Chapter 5 – Mirrora’s Creation

Dalisabeth Coral

Princess Dalisabeth Coral

While Princess Victoria, the dark, mysterious belle with raven black hair and all-consuming golden eyes ruled the Amber Kingdom her elder sister Princess Dalisabeth Coral created from the ground up a whole, new Kingdom of her own which she later named Mirrora. Princess Dalisabeth was opposite of Victoria she was a stunning dame with honey gold tresses and deep, gold eyes. If you placed the two side by side you would see the mortal form of Darkness and Light, which is theory, was exactly what their parents had been.

Princess Dalisabeth ruled Mirrora in Jades, she had a few suitors one suitor was a modern, earth boy name Jericho who loved her deeply, another is un-named to this day. Regardless as time passed she fell deeply in love with her Knight Styr, he had been her closest friend, guardian and protector most of her life.

Knight Styr/Arch-Angel Michael

Arch-Angel Michael Coral

He later, much to her surprise turned out to be Arch-Angel Michael. Before she learned he was Arch-Angel Michael however the two married and Princess Dalisabeth gave birth to a daughter who she named Maylean , though it is unknown if Maylean was Michael’s daughter or Jericho’s but still Michael raised her as his own.

Maylean Coral

Princess Maylean Coral

In time Michael had to return to Heaven or the realm of Heaven and asked Dalisabeth to go with him. She agreed laving the lovely Maylean Coral to rule Mirrora.

In time Dalisabeth and Michael had a second child who they named Melina Coral. It is unknown what happened to them or Maylean after this point, some think Melina stayed on the Heavenly Plain with her parents and soon Maylean joined, others think the girls died leaving behind no children. Then others still think both girls are alive and well but in truth no one really knows.

Melina Coral

Princess Malina Coral

Right now due to the state of the Mirrora Ruins, what we have studied and a bit of a blank spot in our History, it is possible the Kingdom of Mirrora came under attack by another legend known as Frost Angelis father to Antonio Angelis, however this is all heresy. Yet we do know Frost and Rif had a bit of an eternal battle for power going on, maybe he destroyed Mirrora to get Rif’s attention.

As far as what I think goes, I think Frost Angelis did destroy Mirrora and Maylean Coral along with it, word is he was a cold, distant man. It is also said he possessed a power as great as Rift Coral’s yet since I’ve never seen it for myself I would not know, however I do hope, where ever  they are they’re fine.


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