Chapter 8 – 50,000 Years Later

Now here we are, 50,000 years later, in what man calls the present from the first battle of Jades we live on and have been doing so for some time. I’m still the Watcher; no I’m not the same Watcher that began this story I’m actually Legacy 6 of the Watcher’s. Currently Jades still consists of seven Kingdoms, all which are being ruled rather well by the children of those mentioned above.

Queen Diamond Flare and her brother Prince Damon Flare are currently ruling the Kingdom of Inner Jades, while their twins, Princess Turquoise Flare and Prince Dominick Flare are ruling the Sapphire Sky Kingdom. Sadly Queen Dalisabeth’s children Maylean and Melina never returned and so the title of Queen was passed on to Princess Victoria Coral-Satsuma’s daughter, now known as Princess Amethyst Lily Satsuma who has not yet married and rules the Amber Kingdom. Prince Raul Coral never returned from his search to find his father yet his twin Victoria swore upon falling into her eternal slumber that he was alive and well.

Now ruling the Coral Dreams Kingdom is Princess Chastity Coral Martin and Princess Charity Ambrosia Martin and finally ruling the Golden Topaz Kingdom is Princess Illyianna Karen Ferris while Princess Elisabeth Serenity Moon rules the Jade Kingdom and Prince Jacob Strong an Prince Conrad Strong are ruling the Aqumarine Winds Kingdom, placing us at Legacy Six.

Queen Diamond Flare                                           King Damon Flare

Princess Diamond Flare (Adult)Prince Damon Flare (Adult)

Princess Turquoise Flare                                        Prince Dominick Flare

Princess Turquoise Flare (Adult)Prince Dominic Flare (Adult)

Princess Amethyst Lily Satsuma                      Chastity Coral Martin

Princess Amethyst Lily SatsumaPrincess Chastity Martin

Charitry Ambrosia Martin                         Princess Illyianna Ferris

Princess Charity MartinPrincess Illyianna Ferris

Princess Elizabeth Moon                              Prince Jacob Strong

Princess Elisabeth Serenity MoonPrince Jacob Strong

      Prince Conrad Strong

Prince Conrad Strong


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