Chapter 7 – Everlina my EverAngel

Everquest/Everlina/EverAngel/Princess Sapphire

Princess Everquest Gold Flare

Now Princess Sapphire’s story does not end there, perhaps the Gods and Goddesses took pity on her no one, truly knows, however in time she came back, re-born as Everlina Gold. She possessed no memory of her past life, though in time, as Everlina it came back, yet it really didn’t matter. As Everlina she met a man named Lord Ravel, he was as tortured as her memories were and the two spent a great, deal of time together. Soon she fell in-love with him and word is he fell in-love with her, yet it was a cruel trick fate played for no sooner had she found this love then she was killed, by her daughter Rowena.


Princess Rowena Dalisabeth Hawk

Rowena was angry at the world, angry her father had left her mother, angry at the fact even after her mother’s death her father never came for her, never showed any interest in her. She was angry at her mother for dyeing and coming back too late, coming back with no memory of her and in a rage she killed her mother, driving her sword deeply into her mother’s heart. It is said as Everlina fell, many things passed through her eyes, so much sadness, and so much loss she’d had to endure alone.

When Everlina died however word spread fast of the epic battle between mother and daughter, word spread of how Everlina had refused to fight her daughter and how still Rowena had killed her mother. These words soon reached the ears of Lord Ravel and you want to bet he was mad, in his anger, his disgust and his pain he came for Rowena.  Rowena’s life, a tortured life it was, ended at the end of Lord Ravel’s blade on that day, after all monsters have to be put down.

Yet since Everquest/Everlina/Princess Sapphire was part Angel like her mother had been before her, due to the time Princess Romaine had spent on the Celestial Plain she was able to return as Ever-Angel. Yet by the time she’d returned Lord Ravel had accepted her death, Rowena was dead and there was nothing left for her. So she returned to Jades to find her babies all grown up. It was time then to leave Jades to her children and fade into the “Sleep of Solace” which she did.

It is said when she closed her eyes for the last time, no one had ever seen so much pain and hurt in the eyes of any Jaden’s before her and a single, delicate tear fell from her eyes as she passed into her eternal sleep. Then a soft whisper was heard as she spoke the name of Kristian and a gentle smile crossed her lips.

Her children believe she saw her one, true love that day, when she passed into her eternal sleep yet no one truly knows. Regardless in memory of their mother and the love their parents shared her children constructed a statue of Everquest and their father, much like Kahleia and Rif entwined in an eternal embrace.

If you were to stumble upon this statue built of ruby and gold you would see, written below it for all future generations “Love is eternal, every, good Kingdom is built on love, for Love feels no burden, thinks nothing of its trouble, attempts what is above its strength, pleads no excuse for impossibility, for it thinks all things are lawful for itself and all things are possible.”


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