Chapter 18 – Goodbye Little Moon

Nicora Rose Moon

Princess Nicora Rose Moon

Nicora woke early to the sound of the pouring rain on the Jade roof of the palace stirring quietly in the bed she found the castle was strangely quiet. Slipping from under the warmth of her silken sheets the seven-year old moved to the large, picture window that covered one, full wall of her chambers. She pulled the curtains back gazing out, across the Jaden landscape at the pouring rain. It was rare for the Jade Kingdom to get rain, mostly in Jades the weather was sunny and bright. Suddenly a streak of lighting radiated across the sky followed by a loud bang that made the tiny child jump in fear. Quickly she dropped the large, velvet curtains and ran back to bed ducking under the covers as more loud cracks rumbled in the stormy sky. Once the sounds got further away, she peeked from under the covers, grabbed her silken gown and slippers of shimmering green and ducked back, under the blankets to dress. It took her no time to dress as she slipped once more from her bed her blond ringlets cascading down the back of her jade colored gown, her blue eyes darted about as she ran to her chamber door, pulled it open and headed for the grand dining room to great her parents who she ate breakfast with every morning.

Arriving at the grand dinning room she was surprised to see that the smiling faces of her mother and father were not present, further surprise came when she saw no breakfast had been put out. Frowning she moved towards the kitchen, no clanking of pots, no singing of the cook, come to think of it she saw no, other, living people, where was everyone she wondered? Perhaps mother and father had gone to the barn to tend their Pegasus who might be freaked by the storm. Yes that would be where mother and father were, as she headed for the Palace door and pulled on her yellow, rain jacket and red boots. She pulled her hood up thinking her own Pegasus must also be frightened as she struggled with the large, palace door. Finally it opened and she walked out into the pouring rain, she was so scared, she’d never seen Jades so dark and rainy as she collected her courage and made a run for the barn.

Nicora however only got about half way to the barn when a streak of chain lighting lit up the night sky and struck the ground a few paces before her, the jolt of lightening sent Nicora backwards as she fell upon the muddy ground. Crying in fear, covered in mud, tears streaming down her pale face she slowly stumbled to her feet. Yet before she could fully stand a loud rip radiated through the air as a tear seemed to form right before her. She stumbled back in fear staring at it, it was like a window and through the window she could see a quiet, happy forest yet she did not understand until a voice radiated around her as if it came from everywhere at once but nowhere.

“Go young Princess, run, Jades is at War, our Queen has left in hopes of the survival of our race. This rip will take you to The Nexus, it is a door to all Worlds which other Jaden’s found long ago, you’ll be safe there and when the time comes I’ll bring you home.”

” Who are you? Why do you help me?” Nicora asked “Where are my parents?”

“There is no time Princess Nicora, the Stones are coming and will stop at nothing to wipe us out. All will be revealed to you in time, just know you are not alone others have gone to The Nexus before you, RUN.”

Nicora had no time to think as the sky filled with the darkness of the coming stones, quickly she ran and through the portal she went stumbling to the earthen floor of the Forest she looked over her shoulder, a dark figure stood there, glaring at her from the other side as the rip began to close. He screamed in defeat, frustration as a black bolt of energy ripped through the portal hitting the young child square in the chest and the young Princess new no more.

Chapter 31 – Queen of the Fey

After Flourite grew into a Toddler the house was terribly busy with so many boys moving about and me taking care of them all. I’d never taken care of so many kids on my own before or at least not in a long time. Turquoise had been there and then after she moved out Rich had been here.

However it was not too bad with three of the four boys grown into children, I used my Gin power to conjure up a decent amount of food to keep them all well fed and to mass clean the house. I also got Bonehilda to fix things and take care of stuff I did not have time for well teaching Flourite all his skills, once done Flourite grew into a handsome, purple child.

Flourite Flare/Witch

Flourite Flare Child

Flourite Flare Child 2

Soon after Flourite grew into a child a knock came to the door, it was a rather cold Winter night and I found myself wondering why anyone would be out in the cold this time of night as I rose to open the door.


I opened the door to find two, strange men that I had never seen before standing on my patio one was a Fairy with white hair, dark skin and color changing wings, his skin was dark and ears pointy. Well the other has pale skin, pink hair and eyes and no wings. Both were handsome in their own right but I was pretty sure I did not know them.


” Yes, can I help you?”

” Hello my Queen I am Kaif Rhea and this is Jefferson Rhea”. Said the Fey as he pointed to the pink, haired man ” I Kaif am your advisor my Queen.”

I was not sure what to think “My Queen, are you from Jades? Is this why you call me Queen?”

I saw the winged one, who seemed to be doing all the talking shaking his head “No, are you not Diamond Flare Queen of the Fey, Queen of Jades?”

I had forgotten I was Queen of the Fey for some time actually “Oh yes, yes indeed that is me.”

“Sorry to surprise you your Grace but we’ve been looking for you for many moons, you move a lot, might we come in and speak with you.” Asked the pink, haired one named Jeff.

“Oh sure, yes come in.” I lead them inside and motioned them to sit on the sofa as Kaif started speaking.


” I’m guessing being Queen of the Fey is new to you, you see anytime a new Queen is picked it is our job to build her a home in our main location Hidden Spring. Hiddden Springs is a lovely, somewhat hidden place where many Fey reside and the Queen tends to rule us fey there. As your Advisor  I am supposed to tell you these things but you left Sunset City before I had a chance.”

I thought about that, a house in Hidden Springs sounded good but what would it coast me. “Why does your Queens live in Hidden Springs?” I asked.

” Our Queen is rather special to us, as Queen it is our job to protect her and her job to continue our line. You must have noticed as I can see by the many children you have living here that you produce offspring at a much, faster rate. You also must have noticed lately that you desire to produce children more so than before, we Fey are aware of the Challenge you strive to finish for your Jaden Kingdom.

As Queen of Fey I thought we could work together, you can continue our Fey line and we can help you reach  the end of the challenge. Also your biological clock if reaching its end as soon you will be an Adult. As an Adult it will be much more complicated for you to produce children and carry them to term, this is another reason why lately you may have found yourself longing to be pregnant almost constantly.”

I was surprised he knew all of this about me and he was right about everything he had spoken off, at least now I had a better understanding of why I had felt like I had lately as I processed all this information. ” So your going to build me a home in Hidden Springs as long as I agree to live there and produce Fey children. I have no issues producing Fey children but I need a mix of Supernatural creatures to return home with. Will this be a problem for your kind?”

” No my Queen we serve to do your will, as long as you produce Fey children as well as the other types we have no issue. For instance Jeff is a Witch, I am Fey and for now you are Gin.”

I was interested, boerd

I noticed Jeff seemed sort of distracted ” So are you two willing to help me with this task?” I asked

“It would be our honor to father some children for you, we can also help you find others willing to also father children with you. I am guessing you will raise them so we will provide you any help needed.” Jeff spoke this time for the first time in a while, though he appeared distracted it was obvious  he had been listening.

” I plan after I’m done here to travel off-world to Bellatrix and a place called Sanctum Seven to see my sons Cal an Carn. Well I am off-world it would be a good time for you to build me a home in Hidden Springs for our future generations. I also plan, as I recently stumbled upon an Age Freeze Potion to take it before I become an Adult so have no fear about my ability to produce offspring.”

” Your wish is our command, but might we get some rest now? We traveled a long way to find you in the bitter cold.”

“Yes come with me I will show you where you can sleep.” I turned to Jeff “I’d like a child with you first, we best not waste time, the sooner I am done here the closer I get to HS so get lot’s of rest, you’ll need it.”

“Yes my Queen” Jeff replied as I lead them both to where they could rest for the night.

Show you where to sleep

Soon the sun rose in the sky as the next day dawned bright and clear, I decided to step outside and do some painting well I thought over everything I hade been told.


It all sounded pretty good, for a bit I had thought I was going nuts as my desire to produce offspring had seemed to spiral out of control but it seemed now as if a weight had been lifted from me. For once everything made since and like many people I enjoyed it when things made since to my logical mind.

Soon the kids left for school and it was time to poor on the charm as I went to find Jeff, he was standing in the living room looking deep in thought as I stood before him.

“You ready?” I asked downing a procreation Elixir


“Yes I’m ready my Queen.”

Let's do it

He didn’t seem nervous and though we made small talk it did not appear to be overly needed as if he was familiar with this sort of  process.

Warm Up

When it was over he smiled at me ” You know my grandmother Arianna Rhea is like you, she is a Fey that needs to produce 100 children to help populate her planet. She is an amazing woman and though she has about 43 kids now or has had, it might be more she is still going strong.”

“Ah I see that’s why your not nervous, I’ve never met anyone else trying to produce 100 kids it’s nice to know I’m not a lone in this. This is your first child I’m guessing? Be sure to send her and image I bet she’d love to know she’s a great grandmother.”

” Oh I plan to, as does Kaif, we hope to send her an image of the whole family so she knows others are doing this as well.”

Very little time passed when I found myself once more best friends with the toilet and I new I was pregnant with Jeff’s child.

M Sick 2

I did not often tell the fathers but I new Jeff supported me which I found really nice and I new he was excited to be a dad so I went to tell him right away.

” Jeff we’re Pregnant.”

We're Pregnant

” Really that’s great I better get shopping, yes my first child.”


“Can I listen? Can I talk to it, him/her?”

I laughed “Yes, yes go ahead.”

I Can Hear Him

” I can hear him.”

“Him” I asked

“Yes he is a boy, I’m a Witch remember I know this stuff.”

Let Me See

“Ah and did he tell you what he’d like his name to be?” I smiled joking, feeling happy for once.

” What? Yes Fayalite is his name, Fayalite Flare he said a star named him.”

“Fayalite it is then.” I said

A bit more time passed but soon I knew I was in labor as I felt the pains I knew so well “Jeff it’s time” I yelled. He came running and rushed me to the Hospital, it was as he said a boy and yes we named him Fayalite.”

Fayalite Flare/Gin

Toddler Faylite

TF 2

Soon after Fayalite was born my boys grew into Teens.

Euclase Flare/Teen/Human

Euclase Teen

Enstatite Flare/Fairy/Teen

Enstatite Flare T

Feldspar Flare/Fairy/Teen

Feldspar Teen

Jeff was a great an loving dad and mostly taught our little Fay how to walk, talk and potty on his own, he said it might be the only child he’d have and wanted to spend every, waking moment with him. I was ok with this after all I’d done all that for my 20 plus kids in the past. I also found myself ready for my next child, this whole biological clock things was a bit over-kill on us Gin as Kaif and I started the process.

Making Fus

I smiled ” You ready?”

Kaif grinned a sort of evil smile ” I was born ready.”


Kaif seemed a bit too excited but that made it easier for me.


Soon I new I was pregnant again, after so many times one can just tell if you know what I mean. Well I was Pregnant as it seemed to take longer this time around, maybe it was the difference between Fey an Witch who new anyway my three boys grew into YA.

Euclase Flare/YA

Euclase YA

Enstatite Flare/YA

Enstatite Flare Ya

Feldspar Flare/YA

Feldspar Flare YA

They all grew into very handsome boys and decided to move out together, however they wanted to wait until their new sibling was born. Kaif was a lot like Jeff rather excited in his Kaif way, regardless no one had to wait long as shortly after the boys grew up I gave birth to a daughter.

Fuschite Flare/Gin

Fuschite  2

Fuschite  Toddler

She was my first girl since Dematoid and Datolite so Jeff, Kaif and I celebrated by picking up a playground set for the kids.

Fuschite  3

Flourite Child

Soon Euclase, En and Fel were ready to move out, they bought a little house out near the falls to share together which was close and it made me pleased to see them settle into a place together.

Dear Grams,

Guess what, Kaif and I Jeff found a Fairy named Diamond Flare in Aurora Skies who is, like you, doing a 100 Baby Challenge to help populate her planet Jades after a terrible War. She also happens to be Queen of the Fey and Kaif is her advisor. Kaif and I are now dads, I have a son Fayalite and he has a daughter Fuschite. My son got your blond hair Gram and Kaif’s daughter got your pink eyes. I know the names seem weird but you know how us Witches are, besides both our children said a Star had named them (Starguru) I’m including a picture of our kids, your Great Grandchildren and the Flare family, Diamond thought you’d like to see them.

Love Kaif, Jeff, Fayalite and Fuschite

My Family

Chapter 30 – Toddlers, Goodbyes, Oh My!

Things soon got pretty busy around the house and so I ended up putting the Inn on hold, with so many people gone from my life I found myself wanting more children after Enstatite grew into a toddler.

Enstatite Flare/Fairy

Enstatite Flare Toddler

Enstatite Flare Toddler 2

Wanting another child but not able to have one at home I decided to go visit an old friend of mine that I had met earlier in the year or so I’d been in As. However I also found that I needed to get out and about since I’d been stuck in the house for some time, so I headed to a nearby Club. I was not there a long time and the night is rather foggy, all I know is I soon found myself Pregnant again and not too long after I gave birth to another Son.


Euclase Flare/Human

Euclase Flare Baby

Though Euclase appeared Human he seemed to grow at a much faster and mysterious rate then other, children I’d had.

Euclase Flare/Human/Toddler

Euclase Toddler 1

Euclase Toddler

After Euclase was born Ekanite soon grew into a Young Adult.

Ekanite Flare/Fairy

Ekanite Headshot YA

Ekanite Everyday YA

Now I had three adults in the house and two toddlers however I still wanted more children as if something drove me to have more children and I had no idea why. I think it was because with all the help I didn’t find I had enough to keep me busy and so I went to visit my old friend  Denim Chimeree .

Denim 1

He was a very, handsome werewolf Sim and we started talking right away, but the thing I did not realize was it was a full moon and right in the middle of our talking he turned into a Werewolf. Yet even as a Wolf he still had a great desire for me, I’d heard something about Were’s needing to mate during a full moon so I was not surprised when he pulled me into his iron, strong arms and started kissing me.

Denim 2

Denim 3

I didn’t much like the fur and teeth but before long I was pretty into it as he lead me into the bathroom and the shower.

Denim 4

Denim 5

Before long we had done the nasty several times it was as if Denim could not get enough, finally morning arrived and well he slept I headed home knowing the kids were fine with Rich an Ekanite there. Before long I could tell I was Pregnant and out of the blue one day well painting I found myself in labor once more. Being so used to the labor now I simply retired to my room and gave birth to another son.

Feldspar Flare/Fairy

Feldspar Baby

Feldspar Flare/Fairy/Toddler

Feldspar Toddler

Now I found myself in a house with three Toddlers, however with Rich and Ekanite’s help we had taught the boys to Walk, Talk and Potty and soon they grew into children.

Enstatite Flare/Fairy/Child

Enstatite Flare Child

Enstatite Flare Child 2

Euclase Flare/ Human/Child

Euclase Flare Child

Feldspar Flare/Fairy/Child

Feldspar Child

After the boys grew into School Age Ekanite and Rich moved out, Ekanite was excited to get out on his own and Rich couldn’t handle me having kids with other men. I thought it was strange Rich was jealous considering he was not even Human. Regardless I was not worried as most of the boys were pretty good at handling things on there own. I decided with the boys children now it was time to try for another child, this time I decided to have said child with a new man in town Affair Fudge.

Affair Fudge/Witch

Affair Fudge 1

I found Affair very handsome and he was purple, as everyone knows well purple is my favourite color. I also wanted to try some Science stuff with Sims DNA, it was a new Science I had learned, so I asked him for a DNA sample and he agreed. After we started talking and seemed to be getting a long rather well, I concluded it would not be long now.

Affair Fudge 2

Yet Word had been spread around town that I was a slut and slept with various men regardless if they were married or not. He bluntly told me that I had issues and he was not planning to stick around for them and walked away. I felt as if I’d been slapped, this is the first rejection I had dealt with in a long time. I headed home and locked myself away in my Lab to explore the DNA I had gotten and to lick my wounds of rejection. I had no idea what I was doing but after I put the DNA into the machine and it studied it a moment later the machine opened one of it’s sliding doors and there was a purple, baby boy.

Made Baby Flourite

This was a surprise to me as I had not even know it was possible but I was happy and so I decided to name him Flourite Flare.

Flourite Flare/Witch

Baby Flourite

Flourite Flare/Witch/ Toddler

Toddler Flourite 1

Toddler Flourite 2

Now I found myself in a house with four boys and truth be told boys are rather messy, I found myself getting overwhelmed with everything that needed doing and drinking a lot of Potent Invigorating Elixir’s. Cooking, washing, potty training, cleaning, broken washers it’s lucky I knew how to mix things because I tell you I would not of kept up if I didn’t.

Elixir of Potent Invigorating Elixir

Potty Training

Bathroom Cleaning

Broken Washer


It was after a very busy day and another Potent Invigorating Elixir that I remembered my Genie children had been able to conjure food, clean Sims and clean the house. This got me thinking, I had seen something in my Alchemy Book about and Elixir that could turn one into a Genie. Being a Genie would be a lot of help for me right now, so I settled down at my Alchemy table and started mixing not giving it a second thought.


It didn’t take me long to mix the Gin Elixir as the sun rose high in the sky I didn’t want to give myself time to back out and so I took that Elixir.


To my surprise it worked and though my image didn’t change I lost my wings and became a Genie. It took me a bit to learn how to use my new powers and I had made the Elixir so in time it would wear off and I’d be fey again. I loved being able to conjure food, clean the house, clean my kids, what a life.

Conjure Food

Cleaning Toddler

I new from that point on my life had just gotten a whole, lot easier and this was good considering I still had to bring several more kids into the World.

Chapter 29 – What the Heart Wants


With everything happening lately I had a hard time keeping up and found myself stressed out for the first time since I had come to this planet. I found myself sitting in the Nursery going over in my mind all the changes as of late. Turquoise getting married, my Vampire twins growing into teens and my Plant Sims moving out, a Sim Bot showing up, it had just been on thing after another. Turquoise and I spent most of our time planning her wedding and when she turned out to be Pregnant once more we decided it would be better sooner then later.

Preg T 2

However her Pregnancy seemed to happen more quickly then her first one, and before we new it I was driving her to the Hospital where she later gave birth to a second son.

Eudialyte Flare/Fairy

Eudialyte Flare B

On the same night my second nephew Eudialyte was born my daughters grew into YA

Dioptase Flare/Ya/Vampire

Dioptase Flare YA

Dioptase HS

Demanoid Flare/Ya/Vampire

Demanoid Flare YA

They wasted no time moving out which was no surprise to me since the house had become pretty crowded with so many people in it. Soon, a few days later my 1st nephew grew into a child close behind my son.

Epidote Flare/Child

Epidote Flare Child

There was only a short age span between my son and nephew so when Epidote grew into a child Ekanite grew into a teen.

Ekanite Flare/Teen

Ekanite Flare Teen

Days flew by until our newest baby grew into a Toddler.

Eudialyte Flare/Toddler

Eudialyte Toddler 2

Eudialyte Toddler 1

Soon after Eudialyte grew into a toddler the day of Turquoise Flare and Chris Sanders wedding came, it was a nice day for a wedding and Turquoise looked lovely. I found myself sad that her and I would never do all the things we planned but happy that she’d found her special someone.

Wedding Pictures







It was a beautiful yet simple ceremony at a new park that had recently been built in Aurora Skies and everyone was dressed in their best.

Epidote and Ekanite

Ep an Ek



Eudialyte Flare

Eudialyte Toddler 3


After the wedding Rich and I took the kids home so the new, married couple could spend some quality time together.








Well his parents were out spending their wedding night together Epidote Flare-Sanders grew into a Teen.

Epidote Flare/Teen/Genie

Epidote Flare Teen 1

Epidote Flare Teen

An the next day I said goodbye to Turquoise, Chris and my Nephews as they moved out and into a place of their own. Their new home was small but decent and only a short walk from my home.

T House 1

I suddenly found for the first time the house was empty, I was so used to always having a lot of people around and in only a few, short days pretty well everyone but Rich and my son Ekanite had moved out. It came as no surprise to me when I once again found myself Pregnant, this time with Rich’s child, I was not sure how or even when it happened but it had.

Preg D


Soon I gave birth to another son, I had hoped for a daughter but it seemed as if boys were in the stars for the Flare family.

Enstatite Flare/Fairy

Enstatite Flare Baby

I decided after En was born that I was going to invoke on a new chapter in my life and open an Inn of sorts that Rich and I could run. It would give me a steady income and a good supply of male DNA to continue my challenge. I needed something to keep me busy so I wouldn’t miss Turquoise or think on the fact she was gone for now and from here on out I was once more alone in this 100 Baby Challenge.