Min CC Sims

(Click the picture to Download)

Datolite Flare/Plant Sim

Dat Head YA

Diopside Flare/Plant Sim

Diposide Head YA

Demantoid Flare/Vampire

Demontoid Teen

Dioptase Flare/Vampire

Dioptase HS


Epidote Flare/Genie

Epidote Flare Teen

Eudialyte Flare/Fairy


Euclase Flare/Human

Euclase YA

Feldspar Flare/Fairy

Feldspar Flare YA


Jades Prince and Princess Sims

More Flare Sims

Min CC Sims

– For these Sims I use two, safe pieces of CC, so to make them look as good in your game you should get the CC

E-skin Natural by Teru_K – Here

Tenti Oculos Eyes by SimsRivers – Here


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