Chapter 9 – Segment 2 – Past, Present and Future

Now as you can see this story goes out in several, various branches, all of these branches are the Kings and Queens of past who ruled Jades. In this segment we’re going to go back in time and focus on Princess Nicora Rose Moon who was descended from Jade Elizabeth see the Family Tree for more information. Princess Kahlan Ambrosia Hawk-Stone-Martin who was descended from the first, Jades Bearer Sarita  Rikutski. You can see their Family Tree as well to help you better understand everything. We will also focus on Princess Kristina Jessica Mc Kay-Ferris who was descended from Golden Patience Topaz of the Golden Topaz Kingdom which you can see here. We will  also go back and see what happened to Princess Adamma after she was turned dark, more information on this is seen here.

Nicora Rose Moon                                    Kahlan Ambrosia Stone-Hawk-Martin

Princess Nicora Rose MoonPrincess Kahlan Elizabeth Hawk-Stone-Martin

Kristina Jessica Mc Kay-Ferris               Princess Adamma Thalch

Princess Kristina McKay-FerrisMy Ada

Princess Kahlan Ambrosia Hawk-Stone-Martin was the daughter of Princess Alessandra Ambrosia Hawk, Princess Ale was a rare race known through History as a Bearer/Jaden. For those un-sure of what a Bearer is I’ll explain in more detail a bit later.

Many centuries back with the creation of Jade’s by the Gods and Goddesses, after people began settling in Jade’s a young woman looking to be only, about sixteen came to Jade’s alone, her name as we know it was Sarita Chastity Richards, when she arrived in Jades no one, new who or what she truly was. So she settled in Jades getting herself a job in the Palace of the Coral Dreams Kingdom where in time she met the ruler of this Kingdom, Prince Kenjin Rikutski.

Sarita Chastity Richards                                  Kenjin Rikutski

Princess Sarita Chastity Richards-RikutskiPrince Kenjin Rikutski

Though Sarita did her jobs well around the Palace, she longed for more, and doted immensely on the Prince, eventually she fell in-love with him. However the Prince was a proud man and looked down on, though never wrongly treated his Servants. He at the current time had his eyes on a Princess of the neighbouring Kingdom yet it was never, meant to be. Before anyone knew what was happening Sarita used her powers of Bearer to take the Prince as her own.

Now before I go on I best explain the powers of a Bearer, basically a Bearer has the ability to, with one kiss turn any, living, being into her loyal companion. When she kisses the person and takes them with her power they see only her, they live for her, and they’ll die for her and their life is only about her.

So when she took the Prince he fell deeply in-love with her and soon after they married and produced a child together.  Now another thing about a Bearer is every Bearer births a Bearer and the power is passed through the line to the offspring.


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