Dragon Valley

Here is Dragon Valley, I included a readme in the Zip so be sure to follow it so you can get this World installed and working. I have not made any changes to it but if you want to get updated Lot’s for it I’ve also included a link to do just that in the readme. Here are a few images of my Sim in DV just exploring it and checking things out, it will give you an idea of the World’s beauty.

World Here

Save Game Here

You’ll need KT Store Fixes so Download that from the link and there is directions in the Rar as to where to put the files so the Dragon Eggs will hatch, thanks to TheNay for reminding me of this and KT for the fixes at MATY.






7 responses to “Dragon Valley

      • Was it decrapfiy? If so then you should recommend KT’s Store Fix from AwesomeMod cause without it,the dragon eggs will not hatch.

      • Yes it was decrap and then packaged all my uploaded files have been decrap and packaged. I’m playing the same files as I uploaded and you can see mine is working but here is the file with KT’s store fixes an directions of where to put it.

  1. illyianna, I’m having some real trouble installing this world. I have done what the readme said, and it’s still not working.

    • If it’s not working I can’t help, the world and steps I gave work for me an others, so I wouldn’t know where to start, I’ve given you the worlds for free and steps as best I can that’s where my knowledge ends, my apologies.

  2. So I was wondering, has anyone gotten a black dragon from the dragon egg using this? I already purchased Dragon Valley before I found this site, so I installed the Duke of Bows content as well as all the Dragon Valley content from here. I keep talking to the egg about existentialism, but I keep getting other dragons.

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