Chapter 33 – Elysium – Part One

Dream a dream, lover, take me in your dream…

After so long and everything Borage and I had been through we were finally able to settle down for ourselves. We chose a small Island to settle in, it had a lovely city on one side for Borage to DJ in the various clubs and a more quiet side for me.

Diamond: “It looks a bit separate to how it looked in the flyer, what do you think Borage?” I asked looking from the house to him, but he was already gone inside.


I found him in the kitchen checking things out.

Take me anywhere you please, boy, you’re making me scream…

Borage: “Well it’s not exactly what I’m used to but as long as I’m living in it with you then that’s all that matters.”

Screenshot-13 (2)

I smiled feeling the same way…


Borage: ” Besides it’s a great house to raise kids in.”


I looked surprised at Borage “Kids? You want Kids? I figured after the several I had and you had that you might not want kids.”


Borage: ” I want kids, at least two with you or maybe three.”


Borage: “You realize what this means with all these rooms.” He said pulling me into his arms again


Diamond: “Really? What does it mean?”

Borage: “It means we need to christen every room, it’s what you do when you buy a house with the love of your life.”

Diamond: ” I’m game for that, let’s get started.”


(Nudity Warning, I Was Mostly Learning How To Use Pose Player, Sorry If You Don’t Like This…)

First we made our way to one of the four bedrooms, it would be our room so we christened it first.


Screenshot-12 (2)

I’m not sure how we managed to get to the other rooms in the house, I think Borage mostly carried me from one to the other.

Living Room

Screenshot-7 (2)

Screenshot-6 (2)


Screenshot-21 (2)

Baby Room

Screenshot-22 (2)

We were both pretty exhausted by the end of the night and fell soundly to sleep in one another’s arms.

Screenshot-34 (2)

Next morning we decided to check out the beach and spent most of the day there, when night fell Borage started a fire for us to enjoy.


I could not resist tossing in one of my many science experiments


We got pretty, blue and orange flames from it


We were starting to get tired so we called it a night really enjoying the day we had at the Beach and decided to come back tomorrow as we headed home to sleep.

Dream a dream, lover, love is just a dream…

Our third day dawned on us bright and clear, I woke up late but could hear Borage moving about in the kitchen, I slipped from bed and dressed heading out to greet him.

Diamond: “Morning.”

Borage: ” Morning my love.” He said kissing me and pulling something from behind his back


Diamond: “Oh Borage, they’re lovely.” I inhaled their sweet scent deeply


Borage: “Ready for the beach?”

Diamond: “Yes let’s go.”

We arrived at the Beach about five moments later since it was only a short walk from the house as Borage took my hand and lead me to the water. I looked out over the Ocean it was so clear and beautiful as I turned back to Borage, I saw him down on one knee. My eyes widened in surprise as I held my breath.

Borage: ” Diamond we’ve both been through a lot of ups and downs in our lives, I was once a very stupid man but stupid or not it lead me to you.  Though I was doing my thing and you were trying to save the existence of your planet, though I imagine you never much liked all the ladies that came in and out of my life we always seemed to find one another no matter where we were. You stuck by me, or tried to the best you could no matter what. So Diamond Flare will you Marry me? I want the white picket fence, the house and the family with you and no one else.”


Diamond: “Oh Borage I always dreamed of this, I can’t believe this is really happening, yes I’ll marry you, I’ve loved you such a long time.”



Borage: You just made me a happy man, we don’t have many friends here but I’m fine with a Private Wedding.”

After Borage purposed it felt as if the final piece of my life had clicked into to place, we later sat on the beach watching the stars together.




We then headed home to start planning for the wedding, I tell you kids is one thing but planning a wedding is something else altogether  as I got so lost in doing it I could hardly believe when the day finally came. We’d choose a small, newly built venue that offered indoor and outdoor options and had a place for Borage to DJ. He had stated he wanted to DJ the wedding on his own and that was fine with us, sadly since most of our kids were gone it would just be us.

We were both immortal in many ways, my Jaden DNA and being the Queen extended my life massively, I was also pure Jaden well all my offspring had been half-Jaden. I was not sure how it worked with Borage but we had only just reached Adult a short time ago. All of our kids had  been born when we were Young Adults.

You’ve gotta dream a little dream…

My day arrived quickly, it felt as if I had waited a lifetime and really I guess I sort of had as I arrived at the venue that I had chosen but nervous and excited as well. I could not believe that Elysium had finally come my way, I had also noticed I was late which might mean I was expecting once more, this would be my 101 child if one could believe that as I walked down the aisle towards the love of my life.




When the night is still
And the sea is calm
Lonely shadow, you fall upon me

Lay by my side
Fear not tonight
Lonely shadow, you’ll find a new light

Dream a dream
And see through angel’s eyes
A place where we can fly away

Ride with me upon a shining star,
Above the moonlit sky
We will find Elysium…

Screenshot-39 (2)

Hear the nightingale
Sing a lullaby
Lonely shadow, you’ll find a new light

Dawn will be kind,
All will be bright,
Lonely shadow, rise from the darkness…


Screenshot-41 (2)

Dream a dream
And see through Angels’ eyes
A place where we can fly away…


Ride with me upon a shining star
Above the moonlit sky once more…


Screenshot-4 (2)

Dream a dream
And see through Angels’ eyes
A place where we can fly away…



All Store Content

Yes I know you might feel like you hit the gold mine of Sims 3, but it is as the title states, these files have nearly all Store content from the start of the Sims 3 Store to now. All the content is in .package files so no launcher needed, all you need is a Mods folder which I’m supplying for you and the Store.rars

These files do not have the Store World Content, but if you want the Worlds and their content you can find them here , I did not add them because I did not want to risk duplicates, you may still get a few duplicates but it’s nothing to worry about.

If you want collection files to organize most of this content you can get those here

For store fixes which you will need to use some of my store sets in .package files read this Post

Install Instructions

Step 1: Download all the Store files (This might take a bit)

Step 2: Download the Mods.rar

Step 3: Unzip both files with WinRAR

Step 4: Copy the Mods folder to C://Users/User Name/My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3 and paste it

Step 5: Copy the Store.package files to C://Users/User Name/My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/ Mods/Packages and paste them

Step 6: Go to C://Users/User Name/My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3 and delete cas.cache, compositor.cache, script.cache, social.cache and simscompositor.cache

Step 7: Close all that, load your game, go into the Save file of your choice, load a house, go into and take a look at the various sections and you should see new Store items

Enjoy having all Sims 3 Store content free!

Store 1 to 8

Store 9 to 16

Store 17 to 19

Store 20

Limited Edition Sets

Random Store Stuff (Content Not In Store 1 to 20)

Surf’s Up, Milkin It Dairy, Castaway Set

Dreams Of India (There is other stuff  in the file but I don’t remember what it is, I just know it’s new store stuff)

Grim’s Ghastly Manor, Store 22

Ante Compilation

Prism Art Studio, Last Prom Set

Villa Paraiso, Bohemian Garden

Sims 3 Store Bakery Set

World of Fantastic Wonder Store Set

Old Mill Store Set

Last Venue Of Amore

Min CC Sims

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Datolite Flare/Plant Sim

Dat Head YA

Diopside Flare/Plant Sim

Diposide Head YA

Demantoid Flare/Vampire

Demontoid Teen

Dioptase Flare/Vampire

Dioptase HS


Epidote Flare/Genie

Epidote Flare Teen

Eudialyte Flare/Fairy


Euclase Flare/Human

Euclase YA

Feldspar Flare/Fairy

Feldspar Flare YA


Jades Prince and Princess Sims

More Flare Sims

Min CC Sims

– For these Sims I use two, safe pieces of CC, so to make them look as good in your game you should get the CC

E-skin Natural by Teru_K – Here

Tenti Oculos Eyes by SimsRivers – Here