Chapter 28 – Ageless, Babies and Love?

A Song for you while you read Chapter 28 and my first slideshow for Borage and TheNay83 about Diamond’s feelings for Borage poor girl, lol.

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I started to notice recently as I looked in the mirror that I was getting old, my skin was pale, I had frown lines and it appeared I had lost my healthy glow. I’d never really thought that I would care about age but lately it seemed to be all I thought about. I wanted to stay young and beautiful like Turquoise so if I was to meet Borage again one day he’d still find me attractive.

Ever find yourself, out of the blue, suddenly remembering people you may not have thought about in years? Lately I had been thinking about Borage a lot, we had spoken in e-mail back and forth after the girls were born and talked for some time though he’d seemed confused as to who I was. Was it possible he had forgotten about me? I imagine if he had I’d feel pretty crappy considering he’d been in my thoughts constantly since we’d met and gone our own way.


After I fussed about how old I looked for a couple of days Turquoise suggested since I was an Elixir Master that I should look into an Elixir that would make me young again. I had once used one way back in Sunset City on a close friend of mine and could likely make one for myself as well.

I considered her thoughts for some time and decided that is what I would do, I wanted to be ageless and besides I still had a long way to go with my Challenge even if my heart had not been in it since Borage and Sunset City. I headed  out to the local Consigement Shop to try and make the Elixir that I needed to make myself Young Again.

Elixir Making

After several hours of work I made it but decided to take it at home encase anything happened to go wrong, that was the thing with Elixir’s you could be a Master but because the recipes were so detailed it was easy to slip up, they needed your full focus. When I arrived home I headed to my small workshop and wasted little time taking the Elixir.

YA 2

I could feel it working right away and was relieved that I had made it properly since it was a rather complicated process.


Beautiful and Young Again…


After I finished with the Elixir and made sure everything was good I felt as if a the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders but my mind still kept going back to Borage. Someone had once told me in order to get over one person you needed to find another an so I decided to do that.

I had recently finished helping to build a new Big Show Venue in Aurora Skies and had been asked to had out flyers to let people know. This new Venue had turned out really well, it had a stadium for performers with bars and a balcony so they could watch various events. It had a daycare for children, an area for adult learning and a indoor garden/ restaurant. So I gathered up the flyers and headed out to deliver them, Aurora Skies was a small town so it didn’t take me long. I finally came to one of the last homes on my list, apparently the people who lived here were new to town and so I knocked softly as I watched the last, rays of sun fade in the distance as the moon came out.

“Pretty isn’t it?” I heard a male voice say

Chris 2

I quickly snapped out of my thoughts as my eyes fell on the owner of the voice, my jaw dropped when I saw him, he was so handsome and had the deepest, bluest eyes I had ever seen. True he had nothing on Borage but still, he appeared to have been in the middle of making supper as I’d nod.

“Yes lovely, I’m Diamond Flare.”

He put down what he had been cooking and stepped outside with me closing the door behind himself as he took my hand firmly and shook it. My mind went into overdrive as my heart started thumping, I had felt this energy before, being Fey I was very in-tune to other, magical creatures he was a Genie.

“Chris Sanders, it is a pleasure to meet you.”

D Meets Chris

I explained why I was there and soon we found ourselves standing in the snow talking away as I asked him about himself.

Are You Single Chris

What's Your Sign

Flirting With Chris

I soon learned he was single, what his sign was, that he had a cat and lived with a friend of his and they were both Genie’s. He was rather nice to talk to and the attraction was obviously there, before we both new why or how we ended up in one another’s arms. I was such a sucker for Genie’s, what was it about them that had such a hold over me?

Making Out With Chris

After some serious kissing he invited me in for some supper, I suspected there was more to it but I couldn’t seem to help myself as I followed him in. We did enjoy a meal together and some wine he was a pretty, decent cook for a man as I laughed at the thought. Borage had never cooked, he just conjured whatever he wanted to eat as I smiled at the thought Chris leaned in to kiss me once more. Trying my best I pushed Borage out of my mind and before I new it Chris and I were in the shower.

Baby Gin Making

We spent a good part of the night in the shower and soon fell exhausted into his bed where we both passed out as the first rays of the sun rose in the morning sky. I woke sometime later feeling sick and finding a note on the pillow beside me and a single, red rose letting me know Chris had gone to work. Quickly I rose, dressed and left going home feeling rather ashamed of myself for sleeping with one man well thinking of another.

Arriving home I received three surprises, both Dat and Diopside had grown into lovely teens.

Datolite Flare/Teen

Dat Teen

Diopside Flare/Teen

Dip Teen 2

I was also met by another new being in the family who called himself a Sim Bot, I had never met a Sim Bot before and had no idea where he’d come from until he told me he’d been sent to help me yet refused to tell me by who and his name was Richie Flare.

SimBot Metal

It was a bit weird to have a Sim Bot clonking about, but he didn’t cause any trouble and spent most of his time inventing in the workshop though I had no idea what he was inventing and little time to worry about it as I soon learned I was pregnant once more.

Preggers With Ekanite

One morning well in the Nursery a strange man walked in, I jumped from the rocking chair I had been sitting in rather startled, he walked past me like he was at ease and took a seat in the same rocking chair as I stared.

“Diamond it’s ok it’s me Richie I’ve been working on a fine, film type of materiel that I could cover myself in so I might look more human. I get tired of people staring at me and running from me in fear, what do you think?”

Human SimBot

” I think it looks extremely realistic, good job.” Feeling a little out of sorts I left the Nursery and got the Mail and then decided to work off some stress with painting.

Money Making

However before I’d gotten too far and night had fallen once more I felt the familiar pains of Labor and used to it now I took myself to the local Hospital. Sometime later I gave birth to a beautiful Fairy Son which I named Ekanite Flare.

Ekanite Flare/Fairy

Birth of Ekanite

Bathing Ekanite

Ekanite Flare Baby

When I arrived home once more I was surprised to find Turquoise not home and that my Vampire Twins Demantoid and Dioptase Flare had grown into children.

Demantoid Flare/Child and Dioptase Flare (Dem is in Red an White an Dioptase is in Blue an Pink)

Dem an Dio Child

A couple days passed with the twins starting School yet no sign of Turquoise, I was starting to worry as Turquoise had never gone missing before. Finally after I thought of calling the police a very pregnant Turquoise walked in.

Preggers With Epidote

“Where have you been?” I screamed at her ” I was worried.”

Turquoise smiled a sort of dreamy smile and rubbed her belly ” I met a man, an amazing man with hair the color of the sun and eyes as blue as the deepest part of the sea.”


Tur Meets Chris

Turquoise giggled a bit” We talked then we talked some more, then we kissed and well you know the rest.”

Hitting it Off

Making Out T an C

Shower Fun

” It was my first time and it was amazing, I loved helping you with your children D but I’ve been wanting a family and husband of my own.”

This was all news to me and the man Turquoise spoke of sounded a lot like Chris, should I tell her I wondered? No she was in love I could see it all over her face. I’d never thought much about what Turquoise might want, she was always there to pick me up when I was down and help me out of my depression after Borage and had never asked for anything. No she never needed to know, I wasn’t in love with Chris like her it had just happened well I pined for Borage.

” Oh wow,  congratulations your going to be a mother.” As I hugged her I was truly happy for her 🙂


Soon after the chain of events my girls all grew up a bit more, my Plant Sims grew into Young Adults while my Vampire Twins grew into Teens and my new son grew into a Toddler.

Datolite Flare/Plant Sim/YA

Dat Head YA

Diopside Flare/Plant Sim/YA

Diposide Head YA

Demantoid Flare/Vampire/Teen

Demontoid Teen

Dioptase Flare/Vampire/Teen

Dioptase Teen

Ekanite Flare/Toddler

Ekanite Flare Toddler

Ekanite Flare 2

Shortly after all the birthdays Turquoise went into Labor for the first time, I rushed her to the Hospital where my fears were confirmed Chris was the Father as he met Turquoise at the Hospital. He was surprised to see us together but after Turquoise was taken into the delivery room he and I had a long chat.

He told me he was in love with Turquoise and had not been aware we were sisters until tonight, it had just happened like a strike of lighting. I told him we were not just sisters but twins, how had he not seen that? Or maybe he had and had ignored it, regardless I told him I was happy for them and he better treat my sister right or I could do terrible things to him. He actually looked scared which nearly made me laugh, we also agreed there was no reason for Turquoise to know about us. I also did not tell him about our son, he didn’t need to know as it would simply complicate things more. Soon the Doctor came out to tell is all went well and Turquoise had been blessed with a beautiful, baby boy.

Epidote Flare/Genie

Birth of Epidote

Epidote Flare Baby

Turquoise came home with me for now so we could help one another with the boys and talk about her future plans, I sort of already new what her future plans were but we still needed to talk about it. Also shortly after my Plant Sims grew into Young Adults they moved out and little Epidote grew into a adorable toddler.

Epidote Flare 2

Ep Playing

He and Ekanite bonded rather fast and played together as well as learned to walk and talk together but soon my darling Ekanite grew into a child. It was nice to be an Aunt for once as well as a mother and to have my sister and my children able to play together.

Ekanite Flare/Child

Ek Child

By this time we had expanded our home a lot with the money we’d earned from painting, Elixir making and other things.

Updated Home

Before long Turquoise came home one night all blushing and excited apparently Chris had purposed to her and she had said yes. I had not thought of Borage much lately with everything going on but I soon found myself thinking about him as Turquoise started on about wedding plans, I was forgotten now as I realized in truth nothing else mattered except What the Heart Wants!

Chapter 27 – Plants, Things and the Like

Much has happened since Snuggles and Cas came home from College with their new Diploma’s, no sooner had they arrived home when Snuggles got a career in Science and Cas got one in Technology. As Snuggles went on for hours about how much she had learned in Science I found myself growing very interested and with Snuggles guidance I bought a Science machine and began to explore the wonders of Science.

LS 2

I found my self spending hours upon hours over my new machine learning to splice DNA, clone it and various, other interesting things. I also came to realize Science and Gardening went hand and hand in the modern world and so I started to keep a small, functional Garden that I’d previously built in the basement, it was nice to finally have use for the indoor Garden.

Soon my Science skills had grown so advanced that I was able to take seeds that I’d found out and about and do some minor modifications to them to see what I could create. I also began to spend time doing research on the computer where I happened to meet other Scientist’s like me all doing their own experiments. I received a great deal of help from them and the Forums with my current research.

Leveling Science

One day well working away on DNA splicing I stumbled across or created a new type of fruit, upon tasting it I found it made me feel strange yet it was not overly curious. I decided to call in a Forbidden Fruit and cloned various samples from my one seed. Since it did not taste very good I choose to plant the new ones I created. I was rather curious about what might come from this seed and new if something did I’d of made a new breakthrough.

I watched the days pass as my fruit grew into a plant and cared for it as I would any of my other plants, it grew a bit slower I found than other plants I had tended in the past but being a Fairy I had a way with plants. Soon it grew into a lovely plant and I was able to pick it as I had other plants in the past, imagine my surprise when I picked it and found it was not a fruit at all but a baby.

Datolite Flare 1

Datolite Flare 2

I was completely baffled but amazed as well knowing I had created a new type of being a type of plant baby, this would be great for parents who could not have kids or others who in vitro fertilization did not work on. After cautious examination and a bath to clean all the dirt of my new child I saw it was a girl and so decided to name her Diopside Flare and categorize her as a Plant Sim.

Diopside Flare/Plant Sim


Diopside Flare Baby

Though I treated Dio like I would any of my other children she was indeed special and so I watched and kept a record of how she grew, behaved and acted. I soon found unlike most, babies Dio did not need milk or food she got such things from the Sun. She also did not use the bathroom because she was much like a plant but with the mind and feelings of any, normal human or supernatural. Though she did not need these things she did need a lot more attention and play than most babies and tended to get lonely quickly. She also needed lot’s of sun, love and water all of which me and my sisters provided.

Since I was so amazed by my new being as was Snuggles I decided to try again and see if like most creatures there were male and female Plant Sims in hopes I may get a boy as well. About this time as well Snuggles and Cas had saved enough to move out and into a place of their own, I have to admit I was so interested in my Science I didn’t really pay much attention to them as they left.

Snuggles an Cas Move Out

After they had moved out and were settled I got a call a few days later telling me the two had decided to marry, this was no surprise to me as I had expected it and congratulated both. On that same day I saw my second Forbidden Fruit was ready and picked it, I was not as surprised this time however that it was another baby and so I bathed and cleaned it up.

Diopside Flare 1


I was content to see it was another girl and so I decided to name her Datolite Flare.

Datolite Flare/Plant Sim

Datolite Flare Baby

With two, new, baby Sims that were both my own creation I decided it was time to talk to my Science friends about my discovery, a lot of those I spoke to were from a town called Aurora Skies. Many of them were exploring Eco Friendly Design, Natural Energy and ways to teach children at Toddler stage. They also told me about the natural, untouched beauty, nature and healthy air of Aurora Skies and I found myself thinking it would be perfect for my new daughters, some of my friends were even kind enough to send me some lovely images of Aurora Skies.

New Vidi 3



About this time my son Cas and his now wife Snuggles called to let me know I was once more a Grandmother and sent me images of my new Grandkids. Snuggles had twins a girl and a boy and I was most excited as I’d lost touch with most of my other children and was not aware of how many Grandkids I currently had.

Madeline Flare/Ghost/Fairy

Maddy Flare

Mark Flare/Imaginary Friend

Mark Flare

Soon after my Grandkids were born my son Danburite grew into a Young Adult with an A+ in school.

Danburite Flare/YA

Danburite Everyday YA

On the same day, to my surprise Data and Dio grew into Toddlers sharing a birthday with Dan, wow five birthdays in one day, it was the most I had ever had.

Datolite Flare/Toddler

Toddler Datolite

Data 1

Toddler Dato

Diopside Flare/Toddler

Toddler Diopside

Toddler Dio

Learned to Walk

Also since my new girls were Plant Sims decided to build on an extra nursery with a Greenhouse Roof and plants so they could both get all the Sun they needed.

Plant Nursery 2

Plant Bedroom 1

Data and Dio

Dio 1

Soon after my discovery and the publication of it I started getting invites from my Science friends to come and settle in Aurora Skies. I seriously considered it because Lucky Palms was dry and not so healthy for my growing Plant Sims. However I also felt he need with my little Plants growing so fast to have some more toddlers about the home. So the next day I decided for the first time to try In Vitro Fertilization. I had explored all other aspects of Science why not this one as well. I headed to the Lucky Palms Hospital for my appointment and was surprised how simple and fast it was. The man I had choose was a Vampire and looked pretty good on paper, before long I’d have a Vampire and Plant Sims running about, kind of ironic if you think about it.

Though I was familiar with Vampire children, I had long since forgot how fast one progressed through pregnancy when carrying Vampire kids. I had not birthed a Vampire baby since my lovely, Aqumarine back in Sunset City. I still wondered how my past children were doing but very rarely heard from or saw them as all were leading their own lives. I was playing with Datolite when the pains hit and yelling for Turquoise we headed  to the Hospital. Not too long later I was the proud mother of two more, healthy, baby girls who were both Vampires.

Dem and Dioptase

I decided to name them Dioptase and Dematoid Flare as both were lovely, rare, green gems and my Vampire girls had the most stunning, bright, green eyes.

Dioptase Flare/Vampire

Dioptase Baby

Demantoid Flare/Vampire

Dem Baby

Next day after my new babies were born my Plant Sims daughter grew into Children, I was interested to see how both did in School being the first of their unique and individual race.

Datolite Flare/Child

Data Child

Data Child 2

Diopside Flare/Child

Dio Child

It was about this time I got and invite for a new job in Aurora Skies that I could not pass up and so I spoke to Turquoise and we decided the move would be good. Apparently the town had begun to talk about me and so leaving the house to Dan and Ghost Diamond we packed what we could and left LP that night for As.

We arrived in Aurora Skies a late hour but everyone was re-charged from the flight, we only had about $20,000 to our name but it was enough to buy a small house on the outskirts of the main town. It was nothing compared to our previous home however it was cheap and left us a decent amount to furnish it for our family.

Home Before

I soon began to mix Elixirs at the local Consignment shop as I had no brought anything with me from Lucky Palms. Turquoise also painted to bring in extra money and soon became rather good.

Elixir Making

T Painting

Soon we had a good amount of money from various decent, sales and I was able to add on a Greenhouse and two, new bedrooms for the girls. About this time Dioptase and Demantoid grew into toddlers.

Demantoid Flare/Toddler

Toddler Dem

Dioptase Flare/Toddler

Toddler Dioptase

Chapter 26 – Another Day, Another Time

Diamond shifted slowly waking from what felt like a deep sleep, her body felt heavy and she had little memory of where she was. After a moment or two as she was able to focus everything came flooding back to her. Instantly her hands moved to her stomach as she felt it was still round, she was relieved the baby was fine. After a moment of laying there she shifted and sat up looking around and finding herself in her bedroom. Se found the house was very quiet as she rose and went looking for the rest of her family. After checking most rooms she headed for the kitchen, walking in she stopped in surprise as she saw two ghosts chatting back and forth.

Meeting Another Ghost

She knew right away one was D2 but was not sure who the other was as both turned to greet her. Diamond settled in the Kitchen chair realizing her binding ritual had worked, though being a Ghost was not great it was better than being gone altogether.

D2 greeted her and asked if she was hungry as she started making something for Diamond to eat completely forgetting about her male, ghost friend who was now gone. She explained that Diamond had been out for a couple of days, the binding had used up a lot of her magic. She also let Diamond now Cass an Snuggles had grown into YA and today was their Graduation from High School if she wanted to go. That was where everyone was right now, getting ready for Snuggles and Cass’s Graduation.




Headshot 2

Diamond was sad she had missed their birthday but glad that she could see their Graduation. She quickly rose and dressed heading out the door to attend their Graduation.

However on her way she was hit with familiar pains which she now, after 14 kids knew was labor pains. She counted how far they were apart and knew it would not be long before the baby came but she should still be able to make their Graduation and so she headed there.

Grad HS

Their Graduation was lovely and they had done well from what she saw, shortly after it was over it started to rain. Diamond’s pains had gotten more intense so she hugged and kissed both telling them how proud she was then headed to the Hospital. Not too much longer and Diamond was once again mother to a baby boy, strange thing about him was he was fully Human.

Danburite Flare/Human

Welcome Danburite Flare

After Dan was born Diamond was offered a job in Art but declined and Snuggles and Cas decided they wanted to go to University. They took the entrance Exam and Snuggles was give a scholarship in Science well Cas was given one in Technology.

Off to Uni

Uni 2

Upon arriving at University the two decided to rent a small starter home together rather than settle in the dorms feeling it would help them better focus on classes. After exploring the campus however Snuggles decided she liked the little Coffee shop better then home.

 Study Hard

Both YA put a lot of time and energy into College wanting to make a good life for themselves. They didn’t go to parties and such but still managed to make a great deal of friends well there.

Upgradeing Brain Machine

Testing Machine

Studying for Final

Well Cass and Snuggles were off at University back home my new son Dan grew into the most adorable toddler.

Danburite Flare/Toddler

Toddles Dan

He was an extremely happy little boy and soon taught himself to walk and talk.

Cute Dan

At University Snuggles and Cass passed the semester and their finals, Cass received a C Grade and a Technology Diploma and Snuggles received a B Grade and a Science Diploma.

Passed Diploma

Their Graduation was rather impressive being the first of the Flare line to go to University.

Graduation College

Later that night after Graduation and well packing for home Snuggles decided it was time to tell Cass how she felt about him. So after they were packed the two went to the Bowling Alley and Snuggles spilled her heart to Cass.

Admiting Love for Cas

She was surprised when it turned out Cass felt the same for her.

First Kiss

Romantic Image

Later on that night Snuggles and Cas for the first time shared their feelings for one another.


Making Love

Next day the two left University new Diploma’s in hand and headed home to start their life together.

Getting Ready For Home

They arrived home just in time for Danburite’s teen birthday.

Danburite Flare/Teen

Dan to Teen

Chapter 25 – Death

Now that Cal and Carn were gone and Cass was a child Diamond 2 soon started to notice Cass spent a great deal of time talking to the air. Never having a child before D2 was not sure if this was normal.

When she asked Diamond about it Diamond told her it was normal, she explained to her that Cass had and Imaginary friend. Several of her children in the past often spoke to air, so one day she invented a potion to make the kids imaginary friends real. D2 asked if she might make such a potion for Cass and Diamond agreed.

Later in the week Diamond completed the potion and presented it to Cass explaining to him what it was and what it could do. Cass was very excited at the prospect of making his best friend real.

Gift for Cass

Making Snuggles Real

Real 1

Human Snuggles

Meet Snuggles…

Later in the week D2 was finally able to get back to inventing her Time Machine, though she had started respecting Diamond she still wanted to be free to explore.

So well Diamond was out doing gigs D2 went to the basement and went to work on her invention, she found well working on it she was a little out of practive however. After a few explosions and one mis-caculation D2 found hersel on fire.

Invent Fire

She ran around the room, called for help but no one  could hear her because Turquoise was upstairs, the kids were in School and Diamond was performing.

Later after after Diamond came home she asked where D2 was, Turquoise stated she had not seen D2 since this morning when she headed to the basement, so the two went looking for her.

Well looking Char arrived home from School and went to tell Diamond about how well she’d done on a test. As all three entered the Occulet Room all they found was a pile of ash. Their eyes widened in horror, they just new it was D2.


After a moment there was a strange, dark ripple in the air followed by a ghostly cry as the Grim Reaper appeared.


“It’s time to go Diamond.” A moment or two past as the ghostly cry grew louder and there was the ghost of D2.

Too Late

Sadness fell over the house as Diamond watched herself die, at least for Diamond that was how it was. Cin blamed himself for D2’s death, if only he’d been there he could have, would have saved her.

Birthday, Missing D2

Yet of everyone Diamond most likely felt the worst, not only had she lost her help with producing offspring, she’d lost a friend and to her it had all been a lot watching herself die.

We dwell in thoughts of times long gone by
never really understanding why
So much emotion locked inside
So many voyages towards the other side…

D2 Gone

Soon however the house had to get past the loss as Char and Cin’s birthday’s came up.


Char YA


Cin YA

It was no surprise to Diamond as well when both decided to move out right away, they wanted out of the place D2 had dies, away from the guilt but decided to stay in Lucky Palms and live together for now.

A journey through the murky gates of time
a trip from this world to the other side
the spirits sway to and fro
to a melody of which unknown…

Goodbye Charoite

Goodbye Cin

Moving Day

“Hurry up Char, let’s go.”

If it was not enough for Diamond to take with D2 passing and Cin and Char moving out a day or so later Bonehilda who had been with them since their move to LP was eaten and killed by the Cow Plant in the basement. Diamond with all that was going on had forgot to feed the poor thing.

In this sea of darkness he dwells
His soul to the devil he will sell
So much hurt and anger he has inside
a cage he has made his own mind…

Cow Plant Death

Diamond was beside herself with greif and had to get away, so with no thoughts of where she was going she started walking and found herself at the pier.

Ever dangerous are these traps we create,
Beyond the ebony threshold he shall wait,
There is known a sight of decay, a taste of lime,
A despair felt beyond mirrors, beyond time

Bye Bonehilda

 Looking over the delicate, blue waters of Lucky Palms she lowered herself down to sit and started to cry.


She was not sure how long she cried as the tears fell and was only shaken from her despair by a watery, quiet voice.

“Are you ok M’Lady?”

Seeing Jack

Diamond had not expected anyone to find her or see her like this as she turned to look towards the voice seeing a floating, blue ghost. He rippled and swayed like the ocen and sparkled in the sunlight. With so much inside she burst into tears again and told him all about the last, couple days.

Something More

Which ended with her crying and him holding her hands well she told him her tail. Night had fallen by this time but Diamond found she was comfortable here and so they talked long into the evening.

Admiting Attraction

Diamond was not sure how what happened, happened next but she found herself in the arms of this man Jack Water and one thing, lead to another.

First Kiss


Baby Making

Being slightly embaressed by what had gone on Diamond snuck out and headed home the next morning. However before too long it was obvious she was pregnant and the speed at which this offspring grew worried her a lot.

When the next day came she’d forgot all about the pregnancy and was excited for Cas and Suggles coming birthday. She headed out to the mailbox to see if any presents had come for the two. When she got there she found a large, strange package waiting for her by the mail box. Upon opening it she found herself looking at a rather strange yet unique type of stone. Not sure on what it was but thinking it pretty she placed it in the living room for all to see.

Soon Cas and Snuggles had their birthday’s and grew into adorable Teens. After that Diamond decided to do some research on the strange stone. After searching the new for some time she learned it was a  Philosophers Stone, a type of stone one could bind ghosts to or turn things into gold from but it was risky. She thought it was too bad it had not been around when D2 had passed.


Cass Teen


Snuggles Teen

Feeling tired and depressed and now being big as a house Diamond went to bed early that night to rest.


Well sleeping Diamond woke from a rather deep sleep to the sound of light moaning throughout the house. She had no idea who or what it might be but being curious like she was she rose to see. She was shell shocked when she came face to face with the ghost of D2.

Diamond 2 Back

D2 seemed to be motioning to the Stone but unable to tell her what she wanted, without thinking Diamond raced to thew stone and started to chant the binding ritual she had read online.

Binding D2

She had little worry about her own life or the life of her unborn child, all she could think about was the guilt, loss and depression she’d experienced seeing herself die.

Well Diamond chanted several strange, screaming type sounds radiated through the house it was extremely creepy and evil as if the ghosts of the past and present were all converging on the stone. Suddenly there was a blast of darkness and explosion of power and then there was nothing.