Chapter 35 – Lions and Tigers and Dragons, Oh My!

I woke early the next morning as the sun dawned bright and clear, I sat up in bed, I had slept sort of well but I for sure would need a better bed as I rubbed the back of my neck working out the kinks still sore from my crash the previous day. I decided today I was going to plant a Garden, I needed food and being Fey I liked my food fresh so I got up and dressed then heading outside to look for the best place to plant.


Well looking for a place I stumbled upon a very strange looking egg, it was green and very large, it looked a bit like the Dragon Eggs we’d had back home in Jades. Was it possible that Dragon Valley really had Dragons? I decided to call my new friend from the previous night and ask him about such a thing.


He advised me that yes they did have Dragons in Dragon Valley he actually had one of his own, he explained about the eggs, the various colors, some of their talents and that you basically treated the egg like you would a baby an it would hatch.


After he was done talking to me about it I found myself spending a good part of the day talking to the egg. I loved Dragons, in Jades some of our God’s took the form of Dragons and some of our humans had Dragons as companions. Dragons chose the human on Jades an those humans were very lucky to be blessed with a Dragon. Dragons were greatly respected in Jades and appreciated for their power, strength and beauty.



After a while I found myself growing hungary and headed inside to fix myself something to eat.


When I cam back later I was met with the most adorable, green, baby Dragon who I decided to call Jade. I new from my friend Jade was a companion of the Earth as was I. Jade I’d been told had the ability to help me harvest plants among other things.


I picked Jade up right away and fed her as well as talked to her, Dragons were very smart, powerful creatures and I was happy Jade talked back.






Jade and I bonded rather well and as time passed I was lucky enough to also find a Red and Purple Dragon and learn all about their skills and abilitiesĀ as well.



It had been a few days since Borage had texted me so I sent him one as well.

” Found out I’m in a place called Dragon Valley and found the most amazing thing Borage, Dragons, can you believe it? I used to have them on Jades but I thought all had died out. I’m sending you a special gift, when you get it talk to it about how handsome you are, I know it sounds weird but trust me you’ll love it. Besides we both know how sexy you and your magic stick are, I’m missing it hope your missing me. A few images for you, thought you might enjoy them.” ~D~




After a couple days I decided it was time to text Jeff and others back home to let them all know how I was doing, I also wanted updates on my kids and new texting was the best way to get it.


I suppose all is well that ends well, things were looking up now, though I still wanted to go home, however I decided since I had to fix my ship anyway an it would take me a bit, I best get back to the task at hand given to me by the seven.


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