Chapter 1 – Segment 1- Destruction of Jades

“ Before we start I best tell you who I am, I’m the Watcher, I come from a long line of Watcher’s who are people who through time watch and record the progression of civilizations. I was selected by my father to be the Watcher of the planet Jade’s. Since I am the Watcher of this planet, I can tell you everything you need to know about this amazing World so let’s begin shall we.

Jade’s was a vast World located about 40,000 light years away from Earth if I’m correct, it was its own planet in its own part of the solar system. It was a vast, peaceful planet which was inhabited by various creatures and types of people all possessing various, magical gifts. It was first established by  Queen Turquoise Aithes Coral-Gem and her husband King Mark Agate Gem who died before their first child was born.

Queen Turquoise Aithes Coral-Gem                King Mark Agate Gem

           Queen Turquoise A Coral-GemAgate Gem

Queen Turquoise Aithes Coral-Gem was a beautiful woman, so much so, people often call her Angelic, God like, and she possessed a delicate grace and a somewhat ethereal beauty. She was married very young and loved her husband a great deal or at least she must have because she never married again after his death. She ruled Jade’s with an iron fist but she also possessed a great kindness and fairness about her. Some people often like to say on top of her beauty she seemed to possess the pure virtue of Kindness, but who knows?

Anyway she gave birth shortly after her husband’s death, to a lovely daughter which she named Diamond Prudence Gem.

Diamond Prudence Gem-Aquamarine                  Michael David Aquamarine

Queen Diamond Gem-AquamarinePrince Michael Aqumarine

Now despite the fact this was a World of Peace, it, like all Worlds had its enemies, in this case the enemy was known only as the Evil Stones. Not a lot is known about the Stones except they possessed a darkness only found in that of your nightmares.

Regardless, after several, thousand years of Peace, when Princess Diamond was about eighteen and happily married to her husband Prince Michael Aquamarine with a lovely, daughter of her own who was about three and named Princess Janis Star Aquamarine, the Stone’s attacked the World of Jade’s with a rage far greater than the Jaden’s ever thought possible.

Janis Star Aquamarine

Queen Janis Aquamarine-Loren

                             Queen Turquoise and her Warriors known as the Celestial Six as well as individual Princesses of their own Kingdoms fought as hard as they could but in the end they could not win. Finally when the war was in its final hours, after watching thousands of her people die, completely losing the Ruby Flame Kingdom and thousands more of her people taken as slaves Queen Turquoise sacrificed her own life-force to push the Stone’s back. This gave her the leverage she needed to banish the Stones, from the Kingdom for 50,000 years into the depths of  black hole.

No one knows where they went once banished however this task cost the Queen her life leaving behind her only daughter to rule Jade’s. Also, sadly Princess Diamond lost her husband in the battle as well, yet her husband’s death saved the life of her daughter Princess Janis.

Now the new Queen was not sure what to do, she had lost many, and one of the nine Kingdoms had been destroyed completely. She considered re-locating her Kingdom in hopes of avoiding the wrath of the Stones on her, future generations. After conversing with the Celestial Six it was decided they would combine their powers and time warp the World to a new location, it may not keep the Stones at bay forever but it would help.


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