Chapter 34 – Elysium No More – Part 2

I’m not back for good but I wanted to play Sims 3 today and Diamond, just had the desire to play and wanted to get on to the next Chapter. Images were a bit hard for me in this Chapter and I’m using some images from The Nay’s Father’s Day Special story here .

This song fits the mood of this chapter I think đŸ™‚

Diamond did not know where she was, she was cold, so very cold and it was as if she was a fly on the wall watching the precious days of her life pass her by. She shifted, where was her husband? Where was Borage? She mumbled in her sleep…

Diamond: “Borage I’m cold, where are you?”


Diamond shifted again trying to find Borage in her sleep, they had just married and spent the night doing what freshly married couples do, it had been amazing like always but both were exhausted. Finally she found his body, it was hard since Borage was so built and took such good care of his form. Soon she was leaning against him while still in and out of sleep.


Diamond however found she was not getting any warmer, how strange, Borage was like a heater he kept her extremely warm when they slept, why was his body so cold? She slowly began to wake from her sleep, her head was pounding and as her eyes focused shock ripped through her body right to her toes as she jumped up in surprise. This was not her and Borage’s Bedroom? This was not their house, she recognized nothing of her surroundings.


Suddenly it all came rushing back to her, she had left Aurora Skies heading for Belatrix to Carn an Cal’s wedding. Suddenly it felt as if my legs gave out from under me as I found myself on the ground crying, I was so emotional lately. I was miserable that my dream had been a dream. Borage was not here, we were not married, I was not pregnant, we did not live on our own, little Island in Paradise. My ship had crashed, my head hurt, I was lost, I would likely miss the boys wedding.


I never cried, I was so much stronger then that but today felt as if my world had ended, I cried and cried for hours not caring, mixing the pain in my heart with the pain in my body.


It was true, I was most happy with my Borage, yes my Borage, in my mind he was mine however I respected who he was and wouldn’t change that even for all his faults. I new I couldn’t sit here all day, I had no money, no friends and needed to find out where I was.

Slowly I dragged myself to my feet as my phone started playing “Set Fire To The Rain” it was my ringtone for Borage, speak of the devil he was texting me. Borage texted me nearly every day, sometimes it was cute, other times it was sexual. This time he was asking for pictures, he did that  alot, I new the kinds he liked though I often had fun sending him images of not what he wanted. I could always picture his reaction upon getting the text an image on the other end. His text made me smile, at least I could still text back and forth to him so I was not completely alone after all, got to love Alien/Fey Technology.

” Got in a accident, ship crashed, I’m ok but kind of lost however lucky for you I have just the images your looking for.” ~D~




” Me having a bath in the lake at one of my planet stops.” XO ~D~

After that was done I put Borage out of my mind for now and decided to check out  the nearby town, it was a small town, looked sort of old like I’d fallen back in time, it’s sign said Dragon Valley. Never heard of Dragon Valley as I explored, it was like other towns I’d seen and looked to be caught between modern and old times. Soon I found a Consigement shop, this was good I needed to sell something and had a few potions on me still which sold good back home.


I did well on my potions/elixir’s as my Fey ones sold for a good price, this gave me enough the buy a small, crappy, starter home. It was by far not what I was used to but it would do.


I settled in comfortably and found myself longing for conversation, besides it was a good idea to learn the type of people here. So I headed back to the small, town area to see if there was any clubs, lucky for me I found a few and headed into one I saw fancy dressed people entering.


I ordered something to eat I was simply starving after everything that had taken place today.


I also met a few locals, some were elves, a race I’d never seen much of but most were friendly and rather good looking to.





By nights end I was feeling a bit better about my situation, this place didn’t seem so bad but I still wanted to get back home to Borage and all my kids. I had looked over my ship it would take a bit to fix but at least it was possible. That was my last thought as I fell into a deep sleep, I was so emotionaly and physicaly tired , I’d not felt like this in a long time.


One response to “Chapter 34 – Elysium No More – Part 2

  1. Sorry for the delay comment. At the time I had to use my phone data that was maxed out and pics couldn’t load. Now I can see the photos. This was nice but sad but still nice. Poor girl. The father’s day thing is before his current timeline. I do have plans for her to appear before the time the father’s day thing had happen. I like her new hair, it’s cute.

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