Dragon Valley

Here is Dragon Valley, I included a readme in the Zip so be sure to follow it so you can get this World installed and working. I have not made any changes to it but if you want to get updated Lot’s for it I’ve also included a link to do just that in the readme. Here are a few images of my Sim in DV just exploring it and checking things out, it will give you an idea of the World’s beauty.

World Here

Save Game Here

You’ll need KT Store Fixes so Download that from the link and there is directions in the Rar as to where to put the files so the Dragon Eggs will hatch, thanks to TheNay for reminding me of this and KT for the fixes at MATY.





Sims 3 Downloads

I’m going to spend the next few days re-uploading my Store content and including the newer Store stuff like Dragon Valley and such. So if you try to Download and something doesn’t work, please be patient, as I haveĀ 20 Store Files to Upload as well as Dragon Valley. I have to Upload all of them separate because it takes too long to upload them as one file.