Illyianna’s Minecraft 1.5.2 Modpack

This is my first Minecraft Modpack that I spent a long time putting together, adding, removing and testing Mods in until I found, what I feel is the best Minecraft Modpack. This Modpack has over 100 Mods all working and running smoothly together that offer you a tone of things to do. I’ve been playing this pack for several months and it’s never crashed or anything.

With this pack you can find, tame and ride 9 types of Dragons, you can breed horses and get various, special types of horses, It offers custom Biomes and a custom Nether.

You can find and make your own Dino Park as well as various types of armor to help you a long until you can get Diamond Armor. It offers all kinds of animals and sounds to your world as well which also gives you lot’s to do. It also offers two, separate realms from the Nether, one where you can get Wyverns and another that’s a paradise type realm for you to explore. It offers new Mobs to fight and teleporters for you to travel around with. I hope you like this pack as much as me. It also offers tones of foods and flowers for you to make and your hunger will go down faster with this pack then it does in Vanilla Minecraft.

I take no credit for any of the Mods in this pack, all credit goes to the Mod creators, all I did was change a few ID’s so all the items would work together, to see all the Mod’s in this pack you can look Here an to see images of my game well I played this pack you can look Here

I also included in this Modpack all Mods currently used by IhasCupquake in here Minecraft Oasis Series, you can check her out here

Download-  Illyianna’s Modpack


1) Download the Modpack

2) Download Forge and make sure it’s Latest 1.5.2 Universial

3) Follow this guide on how to install Forge

4) Load Minecraft, you should now see a Mods option now once you load it, if you do close Minecraft

4) Unzip Illyianna’s Modpack with WinRAR/WinZip

5) Inside you will find four files

6) config, coremods, mods, fni realistic rpg

5) Click Start on your computer

6) Type in the search box %AppData%

7) Open the Roaming folder

8) Open the .minecraft folder

9) Copy and replace your config folder in here with mine

10) Copy and paste my mods folder over your mods folder

11) Copy and paste my coremods folder over your coremods folder

12) Copy the FNI Realistic RPG into your texture folder

13) Close all that

14) Load Minecraft, make a new world and you sould see various new creatures and such right away

15) Enjoy!


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