Chapter 4 – Love Eternal

This is why I choose to touch on this little bit of History because out of it comes yet another, epic love story.

Princess Kahleia Scott

Princess Kahleia Scott- Coral

Princess Kahleia Scott much like Princess Romaine had enjoyed travel and now that the Jaden’s could move among planets and realms Princess Kahleia Scott found her way to the Nexus. Upon arriving in the Nexus she soon met Rif Coral along with several, other people who she grew to enjoy the company of greatly. Some of these people, though names are hard for me to recall, Mephisto was a Planes Walker, Silver Hawk, Kristian Flare and I think that would be it.

Regardless a woman of Princess Kahelia’s class and power was not common at this time in the Nexus and soon word of her spread. This brought on many battles for the young Princess among which these people were part of. Rif Coral however is best known in our Jaden History as he originally fell deeply in love with Princess Kahleia also known by Jaden’s as the Goddess of Death. Yet not only he loved her, she was also loved by Mephisto and a young man named Kristian Flare. Not sure what to do and unable to be with all three of these men Princess Kahleia through some, strange, magic, separated into three, separate beings, Kahleia, Katrina and Kalina.

Once separated one of these beings went with each man, however this was not good enough for these men and soon several fights broke out between them. It was an epic battle and clash of swords yet in the end Princess Kahleia chose Rif Coral, her one, true love.

She learned many things from these events and later started a family with Rif Coral. Together they bore four children, first came Andrew and Dalisabeth, two siblings you’d never find closer, these two loved each other greatly and spent much time together. Yet shortly after the birth of Dalisabeth, Kahleia was called back to Jades by the Gods and Goddesses. Sworn to her duty and forced to do as commanded by the Gods who in masses were far more powerful than she, and if she did not obey had promised to kill her family and her love, Princess Kahleia left Rif and her family behind.

Upon returning to Jades she ruled only a short time then gave birth to two, more children, twins, Victoria and Raul. Since time moved faster in Jades then most places the young twins grew up quickly and the time came for Princess Kahleia to resign and be placed within the “Sleep of Solace” and so it was done. Shortly after Princess Kahleia was placed in the “Sleep of Solace” and Princess Victoria and Prince Raul took over the ruling of Jades their father Rif Coral arrived in Jades. He had been looking for his wife Kahleia and when he arrived he lost himself in rage as he quickly learned Kahleia had been placed in the “Sleep of Solace”.

In his rage he began to wreak destruction, this is called, in our History, the “War of the Gods”  at this time do to the destruction Rif Coral was wreaking our God’s, who until then we’d know nothing of rose up against him. We had many Gods and Goddesses, who for centuries had watched over us and gave us our powers and abilities. We had never known until this time where those powers had originated from or that these Gods and Goddesses had begun our world.”

Rif Coral                                                            Dalisabeth Coral

King Rif CoralPrincess Dalisabeth Coral

Andrew Coral                                                                                Raul Coral

Prince Andrew CoralPrince Raul Coral

Victoria Coral

Princess Victoria Coral-Satsuma

Regardless even though these Gods and Goddesses rose up against Rift Coral is was all for nothing, his rage was all-consuming, like a beautiful, powerful and exotic, golden dragon he struck down each and every one of our Gods and Goddesses killing them. He was angry because these Gods and Goddesses had called Kahleia, his wife, his love and the mother of his children back to Jades against her will which no one had known about until this point.

He killed them all that day, completely destroyed the Crystal Ice Kingdom and very, nearly destroyed Jades. However by the time he finished killing these deities his energy was mostly drained and unable to do much else he left Jades with the same fury he’d come into it with never meeting his children Victoria and Raul.

When the dust fell from our great, civilization, we gazed in fear upon our dead deities, we cried at the destruction of the Crystal Ice Kingdom and the death of so many. With the destruction of the Crystal Ice Kingdom and upon searching its ruins we concluded Princess Adamma had been killed as well. We also feared with the deaths of our deities our power would go as well.

Meanwhile due to knowledge we were not made aware of until several, thousand years later we learned that while Rif Coral destroyed the Crystal Ice Kingdom Demos who ruled the Celestial Courts of the Sapphire Sky Kingdom was fighting a battle of his own.

Demos was husband to Princess Adamma and ruler/leader to the Celestial Courts. He and Adamma had been married a long time yet had not produced any children by this point. Though Adamma and Demos were happily married unknown to them a darker entity known as Than was watching them.

However since Demos was the leader of the Celestial Courts he was similar to what many call an Angel and possessed the ability to, with a touch jump people or travel himself back or forward in time to a crossroad in life. This if used on another person would, if they’d made a wrong choice in their life give them a second chance to choose another path. If he went forward or back in time he was able to watch the events of time unfold, change them or let them happen.

Upon one of these trips forward in time he learned that Than was watching and planning to battle him for Adamma. So he returned to his time and told Adamma of these future events and it was decided much to the couples despair that he would send Adamma back in time to a place called Earth as a human and out of Than’s site unless she died. Well on Earth as a human Demos being an Angel would be able to watch over her and somewhat guide her. Adamma did not want to go but in Demos’s eyes it was the only option to protect his wife and so it was done.

When Adamma was sent to Earth she was striped of all the powers she had held when in Jades and nothing more than a simple human.Knowing no one and being alone in a strange place this left Adamma vulnerable to manipulation.

Meanwhile back in Jades Than was a God in Jades and he was also known as Bane and due to being a creature of darkness he had found himself obsessed with Princess Adamma. While Rif raged about Kahleia who had been Bane’s sister, Bane used the distraction as a way to attack Demos.  Even though Demos was prepared for this attack he was no match for a God and Demos lost. Realizing after the fact that only hours before Demos had sent Adamma away and wherever he had sent her Bane could not find her Bane fled Jades to search for her escaping near death at Rif’s blade.

Unfortunately Adamma being vulnerable as she was and always having lived in Jades she was not aware of the ways of Earth. So when she happened to cross paths with a Vampire thinking the same laws applied on Earth that had in Jades she thought nothing of going with him. Sadly laws on Earth were not as in Jades, in Jades Vampires were closely controlled and watched but on Earth they did as they pleased. So the  Vampire, against her will turned her and upon turning her, otherwise killing her she was removed from Demo’s view and placed in Than’s site.

Than had always had interest in  Adamma and so he came to her after she was turned and told her he could give her the ability to control the hunger and power that had come with the turned. He promised to let her walk in the sun again, promised to give her the means to live and never be forced into anything again, against her will. Adamma agreed and so Than gave her his power advancing her past the stage of Vampire into something more that even now cannot be placed. Yet by doing this Adamma was returned to the sight of Demos who came down to earth and killed Than.

Though Than had beaten Demos in Jades he had not killed him, he had only given Demos the means of becoming a powerful, Arch-Angel.  Yet Than remained convinced Adamma loved him and as his last, act of revenge, before Than died and was forced back into the land of the dead he gave Adamma a power. He gave her the power to access a darkness greater than she ever knew thus making her untouchable to Demos. To Demos she was a dead, evil thing, darkness poured off her, shadows screamed around her and such a power twisted his once, innocent, beautiful Adamma into something else entirely. Unable to save Adamma, unable to be with her as she was now toxic to him Demos left Adamma on Earth knowing one day the two, would cross swords.

Ad 01

When Princess Victoria and Prince Raul learned of what their father had done they apologized for their father’s wrath, even though they’d never met the man. Yet despite it all some of us understood that rage. Over time we realized it was better with the Deities gone and soon Prince Raul left Jades to find his father. Princess Victoria continued to rule and soon other Solar Celestial’s or Kondarians as we now know them to be came to Jades.

In time our Kingdom the Golden Topaz Kingdom as we now call it became home to this race and we now live side by side as friends. In memory of the ancient lovers Princess Kahleia and Rif Coral a great statue was constructed in the center of the Golden Topaz Kingdom and there the two lovers remain, ever entwined for all time.


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