Chapter 6 – Tattered, Broken and Torn

Now that I’ve gone into the background of these people it is time I go back to the Nexus where by this time, in the Nexus our beautiful, Princess Sapphire or otherwise known as Everquest had grown into a lovely, young lady. She, however looked nothing like her mother who’d had fire-red hair and haunting, emerald eyes, no she was a creature all her own. Long, purple tresses, yes purple, fell elegantly to her waist and her eyes were a mix of gold and green. She was currently deeply in love; with none other than Kristian Flare and so he becomes part of our story once more.

Kristian Flare

Prince Kristian Flare

Much time had passed for Kristian Flare, it had taken him a bit to get over the betrayal of Kahleia yet it is said, when he met Everquest it was love at first sight. As the story goes, Kristian loved Everquest so much he left his wife Juliana for Everquest married her and together they had a family of their own. First they had beautiful, twin boys and named them Damon and Dominick.

               Damon Flare                                            Dominick Flare

Prince Damon Flare (Adult)Prince Dominic Flare (Adult)

It was about this time she learned she was not simply Everquest Gold-Flare but Princess Sapphire Gold of the Sapphire Sky Kingdom in the World of Jades. She left the Nexus then and returned to Jades to learn about her true birth right. Once there, un-realizing she was Pregnant until the last moment she gave birth to twin girls and called them Diamond and Turquoise.

                  Diamond Flare                                     Turquoise Flare

Princess Diamond Flare (Adult)Princess Turquoise Flare (Adult)

She quickly summoned her husband Kristian to come and see the new additions to the family yet he never came. This is where things begin to go sour for the happy couple, worried about her Husband she left Jades and her girls and returned to the Nexus searching for her husband, yet she did not find him and so she took her boys and returned to Jades. In Jades she raised all four of her children and they grew into handsome, young lads and ladies while she ruled her Kingdom.

Kristian was not heard from again for some time, until a point came where word passed of his return. She left Jades right away and her children and returned to the Nexus to find him, yet she must have been too late. She did not find him though she did find his adopted son Silver Hawk, who was engaged to marry, he did marry yet for some reason he and Everquest hit it off and fell in love so the story goes.

Silver Hawk

Silver Hawk

Silver and Ever were together for some time, she became pregnant with his child and things were good then Kristian returned. Needless to say he was not happy to find his wife now ex-wife, in-love with another man and carrying this mans child and swords crossed so we’re told.

Yet it didn’t matter, feeling hurt and betrayed Kristian left Everquest and disappeared, where he went no one knew. Soon after Silver Hawk met another woman, who he fell in love with, soon after he left Everquest for his new woman, it’s said this broke the Princesses heart.

Alone, much like her mother had been Everquest gave birth to her final child, a baby girl she named Rowena, yet she was not as strong or healthy as she’d once been and with no one there to help her she soon departed this World.

   Rowena Hawk

Princess Rowena Dalisabeth Hawk

Some say she died of a broken heart much like her mother had, it is possible I suppose. Yet one thing remains true through History Everquest realized after, the mistake she’d made. On her death-bed she admitted she’d loved Kristian Flare, truly and deeply, she’d been a fool to think anything else and an even bigger fool to let him go.

As far as Rowena goes the little Princess was taken in by a dark, Witch, who realizing Rowena’s powers taught her everything she knew and thus came about the creation of, one of the Darkest Sorceresses in Jaden History yet we’ll get back to her later.


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