m still working on it but it came a long pretty decent. I did get a new laptop some time ago and I love it but I’m thinking it might never run Sims 4. However that’s ok I’m not really into Sims 4 and I’m over my like for CC. Really I only want some basic CC and I am looking into how to get just it and nothing else.

  2. It was doing this mess on a new machine? Hmm. What are you specs anyway? I guess it’s good you’re able to do something at least. Which worlds from there were you able to play? I have Evansdale County and Storybrook County. Borage is currently in Evansdale County until it gives me issues. I’m not liking CC worlds so much. Too many errors to deal with. I found it easier to remove their lots and build your own to avoid routing errors. I’m basically making over Evansdale County little by little. I removed the fest grounds and built a year round carnival.

    • I have both those Worlds and Diamond is also in Evansdale County which I revealed in my recent Chapter, lol. I also have plans for Storybrook an like you I am slowly making them over with limited CC.

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